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Crussh, a healthy food and juice brand debuts CBD oil boosters for coffee lovers


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Healthy food and juice brand Crussh, based out of London, is now offering CBD oil boosters as infusers in its coffee. Crussh is quite an eminent brand in London which is famous for its nutritious breakfast bowls, salads, health pots, raw juices, boosters and coffee. The restaurant cum café has announced that it will be introducing CBD oil boosters for their customers as an add-on in their coffee.

Crussh is also introducing two Indian-inspired Summer Fit Bowls to its menu including a chicken tikka salad and a plant-based spicy chickpea salad. Some of the other new dishes on the menu will entail – mocha protein power balls, Barebells protein bars, new beverages, including Remedy Kombucha and Biomel coconut gut shots.

It is the first fast casual on High Street to offer cannabinoid, the natural compound derived from the hemp plant, which falls under the cannabis genus. The compound is known for its healing properties and non-psychoactive nature. CBD is commonly used for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, improve sleep patterns and treat mental disorders. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps decrease pain, swelling, inflammation and also promote a speedy recovery from severe ailments such as cancer, epileptic fits and Alzheimer’s.

Though there are no internationally recognized study or research which back up the aforementioned claims, there have been many surveys and studies that reveal how patients have felt their life improving after consuming CBD just for a few days. It has come out to be an effective product with potential health benefits to treat a gamut of diseases. Consumers have started relying on CBD based products as an alternative to the medical prescriptions.

Some people say that their previously prescribed drugs didn’t help them much, nor did they improve their condition. Contrarily CBD oil has been able to treat their long-suffering conditions without any hassle. Nonetheless, it is advisable to consult a medical examiner or a doctor before consuming the product by oneself to side line any possible side effects. especially if you are already on a prescribed drug schedule.

With many companies and organizations jumping on the CBD bandwagon, the market is undergoing a tremendous change. CBD is one of the trending and hottest ingredients in the global market currently. With high claims of medical benefits to cure life-threatening diseases such as Cancer, CBD has effectively made its own space in the market.

CBD has sprawled wide open from the beauty and lifestyle business domain to the food and beverage market. From lotions, creams, oils, tincture to beer, wine, mojitos, coffee, pizza, burger and popcorn, CBD is being incorporated in a gamut of products!

Despite of the growing popularity, CBD products are not accepted by all. The stigma associated with marijuana has been long standing in the history of mankind and it is quite difficult to completely eradicate it over an year. One of the major steps towards a peaceful, safe and effective use of cannabinoid has been taken by the United States. According to the Farm Bill December 2018, hemp derived CBD was removed from the list of Controlled Substance Act, thus making it a legal product.

With the U.S. making such drastic changes in its decades old policies and framework, many other countries are also on their way to cannabis legalization for medicinal purposes. New Zealand recently announced that it will discuss the legality of recreational marijuana in the upcoming referendum. Officials will be discussing about the regulatory framework, safe usage, production, distribution and possession of cannabinoid. However, it will be completely up to the discretion of the new Parliament that will be in power from 2020 onwards whether they want to enact the voted law then or not.

Till then, consumers remain in the grey about the legalization of the chemical and how far can they possibly go without getting arrested. Patients who have been suffering from joint pains, muscle cramps or some severe ailments like Cancer are now relying on illegal ways to seek CBD oil.

Lawmakers around the world are delving in research, regulatory models and building new teams that would ensure a safe use of CBD. With a range of products getting launched, it has now become crucial to determine the safe limits and threshold values of the drug without hampering its healing capabilities.

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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