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Deadline Extended by the FDA for Further Public Opinions on CBD

Hemp entrepreneurs and users now have a chance once again to express their concerns over the rules and regulations placed on hemp consumption and possession. In an announcement published on Thursday, the FDA mentioned that further comments will be accepted until July 16.

CBD oil

The FDA organized a recent public hearing where users and hemp companies could express their thoughts on existing rules placed on CBD use. The platform was also used as a chance to gain more insight into scientific information regarding safety, product manufacturing, quality and sale of the cannabis-derived substance. Despite the public support, FDA clearly stated that CBD and THC are still not lawful to be added to indigestible products such as dietary supplements and certain foods.

Warnings Issued to CBD Companies

Even if the substances are derived from hemp, users cannot use CBD or THC infused food for commerce and marketing purposes. Only one medication has been recently approved by the FDA, and other CBD-containing medications are still in the review process. The ban on CBD-infused foods, supplements and cosmetics indeed affected hemp entrepreneurs, as warning letters were sent to many CBD manufacturers who allegedly made illegal medical claims stating that CBD could be used to cure certain medical ailments. Although California and New York have rigorously upheld the FDA ban, there still seems to be an increase in CBD-infused products flooding the market.

Light of Hope for The Hemp Fans

The FDA is still open to suggestions on the development of safe hemp products. Interested parties are now able to add further comments to both online and paper format. Comments made electronically will be available for public viewing, so users are advised to ensure not to publish confidential or personal information online.

This could bring good news to hemp businesses soon. Hemp industries are eagerly waiting for a comprehensive guideline by the FDA. The hemp industries are highly looking forward to legal cannabinoid production, and are willing to accept justified regulations. Veronica Carpio, a hemp industry owner based in Colorado speculates that there could be an approval of formal limits placed on over-the-counter CBD products, sold side by side with the stronger pharmaceutical CBD products. According to Carpio, the FDA is hinting on regulating all medical marijuana products as soon as possible, but ultimately there still is a possibility of stronger regulations on the bigger pharmaceutical companies to scare the smaller hemp industries.

Louisiana’s Bold Steps on CBD Regulation

Despite warning letters and ban on using CBD in ingestible products, overall there seems to be sporadic enforcement of the ban, as many states have given permission to actively make and sell CBD-based foods, drinks and other products, one of them being Louisiana. Smokable hemp is still banned in Louisiana, but it can be added to food and drinks without being marketed as a dietary supplement. All CBD products must carry barcodes or QR codes for verifying the certificate of product analysis, as well as a disclaimer stating- ‘the product is not reviewed by the FDA and is not intended for medical treatment, diagnosis, cure or prevention of disease’.

Currently, hemp seed oil, hemp seed proteins and hulled hemp seeds have been ‘generally recognized as safe’, which means that these products can be used as food ingredients. Hopefully, with the deadline extended, the public can push for further products to be legalized for medical and recreational use.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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