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The first anniversary of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, and it is time to look back

first anniversary of the legalization of can

This week was celebrated as the first anniversary of the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. It became the first-ever G7 country to legalise cannabis. The legalisation of recreational Canada brought with it some major changes. 

After one year some 9,200 employees work with cannabis producers and thousands of them with retailers. Considering this data, the number of users have not changed so much as it should be standing at 14.9% of the Canadian population. But, legally bought Cannabis has improved significantly. 

When cannabis was legalised, hundreds of people stood outside Medicine hat and several other cannabis retailers to get their first cannabis product legally. October 17th was the day when it was made legal. 

The early days of the legalization were busy and employees of the retailers vouch for how hard it used to be. The crowds were massive and lined up around the block to get their product. 

The industry has seen all the phases within this year. The employee at the green exchange tells that the industry has been new and it is highly unpredictable at this point. After one year of existence and business, William has assured that business is more or less secure and balanced. New customers have been pouring in while the old customers are continuing to buy CBD products. 

CBD initially had to face a lot of hurdles before getting the status of a legal recreational product. The intercountry laws between Canada and the USA were completely contrasting and that became much of a problem for the residents of Canada. CBD which is a hemp-extracted plant has many medicinal properties. Its application in various industries are far-reaching and now it has been used in almost all spheres of life. 

CBD is an anti-inflammatory substance of the plant and has less than 0.3% of THC which is the psychoactive compound. Marijuana too is extracted from the same plant family, but it is different compared to CBD. 

The THC levels in marijuana are very high which is why the taker experiences high after using it. The addiction as a result of smoking of pot and weed is hard to overcome. CBD consumption does not result in euphoria but makes the person feel better and keeps the symptoms relaxed.

There is not even a flicker of doubt about how CBD has become a major part of the medical world. While several industries are also using CBD or cannabis for different purposes CBD in the healthcare industry has been the most talked-about affair. 

In many countries where CBD does not enjoy a 100% legal status, have been sourcing cannabis from different sources for their disorders. Severe epilepsy and seizure patients have seen the light of the day after their conditions have been improved with the use of CBD infused drugs. Likewise, other ailments to have experienced benefits are cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and people suffering from depression-related symptoms. 

In Canada too, looking at the benefits, CBD was legalised. Williams mentions that there is no particular range of customers who frequent the retail outlet. The age of customers varies from young to very old customers who come here to buy. Old customers frequent a lot, but new customers are also coming in to buy the product. 

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Cannabis suddenly has become the new regular thing on the rack unlike earlier when it was highly stigmatised. Currently, there are 396 stores of cannabis in Alberta out of which 11 falls in the Medicine Hat. 

But the legalization did not come without its share of issues. Months within legalization the supply ran short which prompted the Albert gaming, Liquor and Cannabis to put a freeze on the approved licenses. But the issues have stabilized and now there are 33 licensed producers. 

AGLC also is open to bringing in more producers under this bracket. The police have experienced a bit of trouble after legalizing Cannabis. It has charged 8 drivers who were driving under the influence of cannabis. 

The legal supply of cannabis now seems to have normalized the situation until it was not legal and people were curious. This year too CBD infused products will become legal and it will be a few months when these products will be put on racks. The government wants another 90 days for it to happen because the products have to be checked for standardization. People who do not smoke pot or weed might not use cannabis but they will not refrain from consuming it in edibles. 

The new set of rules and regulations will be underway once these edibles come in the market. The key is the sale, which has to go up. The excitement might have become constant but hasn’t died out.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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