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1_CBD oil in Hawaii

CBD oil in Hawaii
Is it Legal? Where to buy?


Aloha to the beaches, Aloha to the waterfalls, Aloha to the refreshing rain and the beautiful dancers.

But what does ‘The Aloha State’ think about CBD?

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1_Is CBD Oil Legal in Hawaii-

Is CBD Oil Legal
in Hawaii?

Yes, it is legal buy, sell and use CBD in Hawaii

Hawaii was one of the first states in the United States to enact proactive hemp laws as early as the 1990s. In 1999, the Hawaiian government passed the House Bill 32 to begin a research program in industrial hemp and its salubrious effects on the human body and by 2000 they made the decision to legalize the use of medical marijuana though it took much longer for their medical programs to be operational and effective.

1_Is CBD Oil legal in HI, or?

Is it completely Legal, or?

Since 2000, industrial hemp continues to be evaluated and in 2014 with the Agricultural Act all states were officially encouraged to cultivate industrial hemp.

1_Senate Bill 2175

 In 2014 itself, Senate Bill 2175 reinstated Hawaii’s interest in growing the plant by the Governor signing it on the grounds that the environment and economy of Hawaii will benefit from this research program. 

This Bill was further given clearance in 2016 and intends to use industrial hemp to decontaminate soil and increase the state’s production of biodiesel and reducing their dependency on imported fuel.

1_Senate Bill 862 allows the residents of Hawaii to cultivate, possess and use as well as transport ma

The legality of CBD oil being marketed all over the state quite openly however depends on the source from where it is derived. CBD oil that is derived from marijuana for recreational use is an illegal product but Senate Bill 862 allows the residents of Hawaii to cultivate, possess and use as well as transport marijuana for any medical debilitating cases. 

This Bill allows each resident who meets these requirements of medical usage to cultivate and maintain up to seven cannabis plants at any stage of development.

1_ less than 0.3% of THC is completely legal

CBD oil derived from hemp that contains less than 0.3% of THC is completely legal as is covered by the Federal Farm Bill of 2014, that legalizes the cultivation and use of industrial hemp across the US.

 The Farm Bill allows the States to regulate CBD Oil in their state, however the state of Hawaii has been fortunate that no such state legislation has been introduced to make it illegal. CBD oil and its other products are completely legal in the state and are easily accessed as over the counter health supplements.

1_0% THC in ID

However, in May 2019, the Hawaii Department of Health issued a statement that CBD has never been clearly permitted for sale in any form in the state except for people who have a valid marijuana card and even they should get it from a licensed dispensary only. 

They further clarified that the CBD products that one sees generally in the market in Hawaii has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and cannot be sold without a prescription as they are not deemed to be safe for use.

FDA rules also term the interstate sale and distribution of any cannabis derived product as illegal and they are working on their policies and guidance for the states on regulatory actions. They are also in the process of sending warning letters to such companies who are targeting the population at large with advertising that they deem false and misleading as the benefits of CBD oil are still being tested at large. 

Since May 2019, the Hawaii Department of Health being consistent with the FDA’s stand, by notifying businesses in Hawaii that these products are illegal. Additional warnings have also been given of various penalties and regulatory actions towards the manufacture, distribution and selling of these products in the state of Hawaii.

1_people with valid medical marijuana cards

The CBD products are legally available at present to only people with valid medical marijuana cards through the state dispensaries across the state. The rest of the products in the market as of date are all illegal. 

CBD products derived from the hemp of the plant with less than 0.3% THC from the marijuana extract are legal in Hawaii but only if you have a medical condition and a valid prescription for its usage. But businesses have not stopped from selling them and the state has every right to step in and regulate the sale of CBD products at any stage, anytime. 

1_HI has recently seen a huge increase in shops selling CBD

One can find various CBD products like gummies and other edibles, creams, concentrates, lotions, vapes, topicals, etc. easily in the marketplace as CBD products are quite popular items. The state has recently seen a huge increase in shops selling these over the counter products under the claims of boosting your health and well-being.

Until recently, CBD was being used in various food products as well like chewing gum, cakes, shakes, pastries, etc. which was very popular but stopped when the State started penalizing people for usage of CBD as a food additive. The Department of Health is sending warnings to shopkeepers and retail stores as well as warning the public at large that these products and their proposed health benefits are mostly untested and mislabeled with unproven health claims.

The Health Department is not planning to pull these products from the shelves and stopping their sale at present but is only keeping a wary eye out for any negative health impacts from CBD products. They are at present only taking action against businesses who are selling them as dietary and health supplements or are using false advertising towards the health benefits of CBD products.

Is CBD Oil available locally in Hawaii?

Is CBD Oil available locally
in Hawaii?

CBD oil is easily available at multiple locations in Hawaii. Some of the locations that we found are:


Mr. Hemp CBD :- Inside Mr. Ink Plus, 286 N School St, Honolulu, HI 96817

Oahu CBD :- 661 Ke’eaumoku St #106a, Honolulu, HI 96814

Another place where you can get legal CBD Oil is at a state licensed dispensary with a valid medical card that says you shall use it for some medical problem. For this to happen, you need to register at the Medical Cannabis Registry Program and should be diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition that proposes your usage of medical cannabis for treatment purposes only. Hemp derived CBD products are however being sold everywhere in the state at present without any medical prescription.

1_How to get CBD Oil Online and delivered to HI

How to get CBD Oil Online

Buying online is definitely the most convenient way to purchase CBD in Hawaii. You get a variety of choices easily and the product of your choice will also be delivered to your doorstep. Being online it becomes relatively easier to check out the company that is offering the product in regards to the quality of their product. You can also check if they have a third-party testing done by a laboratory for the product you want, which is usually a guarantee of the product’s quality. 

1_HI has recently seen a huge increase in shops selling CBD

You should always check if the company is transparent on the products that they offer including the extraction methods and their sourcing practices.

 Other than that, you can get good deals online which will also allow you to obtain CBD oil at a cheaper price. Having the power of the internet behind your search makes procuring CBD products convenient and quick and eliminates the need to visit the local stores and dispensaries.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Hawaii

Hawaii was the first state in the US to legalize usage of medical cannabis way back in 2000 and the way ahead in the near future for the legalization of recreational marijuana also seems quite likely. If the medical industry releases their research results faster, it can help legalize all kinds of cannabis usage in the Hawaii faster. At present, the legal usage of CBD oil and its products are legal.