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Christians Turn to CBD for Treating Diseases – Understanding The Difference between CBD and marijuana

Christians Turn to CBD for Treating Diseases

The wave of cannabis legalization has sparked a mixed reaction from different communities. While companies are busy in creating marketing tactics to boast about their freshly launched CBD based products, religious groups have a different outlook on the new law. As the new law sweeps across states, altering the legality of CBD, psychedelics and other substances, some Christians are turning over a new leaf as far as CBD is concerned.

Christians have been cautious about marijuana since decades, and now with the legalization of CBD, many people are unsure about using it. In fact, they are deterred from accepting CBD as having any potent health benefits solely because it is closely related to marijuana, which goes by a bad reputation. Yet, CBD with zero concentration of THC, is considered as a pure, non-psychoactive compound which is not at all like the drug they are referring to.

A detailed article was published on Christianity Today in which a baby was born with a small brain, cysts and cavities in her brain, and spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. The rare condition means that the damaged part of the brain sends incorrect messages and that interferes with development of normal motor functions. The results of this disease are severe with a complete loss of use of the entire body.

As the baby turned three months old, she started experiencing seizures, up to 12 sets per day, known as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS). The baby couldn’t even smile or coo without having a seizure and the illness took a toll on her family. Several kinds of medications were tried including steroid injections but the little child showed no improvements.

Her mother explained how anxiously they looked for a cure for their child, from finding a treatment that would give complete freedom from seizures to just any kind of treatment that could reduce the seizures and improve her quality of life.

After trying multiple treatments and medications, the mother came to know about CBD, an effective and potent compound in combating seizures and other ailments. However, her Christian beliefs did not allow her to use it. She consulted it to a neurologist who immediately reassured her about the effects of CBD. Despite this, she couldn’t let go of her religious beliefs and use CBD for her child as she still thought of CBD to be associated with marijuana- in a bad manner.

After hours of research online, she found a good quality CBD and gave it to her child. The baby showed signs of improvement within just 3 days of having it under the tongue. Eventually, her condition got under control and the baby went for 6 months without any seizures, living a normal life, playing with her toys, making friends and being a regular baby.

Many such cases led to the approval of Epidiolex, a drug used for severe form of epilepsy and seizures associated with LGS and Dravet Syndrome. Epidiolex is a mixture of high-quality CBD oil with traces of THC.

Another example of a Christian who turned to CBD was a chiropractor based in Eagan, Minnesota. He witnessed positive results on at least 100 patients who took CBD without showing any side effects or problems. Most of these patients suffered from chronic pain, acute aches, insomnia, anxiety and seizures. He said that hemp derived CBD oil isn’t the same as marijuana, it has anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive effects which can treat pain without making the user high. CBD has been a life saver for many people which makes it so reliable and safe to use.

One of his patients had undergone multiple surgeries which led to chronic pain and the need for stronger pain killers that could subside the pain within a short span of time. Doctors recommended opioids to which he became addicted and ultimately became suicidal. CBD helped this patient to get over his suicidal thoughts and manage his pain, breaking his dependency on opioids.

This chiropractor is believed to be a church going Christian who used to be reluctant in using CBD. He had the same concerns about the drug as many other Christians have. Many states have approved the use of CBD oil only, which has paved pathways for medical marijuana and programs associated to it.

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Intensive research and studies are being conducted to explore the possibilities of medical marijuana. CBD is also known to treat some severe ailments including Alzheimer’s and cancer. Though there is limited data available on how CBD actually works to combat such life-threatening diseases, it is believed to be highly effective.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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