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Many Celebs unveil their cannabis brands at the Hall Of Flowers event held at Santa Rosa

With CBD’s growing popularity, more celebs have started showing their love for marijuana. While some are taking over their social media accounts to show how they have wholeheartedly welcomed CBD in their lives, like Kim Kardashian West who recently organized a CBD themed baby shower for her fourth child with husband Kanye West. On the other hand, few celebs have launched their own line of CBD products, especially in the beauty and lifestyle industry.

kim kardashian 4th baby shower

Stars were seen expressing their love for marijuana by launching companies at Hall of Flowers, an annual cannabis trade show. On Tuesday, April 30, Hall of Flowers, an annual trade show which centres on the world of cannabis featured over 200 brands. The second annual affair was organized at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa.

The event drew stars like Chelsea Handler, who previously announced her partnership with NorCal Cannabis Company for a new cannabis line. Handler talked about cannabis and its potential health benefits with medical marijuana advocate Dr. Dina.

Cannabis Investment

Rappers like Redman and Jim Jones were also present at the event to listen in and celebrate the latest cannabis products launches. It was indeed a star-studded event with people coming from all over the world to celebrate the legality of cannabis and its products.

Among those who touted new cannabis lines was Post Malone, Grammy and Billboard-nominated artist, whose team revealed the new Shaboink line of flower, vapes and pre-rolls. It was a prominent day in the history of cannabis industry with multiple brands and lines of products coming up. The inception of cannabis industry has been marked by revolutionary products, including vapes, rolls, tinctures, creams, lotions and what not.

The day also saw launches from artist Zach “Jesushands” Fernandez who is popular for transforming the iconic Hollywood sign to “Hollyweed” on the New Year’s Day in 2017. Though the artist was arrested after the incident took place, he went on to curate his own line of cannabis products this year. Fernandez’s line includes pre-rolls, edibles, vape pens, gummies as well as merchandise such as T-shirts, tote bags.

Post Malone

Hollywood jeweller Alex Todd who is famous for creating custom made timepieces for Jay-Z also launched his Saucey Extracts. The collection of handcrafted cannabis batches and cartridges also entail a collaboration with Jones, a premium hash oil-kiefed blunt called Capo.

The renowned chef duo, Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo of Frankies 457 Spuntino in New York, also known as “The Franks” launched their brand new cannabis line of products with a low-dose edible brand Pantry. Rapper, The Game also rolled out his line of Trees by Game, which includes flowers and pre-rills that were added to the 2 Chainz’s line Gas.

The unveiling of these new lines of cannabis products prompt the growing trend and mainstream cannabis market for consumers. After the substance was legalized in December 2018 with the Farm Bill, many companies and retailers have sought to work in the cannabis space. From creating CBD infused food and beverages to CBD based tincture oils, companies are exploring the compound to its fullest potential.

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CBD is popularly known for its healing properties and anti-inflammatory nature which helps in soothing pain, swelling, inflammation, reduces stress, anxiety, depression and also helps in maintaining a healthy body. Consumers have started relying on CBD for their medical use and have found a significant improvement after consuming the drug for some time.

Hollywood loved brand Dosist, has found favour among the industry insiders including make up artist Jenn Streicher who works for Emily Blunt and Alexandra Madlekorn who styles Janelle Monae. The brand recently opened up its flagship in Venice Beach. Also, on board are big head retailers like Barneys New York, which recently inaugurated its luxury cannabis lifestyle shop, The High End.

Other Hollywood people like stylist Kate Young, known for curating looks for Rachel Weisz and Margot Robbie, also relies on cannabis. Young uses the cannabis infused numbing cream on her client’s feet to ease the pain that is caused by standing for too long on the red carpet. While CBD gains popularity in several states of the U.S. others hold their foot strong on the THC levels, the psychoactive component found in marijuana plants. The acceptance of cannabis will be slow and gradual in the coming years, however it is suspected to have a positive impact.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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