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Creator of DIY cannabis kit uses his creations to correct weed user stigma


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Doobtool Inc., a cannabis accessories company in Halifax sells something revolutionary. It’s a do it yourself kit for all active cannabis users that helps make and smoke marijuana a whole lot easier. It’s got one more benefit: and that is to show the world that cannabis smokers aren’t as lazy as they’re made out to be.

Brett Evans, Doobtool Inc’s founder, says that this mission is close to his heart. The Doobtool accessory was his idea and he says that it started out as a necessity. Evans himself, has been using cannabis but still leads an active life.

Social motives behind Halifax

He’s also a cannabis activist and he intends to use his creation to show people that cannabis users, too can be proactive.

He says that the stigma has always been there and even after legalisation, people view cannabis consumers as unmotivated and lazy. The Halifax brand wishes to show that cannabis consumers can live and work normally.

A photographer called Michael Williston was one of the first Halifax’ Doobtool buyers, who says that this accessory fits perfectly with his life and career.

Williston also has mental health issues and claims that cannabis is the only thing that calms him, and helps him live out in his career. He also says that cannabis aids his creativity, and therefore this kind of stigmatisation really isn’t fair.

How Doobtool came to be?

Evans stumbled on the idea for this kit when he was out camping. He wanted something that could hold everything in one place and make it accessible at the same time. He looked online, but when he couldn’t find anything Evans went ahead and made his own.

The very first Doobtool is just a shoebox that was transformed into a kit and held together with duct tape. This prototype sparked something else as well, which was a passion, for this kit and how it could help other people like him.

Still some pretty big obstacles in the way!

Evans still has the very first kit and although he no longer uses it, he draws design and innovation inspiration from it. He also uses it as a blueprint to sort out issues that consumers bring to him, of which there’ve been plenty.

But the biggest one yet is that cannabis is still viewed as an illegal product in many parts of the US. This means that Evans can’t use social media, the internet and other crowdfunding sites to promote his products and help expand the sales of Doobtool.

Evans says that most startups today have to rely on social media as a marketing tool, even promoting live campaigns on these platforms.

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So,what’s holding Halifax back?

Well, this one promotional outlet that could increase their brands presence is out of their reach.

Legally speaking, US, Federal regulations don’t recognise the Doobtool and it also doesn’t fit any of their requirements about what constitutes a legal CBD/cannabis tool. In other words, the kit falls into the ‘drug paraphernalia’ category and can’t be promoted in anyway. He could easily pass it off as a tobacco tool but that would be cutting it too close, and could end up getting the product banned altogether.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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