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9 Tips for your first Dispensary Trip




Who would have thought 10 years ago, that one day someone can have the possibility to go and buy a huge variety of Cannabis products?

Things moved very fast. In many cities, people can walk in and buy legal Cannabis flowers, extracts, edibles, and many other products. If you are close to a dispensary and you still haven’t visited it, you might be wondering what’s going on there. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you walk in.

Dispensaries are not supermarkets

The moment you enter, you will notice the security measures. It could be a security guard. Some dispensaries have really strict security, and others follow a more discreet approach. Usually, the first person you will meet will be the person that would like to take your ID and scan it into the system, so it’s important to have it with you. In states where recreational cannabis is legal, like Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, California and Nevada, the only requirement is that you are an adult, 21 or older and that you have a photo ID. In some States, you may need your medical authorization papers or “green card” to visit local dispensaries.

Do your homework

It’s always useful for being prepared. If there is an online menu you can have a look and search online the details of each strain. Sometimes people get so excited on their first dispensary visit that they are unable to focus on their shopping list. Even though budtenders are there to hear your questions whatever those may be, it would help if you had an idea on the experience you would like to buy,

Cash only

Buying Cannabis from a dispensary might feel more expensive than buying from a street dealer, but this is due to the cost of legal distribution of the product, the controller production, and the overall better quality. Legal Cannabis products are heavily regulated by the government so you are also paying a lot in taxes. Dispensaries are not yet allowed to process debit or credit cards and accept checks. This happens because the banks refuse to do business with dispensaries (as long as Cannabis is a “Schedule 1” drug, Banks that handle Cannabis money can be charged with money laundering. So, all payments must be made in cash.

Please don’t smoke at the dispensary or the parking

It is important to know that Cannabis products should not be consumed in any way at the premises of the dispensary. You will be most probably asked to leave if you roll a joint or smoking. Cannabis is not meant to be consumed legally in those places. You could also be under the surveillance of the police outside the dispensary so you better wait until you get in your private space. Needless to say that you could get a fine for public consumption. Moreover, do not take your own weed in the dispensary, just like the same way you can’t bring in your own alcohol in bars. Cannabis dispensaries sell packaged and labeled products. Loose products on their premises might put them at legal risk of losing their license.

No photos, please

Taking photos can be sometimes annoying for dispensary employees and fellow customers. A lot of dispensaries have a ‘no photography’ policy. They do not allow you to use your phone in the dispensary.

Make the right questions-give honest answers to the Budtender

The first thing, your budtender will want to know is why you’re there or what your goal with cannabis is, so go in prepared with an answer. Do you plan to consume your stuff at a concert? Are you going to be drinking alcohol? The typical questions are whether you want to be relaxed or uplifted. If you want to feel energetic like actively go running it’s good to say that to the budtender. On the other side, if you want to be relaxed, how relaxed would that be? Would you like to be in nature or do you need something to help you sleep? Budtenders are experienced cannabis users so they can advise. conversation. One of the most important information to give to a budtender is to let him know if you don’t have any previous experiences with cannabis

Respect the effort of the budtender

Many people became budtenders because that was their dream job. So they can give you good advice on Cannabis, concentrates, and edibles. They have good experience and training on everything related to Cannabis. They know a lot about the dispensary’s strains and inventory and they can suggest something for your needs. But sometimes it can get too busy in a dispensary, so the people who work there have to help many people. So, you have to respect their time.

If you plan to try Edibles.

If it’s your first time that you’re gonna try Cannabis infused gummies there are a few details you should know. It’s also important to consider how long you’d like the ‘high’ to last, as the consumption method plays the largest role in duration and intensity.  How long do you want to be high? Do you want a mild 1-hour experience or an intense 8+ hour edible adventure? Your budtender will be able to explain the duration and intensity of the high (if any) associated with each product. If you plan a visit to people that you don’t know well or you don’t feel comfortable with, you might want to think twice.

Send your Feedback

The legal Cannabis industry needs reviews to get better. After your first visit to a dispensary, take some time to evaluate the whole experience and the service you received, the quality of the products you bought. It is important, to be honest, and give your feedback so they can improve parts of their work. You can give your recommendations and your ideas. This will help other people also so they know what to expect.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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