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Farmer’s in Alabama heave a sigh of relief as their hemp production samples have been passed by authorities.

hemp production samples have been passed by authorities

Hemp plant in the legal format is going to be big globally. The farm bill of 2018 legalised the use of hemp across the US and was later also signed into law by the President. The hemp is also known as the non-psycho relative of marijuana which is why hemp and its derived products were constantly under the scanner. 

The benefits are now being derived by the planters and farmers in the US. Farmers are now increasingly oriented towards growing hemp because they are further sent off to CBD processing plants for the manufacturing of other products. 

Given the belief surrounding CBD and hemp, many samples from different growers of the hemp plants have been taken in by the state for further testing. About 45 samples from legal and licensed growers were sent and it was found that all of them had a less than 0.3% level of THC in them. The THC level is a major determinant of legalising the plant. 

If the THC level is found to be more than the legalised limit then it is considered to give its users a high. The growers have not heaved a sigh of relief with their samples having the acceptable limit of THC. The results were confirmed by the Agricultural Commissioner of Alabama, Rick Pate. 

One of the hemp-derived components is CBD which has now become a booming industry in the US. As it is extracted from hemp it is said to have lower and acceptable levels of THC. There is no comparison between marijuana and CBD as marijuana has a higher level of THC. Marijuana causes a person to go high after usage whereas trying to use CBD or any hemp product can make you feel better if not high. 

CBD and hemp-related products have been the bone of contention in many forums. The apparent benefits have been highlighted and embraced by people who have a strong belief in treating people with various ailments. 

CBD and hemp demand has been skyrocketing and this is primarily the reason why growers are inclined towards growing them for further production. Now that these growers have been given a clean chit on their produce, they will continue growing. If the THC did not come within the legal limit their crops could have been destroyed by the system. 

These growers are widely producing hemp for CBD oil that is popularly used now in many medical applications. The CBD oil has been working wonders in not just the health care industry but is also said to be extremely beneficial for skincare businesses. CBD has found to be extremely useful for patients suffering from seizures. No amount of treatment has relaxed the symptoms as much as CBD. Apart from seizures, it has also been found effective in treating injury pains, depression, stress, anxiety, cancer, joint pains and many other critical diseases. The diverse uses of the hemp plant have encouraged the planters to start growing it. In the entire Atlanta state, a good number of planters started planting the first legal hemp plant since 1937. 

David Johnson, Owner of Bama Green in Cherokee County has grown more than 1000 hemp plants. He has cultivated half of them inside a nursery under restricted conditions and the rest in the open field. He mentions that he is in the greenhouse business for a long time, but growing hemp is new territory and he lacks experience. He also implied that he had done his bit of research on various methods of growing the plant. Till now his cultivation has been successful and all his hemp plants have grown as per the required standard. 

The Agricultural commissioner informed that 5 of the Alabama producers have already harvested hemp which is going to the CBD oil processing industry for further use. Many farmers want to stick to local processors for CBD while the other plans to take it outside the state. 

Information regarding hemp is still not complete with people. Hordes of research material are available for people to read. Many equate hemp with marijuana which is not the case. In Madison County, people flocked the fields of hemp mistaking them to be marijuana producing plants. Pate has warned people that if they think a hemp is a form of marijuana they might become sick. If hemp is smoked then the repercussions might be the reverse. 

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People have now become more aware of CBD and its benefits. The cause of complete legalisation of CBD and other hemp-derived products is still a cause of discussion, but the acceptability level has increased among people and the state. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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