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1_CBD Oil in Nevada

in Nevada

‘Home means Nevada’ is the song you will humming when you realize how forward Nevada is when we talk about CBD Legalization in the state. Here is a detailed view of the legal status of CBD and Cannabis in the State.

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1_Is CBD Oil Legal in Nevada

Is CBD oil Legal
in Nevada?

1_CBD Is legal

Yes CBD Oil, CBD infused products, even cannabis is Legal for all purposes (recreational and medical) in Nevada.

Nevada is one of the forward thinking states when it comes to the use of cannabis and finding it is not a problem. Nevada has legalised marijuana for both medical and recreational use since 2016 but when it comes to CBD oil, the state machinery needs to pick up their feet and make it absolutely legal in the state legislation as they have made it legal but seem to want to tow the federal line as well. 

1_A valid document or marijuana card is required to obtain CBD in the state

However, CBD oils and its products are easily available all over the state and it is the only state in the US where even interstate valid medical card holders can easily buy medical cannabis.

1_What’s Legal and What’s Not in Nevada

What's Legal, What's Not!

Nevada was one of the earliest to have a medical marijuana program approved by Ballot Question 9, more famously known as ‘Nevada Medical Marijuana Act’, way back in 1998 which was approved in 2000. Later amendments to it in 2001 with AB453 and once again in 2013 with SB 374 saw more aspects of this legalisation happen to the Act. A final form of this full legislation was approved in 2016 with Ballot Question 2.In May 2017, regulations were approved for implementing Ballot Question 2 to allow sales by the Nevada Department of Taxation six months earlier than first projected. The popularity of these cannabis products can be gauged by the fact that they after just the first week of sales in July 2017 reported that sales of stock were exceeding expectations. Stores were running low on stocks and that this shortage had the potential to bring this nascent market to a grinding halt.

1_Doctor's Approval and Valid Prescription is Required

The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioural Health oversee medical marijuana for patients who need to be authorised by a doctor and submit the documentations for registering.

Some of the qualified health symptoms for CBD treatment are, AIDS, Cachexia (or Wasting Syndrome), Cancer, Glaucoma, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Persistent Muscle Spasms (including Multiple Sclerosis), Seizures (including Epilepsy), Severe Nausea and Severe Pain. They are also open to add more health problems to this list if a patient submits a petition to the Division.

1_In some states, growth and cultivation of Hemp is legally allowed

Recreational marijuana usage is also allowed in the state and people may grow their own plants with the directive being that they should be of 21 years of above. The only other restriction for cannabis, marijuana and CBD usage is that anyone who is growing the plant should live near a licensed dispensary, not more than 25 miles away.

 Anyone is allowed to buy marijuana and its various products in the state but using it publically is prohibited and will attract a misdemeanor and various fines. 

1_Farm Bill 2014

The federal government has already approved the hemp industry in 2014 through the Farm Bill containing not more than 0.3% THC content. Though they are oscillating still between legalising CBD based products that are  being marketed with unclaimed medicinal therapeutic effects. 

But with the state laws in Nevada taking care of the legality these directives from the FDA are more directives that can be ignored by the general public who wants to use CBD and its products.

CBD oil is considered legal in Nevada with different CBD products having different regulations for their production, usage and other things. Just like CBD’s cousins the marijuana is legal but not allowed to be used publicly, CBD also falls under the same category. This means that you may buy your CBD oil and other products anywhere from a retailer or even online but use it inside your private residence only. But many people get away with smoking CBD oil in public as it is odourless and looks just like some regular vape juice.

1_CBD With 0.3% THC is legal

Similarly for CBD derived from hemp oil, Nevada follows the regulations set and passed under the Farm Bill. The state does not have any laws that change the legality of hemp and its products and you can buy hemp products anywhere till they comply with the set standards of no more than 0.3% THC content.

CBD oil is of two types - extracted from cannabis and the other one from hemp. The CBD oil extracted from say the flower of the plant sometimes has more THC and is usually associated with the medical uses. This oil will give a normal person a slight euphoric feeling. The oil derived from the hemp has little THC and will not leave the user intoxicated. This second variety is usually used as a health supplement.

1_Where to Find CBD Oil in nevada

Where to buy CBD oil
in Nevada

CBD oil due to its legal status can easily be found in the state and anyone can buy it. Do remember not to use it in public but only at your home or at your own risk if you are the one who shall not heed the warning. Many retailers have a lot of experience in the CBD industry and can help you choose the best product in case you are confused as to which item will best suit your needs. Some of these retailers are:

  • Buy Legal Meds - CBD Dispensary, 4985 W Tropicana Ave Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89103, USA
  • Oasis Cannabis Dispensary, 1800 Industrial Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA
  • The Dispensary NV, 100 W Plumb Ln, Reno, NV 89509, USA
  • Smoke Shop Vapor & kratom & CBD oil, 3250 N Tenaya Way #101, Las Vegas, NV 89129, USA
  • This Stuff Is Good For You : CBD Oils & more, 3400 W Desert Inn Rd #2, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA
  • The+Source Henderson, 9480 S Eastern Ave #185, Las Vegas, NV 89123, USA
  • And many more...
1_Horrors and reasons not to buy CBD Oil locally in Nevada

Horrors of Buying CBD locally

In Nevada, an employer can reprimand you or even fire an employee who tests positive for weed even if the person is legally allowed to use even medical cannabis. So have a good connect with you employer in case you want to use cannabis and its products at the workplace or home and might test positive for THC.

Also, the federal law seems to be having a bit of a rethink on CBD products lately and have changed CBD products definition to contain no more than 0.1% THC content to make it legal. Although in Nevada that seems to be not a problem yet but do please be watchful if there are any policy changes due to this change.

Also watch out and try not to use CBD products in public but in the privacy of your home to be safe as per the law.

1_How to buy CBD Oil online and guidelines in Nevada

How to get CBD Oil Online
in Nevada

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Buying online has many benefits. One, you get to easily compare prices and choose attractive deals and discounts helping you to spend less. This is especially helpful if you know in advance the product you want to buy or else you are bound to be confused with the number of products available online and probably a visit to a knowledgeable offline store is the best option. 

Two, the process of buying is so much more simpler and less complicated. Three, no one hassles you around the store and you need not speak to anyone. Four, you can source the product directly from the manufacturer and five, you can easily get replacements or even refunds in case the product is unsatisfactory. 

Just make sure that you check that the online store has a third party certificate for the product which clearly shows the quality of the product and that their reviews are usually good. There would always be a few disgruntled customers but too many bad reviews is usually a bad sign.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Nevada

Easy peasy lemon squeezy to buy and use CBD oil in Nevada. There are many stores around and the legal process to obtain them is not restrictive at all. Just be aware not to use these products publicly as that small part is illegal.