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Daiba Organic run by noted couple produce organic CBD oil to be taken with regular food

Daisy and Bart of Daiba Organic

Daisy and Bart of Daiba Organ Source: bournemouthecho

Cannabis Industry is seeing a new high with an array of products flooding in the market. Almost everyone wants to have their share in the market and is coming out with products that can be used innovatively to benefit them. One such company is Daiba Organic run by a young couple Daisy Smith and Bart Majkut. They have been in this business since 2017 and are growing from strength to strength.

CBD oil does not get the user high unlike marijuana. It is completely legal in Europe and the UK but in the USA only 33 states to date consider it legal to use. The hemp driven extract is anti-inflammatory and is touted to have miraculous medicinal properties. Daiba Organic has created organic CBD oils, tea and even chocolates that can be consumed daily. The couple considers that CBD oil is surely effective and their oil can be taken either orally or with their favorite drink or food.

Upon further conversation, they inform that the growth of CBD has happened organically and there is no chemical process involved in it. The cold press extraction system is used by the company to extract the least intrusive oil. This method of extraction also ensures that the quality of the oil is not compromised and no damages happen due to heat.

Daisy proudly mentions that oil is 100% organic. Drugs always were thought to be recreational but that process seems to have changed with CBD. Now with the inherent benefits that the plant has, more attention is given to research studying its advantages and side-effects. The awareness level of people also is on the rise but the system related problems do not cease.

As there is a lack of proper regulation in the market, people are confused about how to regulate their intake of oil. The required dosage is still unclear because till now doctors are not recommending Cannabis-related medicines or CBD oil. Hence, many people with little research material available and information from friends and family use it for varied conditions.

Recently a UK based mother fought for the legalization of CBD infused drug for her child who suffered from the conditions leading to severe seizures. Her plea to the government did not go to deaf ears and Epidiolex, a CBD laden drug was legalized for the condition. Likewise, many cancer-stricken patients have taken to consuming CBD oil to bring relief to their conditions. Other ailments that are provided relief by CBD oil are depression, lack of sleep, sore muscles, joint pains and even Alzheimer’s.

WHO also has proclaimed that CBD oil can be used to treat depression. But NHS based in England has warned about the veracity of the product. Most of the available products might not even have hemp oil in it, which is another war to be waged. The THC level is less than 0.03% in CBD which is way lower compared to Marijuana.

The couple is passionate about cannabis and believes it to be a power-filled plant with a wide range of natural wonders in it. The couple does not believe in taking chance. They take special care in ensuring that the farming practices are top-notch and no compromise is done. Their followers are well-versed with their practices which is why they are extremely popular.

Daisy claims that their oil is safe to use, is organic which the future of every product is later on. The government is very strict and does not allow the sale of CBD oil or any infused product with a medical angle. The couple also is selling their product as a food supplement. They have a good customer base and happy smiles which makes the couple going. Users are happy with the difference that it is making to their lives.

Daisy is hopeful that with further funded research, CBD will be out in the open. Despite stories of benefits shared by several people, it still faces societal shame and equalized to a restricted drug like Marijuana.

Daisy’s company has also collaborated with Epi-Foods and has come up with many organic recipes that use their products with food items that can be easily prepared at home. All the recipes are healthy and recommend only 2-3 drops of their product. Apart from keeping you physically fit, these recipes will also keep one emotionally stable and fit.

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The couple’s incessant endeavor in ensuring that they keep everything organic is highly effective and liked by people. We just hope that several people keep benefiting from their innovative range of products.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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