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Earnings Disclaimer

How does it work?

Some of the links on our site contain a reference ID. When a reader clicks on any such link and buys a product or a service, the provider of the service or the product might pay us a finder’s fee.

 If you purchase a product recommended by our site it doesn’t cost you anything extra. In fact, it is often cheaper than purchasing directly via the provider because we are able to use our influence in the market to negotiate a better deal for our readers.

Is The Cannabis Radar fair in its evaluations? How can it be trusted if the CBD companies pay you?

The Cannabis Radar means a lot more to us than just being a cash cow. We have worked hard to provide unbiased and researched information to our readers. We believe that the day we start to skew our research and findings, it will be the start of the end for us.

 The satisfaction of our readers is what keeps us going. Also, all the contributing writers are financially sustainable and therefore the monetization of The Cannabis Radar is the least of our concerns.

Why do you do this?

Almost every comparison and review site on the internet operates an affiliate model of some kind. Without these commissions, we wouldn’t be able to pay our staff or carry on doing the great work we do.

 We have a team of 26 staff split between our offices in the US and Canada. Our team of experts has reviewed more CBD products than any other comparison site on the web.

 All of this costs money and none of it would have been possible without your continued support. Thank you.