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Even though it’s illegal, It feels like it’s part of our culture’: MKR’s Pete Evans passionately explains why cannabis should be legalised in Australia

Pete Evans

Pete Evans is a known name in Australia. The Australian chef, restaurateur and TV presenter has several awards and TV shows to his credit.  Pete also is a strong advocate of Cannabis and has always looked forward to making cannabis known to as many people as he can. He has been at the forefront to push medical Cannabis in Australia. His passion has also led him to bring out a documentary on the issue to be titled “magic plant”. 

Currently, he is also judging My Kitchen rules and at 46 he has a strongly embedded belief in the entire product and the benefits it can give. In a recent interview to The Gold Coast, he said that every living and thinking an individual should be allowed to legally grow plants which can be later used as good or medicine.

Like Peter Evans, there are several brand ambassadors of Cannabis and CBD. Many celebrities have strongly suggested people use CBD and cannabis. They have also invested heavily and brought about their line of products which they are heavily promoting. Many veteran sportspersons and popular faces are spearheading the movement to make CBD bigger and better.

Peter Evans also recently came in news for his unstinted support for the plant. Credited with an exclusive cannabis cookbook he believes that there is no reason to restrict one from growing the plant along with other plants. His full-fledged support for the plant is due to his strong belief system in the phenomenal plant.

CBD or Cannabidiol is an anti-inflammatory substance that is extracted from the upper portions of the Hemp plant. In the lower portions of the hemp plant is Marijuana which is completely different in characteristics from CBD. The most important factor separating them is the presence of a psychoactive compound called THC in both the substances. While CBD has only 0.3% of THC in it, marijuana has more of the compound which makes the person experience euphoria like sensation. The addiction of marijuana becomes so severe that overcoming the habit of in taking it becomes difficult and impossible in many cases. Apart from that, the long term repercussions on mental and physical health are extreme.

With CBD no such issues crop because it does not give a feeling of high. That is why it does not result in addiction. It is due to these effects that CBD has found its way in many industries. Right from medicines to skincare, edibles to depression treatment, CBD is everywhere. Its versatility and potential have been discovered until a few years ago.

In the health care industry also, the government regulations are strict but CBD has a towering presence here. For cases of severe epilepsy, the CBD infused drug Epidiolex has worked like a miracle for several patients. The seizures have reduced considerably and in many cases, it has vanished. The association for people suffering from Arthritis also is taking one step at a time and trying to research why CBD can be good for joint pains. CBD oil has been used by many people to win over their joint pains and muscle soreness. Yet, people try to equate it with marijuana which is highly stigmatized in society. 

In the UK more than half of the people believe that taking CBD for any purpose is wrong and should not be taken. But many people would differ on this because they have immensely benefitted from it. Cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases, injuries, sports pain and injuries, depression and stress-related issues have been resolved by CBD. 

The prime concern is that the government has to understand the points clearly. The use and cultivation of cannabis have been made legal in ACT making it the first jurisdiction to do so. Under the laws that were passed in September, adults in the ACT will be allowed to grow 2 cannabis plants as long as they are grown in areas where the public and children cannot access it.

He also told the publication that despite being illegal; cannabis per capita consumption has been the highest in Australia and is very much a part of the culture. If it legalizes cannabis completely then Australia becomes one of the most liberal nations.

Pete Evans has truly supported Cannabis for a long time now. He also has produced his cannabis oil while he was on a trip to Florida. It has not been confirmed by Netflix that it will be buying the rights of the documentary or not. The same update will be given soon, but people like Peter Evans are doing their best to promote the benefits of CBD. Only with time CBD and cannabis’ true potential can be realized.

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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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