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A bill allowed CBD products in Texas on Tuesday – Senate holds the final call on the legality of CBD products in Texas

CBD in Texas

CBD oil soon to be legalized in the state of Texas after legislators voted on Tuesday to allow consumers to buy CBD without the fear of being arrested. The bill cleared the house with no oppositions, paving way for a final step before it is moved to the Senate. The bill might face some resistance as and when it moves to the Senate, even from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

The newly passed bill would allow farmers to grow and produce hemp derived CBD oil and other products. The bill would probably clear the confusion regarding CBD and its products, although some of the law enforcement officials still insist that the drug is illegal, the bill is expected to give a clear statement and decision.

Rep. Drew Springer (R-Gainesville), one of the eminent supporters of the bill told NBC 5 investigators that a few legislators were sceptic about the consequences of the bill and thought that legalizing CBD is the first step to legalizing marijuana.

However, he managed to reassure them that products containing CBD oils derived from hemp had little to negligible concentration of THC (tetra hydro cannabinoid) – the psychoactive component found in marijuana plants that his harmful and causes the ‘high’. Thus, CBD based products are safe to consume and can help treat ailments in patients who have been looking for an effective alternative for years.

Patrick, who has power to block the legislation has still not given any official statement on his take at the drug or its legalization. The Texas Hemp Industries Association said it had received no statement from Patrick till late Tuesday.

There have been constant questions lingering whether the bill would be passed in the Senate or not, given law officials holding back to show their support. But, Coleman Hemphill, a spokesperson said he had high hopes from the group’s prospects in the Senate.

“A lot of those discussions have been very positive, so we are very optimistic to see if move forward,” Hemphill said.

Meanwhile, a state representative from North Texas said his office was bombarded with calls from constituents supporting CBD oil and its products which Texans may already buy from the gray market to treat their anxiety and pain issues.

“In this particular bill we have had 102 people say they are for the bill and no one opposed. We never see that, so we are seeing a lot of excitement about this bill,” Giovanni Capriglione (R-Keller) said.

Had the bill not been discussed and passed in this year, consumers would have to wait till 2021, the next legislature till the bill could have been brought to the table for discussion. The confusion could also end up with retailers selling CBD and its products illegally in the gray area to serve consumers in need of the substance and under the hood of the federal law which allowed CBD in December 2018.

Though many states have promptly accepted the federal legislature and followed a legal path for CBD and its infused products, there are some states which have apprehensions regarding it. The Food and Drug Administration is yet to set a regulatory framework to ensure safe and healthy consumption of the drug in May.

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Till then companies, retailers and consumers – all remain in the clouds of ambiguity whether to use CBD products or not, if they will be arrested for it or not. As for Texas, it depends on the Senate, what they decide and legalize.

Consumers have hopes for the bill to be passed and expect a fair decision from the Senate, till then the gray market will keep grappling around customers who are curious about the drug and wish to try it out personally.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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