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Where to buy CBD Oil in Maine?
Is it Legal? Complete Guide!

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Maine is famous for lobsters, blueberries and the White Mountain National Forest. And while there are plenty of CBD stores in the state, no one seems to be asking to most important of questions. Primarily, is CBD Oil legal in the Pine Tree State? 

1_Is CBD Oil Legal in Maine

Is CBD oil legal
in Maine

1_CBD With 0.3% THC is legal

Yes CBD Oil is legal in Maine, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Maine has long been a confused state on the legal part of anything related to marijuana and the laws were at best a confused jumble of permissions and counter legal stops, some in the form of threat letters from the authorities, towards those permissions with more permissions over those legal stops and counter stops. However, with the passing of LD1747 all these confusions will be put to rest and it’s residents will be absolutely free to buy, sell and consume CBD Oil.

1_What’s Legal and What’s Not in Maine

What's Legal, What's Not!

In November 2016 Maine allowed the medical and recreational use of marijuana through the Marijuana Legalisation Act. In most states, the legality of the CBD products depends upon the source of their derivation - hemp or marijuana as THC content is the deciding factor. But that is not the case in Maine. Products made from marijuana as well as CBD are totally legal to consume as per this act. This act only directs that the CBD content should be homogenous within the product and that one may not use or add CBD to a trademarked product, food or drink. 

1_Farm Bill 2014

The 2014 Federal Farm Bill has already removed industrial hemp from the category of controlled substances. And so the businesses were booming and everything was nice and fine till one fine day in January 2019, when State Health Inspectors in Maine began ordering vendors to remove anything that had CBD from their shelves that included food products. 

Some even went to the extent of removing all CBD products. They quoted the USFDA statement that any food products that contain CBD is not permitted as per the federal regulations. 

As till then State laws were non-existent for CBD oils, they were correct in adopting the federal laws but the Maine Legislature quickly worked to correct this error and passed the LD630 in March 2019 as an emergency measure. This act only keeps the inspectors away from the vendors by stating that food products containing CBD that is produced and being sold in Maine and is not adulterated is allowed to be sold. It however in the very next sentence takes it all away by saying that the definition of this legality should match with the Federal law which as it stands today defines it as illegal. 

LD630 was passed to allow food products containing CBD to be sold in Maine but they added a point that the CBD should have been derived from industrial hemp grown only within the state of Maine. This act also does not clarify how this policy can be implemented for instance, the demand for CBD products is huge in Maine but the output of industrial hemp in the state at present cannot keep up with this demand. Also, it does not clarify which products specifically are allowed or what is the definition as per the law of food products. Are vapes and tinctures counted as a food product or adding a drop of CBD to coffee will turn it into a food product or into an adulterated product?

In August of 2019, a group of well wishers of the CBD industry took up this conundrum with the Attorney General’s office as well as towards the fact that the US Constitution does not permit any state to provide any kind of preferential treatment to its citizens. The answer from the Attorney General’s office and passing of LD1747 will put to rest all remaining confusions and loopholes. This act allows products containing CBD oil and its many derivatives even derived from industrial hemp outside of Maine to be legally sold in the state.

Though as it stands, there is much debate on-going if this act takes care of all aspects of the sale and distribution of CBD products as well as their production or not.

Maine regulators in the past one year itself have twice announced that they shall ban and/or severely restrict the sale of CBD products statewide. Some of the authorities also tried to enforce this at a few places by sending threatening letters but then it all fizzled out and we, the general public, is waiting for the legal machinery to spin and provide the correct answer - to be or not to be.

The last one of them being Governor LePage who even after voter approved recreational marijauna usage as asked the Attorney General to reverse this legalisation. But life goes on and so does the sale of CBD in stores in Maine until some other legislation clearly stops them or legalises them to continue without any further fear. 


Best CBD Oil to buy
in Maine?

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Notwithstanding the legal ramblings of various departments and vociferous supporters as well as distractors, the industry is booming in CBD oil within the state of Maine. It is available all over Maine without any problem at all unless someone decides tomorrow to make some more laws and sends a threat letter or another piece of legislation restricting or banning its usage in a clear and consistent manner. Some of the places where you may buy CBD oil in no order of preference are:

  • CBD Oil Portland Maine, 29 Gage St, Augusta, ME 04330, USA
  • East Coast CBDs, 241 Depot St, Unity, ME 04988, USA
  • Coffee By Design, 1 Diamond St, Portland, ME 04101, USA
  • Island CBD Oil And Products,

And many more.

1_Horrors and reasons not to buy CBD Oil locally in Maine

Horrors of Buying CBD locally

Legislation of any state is a more or less indication of the tilt of the citizens in the state towards CBD. And Maine is a state that is confused on this part at the moment. A woman employee lost her job as she was taking CBD oil to manage her endometriosis for two years after a drug test at her workplace came back with a positive result. So best to avoid using CBD oils and its derivatives for a while longer until better laws are in place.

1_How to buy CBD Oil online and guidelines in Maine

How to get CBD Oil Online
in Maine

Online shopping is the norm of the day. It is faster, convenient and much easier than going around the shops and stores, find a suitable parking, fight with the traffic on the way and then look for a suitable product. Online shopping is easier especially if you know the exact product you want to buy and do not need special advice. Do please check the credentials of the company who is offering the product in regards to its quality and its capability to deliver to your address. 

A third party check by a laboratory will give you a good picture of the quality of the product. Do please remember to also check that the CBD product you intend to buy has less than 0.3% THC and do not buy a vape variety of the product or a food supplement or anything added to alcohol or milk shakes or coffee as these forms are illegal as per Federal laws. Other than that you can get good deals online making the product much cheaper than the local market rates with the added convenience of it being delivered while you comfortably sit at home.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Maine

While Maine took it’s time, it can be concluded safely that CBD Oil is Legal in the State, with some legislations, which would further simplify its use, are on their way. 

However, the confused state of affairs in terms of legislation is having an affect on the business of CBD oils and its various derivatives in the state of Maine at the moment. This all will become alright with the passing of LD1747.