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Restaurant owners bring out CBD sauced potted chicken sans any THC

CBD sauced potted chicken

Every restaurant should have something unique in its menu which no one offers. The competitive spirit came into light when a Saint John based food point added quite a different item in its menu. Yes, the restaurant is serving a unique potted chicken that uses CBD oil to sauce its wings! But, the CBD oil containing THC might be harmful which the restaurant has considered. The oil used in the sauce for the wings is without THC. 

According to the partner of the restaurant, Renee Theriault believes that the market demand was such that people wanted to have something like that. Her husband had purchased the restaurant called ‘The Coop’ about a month ago and he was making some changes in the menu before opening it again. 

CBD is believed to become a major part of many lives. The hemp-extracted substance is different compared to marijuana because of low and acceptable THC limits in it. It is anti-inflammatory and does not produce any mind-altering effects when taken. Marijuana, on the other hand, has more of THC which alters the mind and makes the user addicted to it. CBD has often been confused with marijuana but in reality, it is a much better substance compared to marijuana. The users feel better and not high which so is in the case of marijuana.

The owners feel that the change in the menu could have backfired on them. People are usually fearful of trying out something like this chiefly due to a lack of information in the market about it. But to their surprise, people had welcomed the new concept and have liked the new addition to the menu.

Although people have enjoyed the new zing in their chicken, social media has not been all-embracing. They have faced many conflicts on social media because people are quite ignorant about CBD and THC. It is high time that people act and research more before expressing their dissatisfaction regarding a product. 

The couple has a rich experience of working in restaurants in their career span. The last owner of Coop had filed for bankruptcy and they thought it was the right platform to showcase their skills. The husband is not a chef yet he has conceptualized the entire menu. According to what the restaurant has undergone, the first week was rather smooth for the concern. He still believes that a lot of things have to change but their ultimate goal is to ensure that guests are happy.

CBD often has been misinterpreted but people suffering from different issues are happy with it. Very recently Epidiolex was given the green signal by the FDA for treating epilepsy. This is a CBD infused drug which has been credited with reducing seizures and helping people lead normal lives. In many cancer patients, CBD oil has become the new elixir. It has enriched and extended the life of people although not treated the disease per se. Yet, it has motivated people to use it to douse off the cancer symptoms and a good alternative for chemotherapy. 

CBD also has been successful in keeping several ailments under checks like arthritis, joint pains, muscle soreness, depression and post-traumatic disorder, injury pain and a lot more. People need to research a lot more while the government should be funding more into this potential troubleshooter. 

The owners of the restaurant have been very cautious in their offerings. They do not want to entangle in any legal proceedings and choose to infuse CBD sans THC. They want to bring newness to the menu and going with what the trend is. They have no plants to make their restaurant a 100% cannabis café. 

But they do not want to root out any possibility of going with what the market demands. The restaurant has already faced the heat with its previous owner and offering something new might be the only way to revive it. The owners also plan to include THC in their offerings if and only if it becomes legal. 

Their motto is to give options to customers who would come in and find some surprising elements. They want their customers satisfied but will not cross any line to attract the line of fire.

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Many restaurants are now embracing the concept of including cannabis to their menu. In some states, exclusive cannabis cafes have opened up that follow the law yet produce happy customers. With time, this concept is sure to garner more importance with CBD and cannabis becoming 100% legal.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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