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1_CBD in Delaware

CBD in Delaware
Current Scenario and Complete History

The first state wasn’t the first state to legalize Hemp. It took the 2014 Farm Bill, to legalize ‘Industrial Hemp’ in the state. Since then many new bills and amendments have eased the consumption and sale of  Hemp and Hemp related products.

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1_Is CBD Oil Legal in Delaware

Is CBD Oil Legal
in Delaware?

Yes, CBD oil is absolutely legal with all intents and for all purposes in Delaware with a few kinks in the legal system that need to be ironed out.

What's Legal,
What's Not!

It is legal in Delaware to purchase any CBD product in stores as well as online and is sold in most places without any prescription since the 2014 Farm Bill was passed. This Bill encouraged the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Although all types of CBD products are legal in Delaware but it all depends on the source of origin of the compound. CBD however can be extracted from both the normal cannabis plant hemp as well as from the industrial variety. But industrial hemp contains almost ignorable amounts of THC which is the psychotropic chemical that produces the high. The other variety has a high level of THC and is illegal to grow and process in Delaware.

1_Senate Bill 17

As per the Senate Bill 17 also known as the DE Medical Marijuana Act, people who have been diagnosed with a medical condition are only legally allowed to obtain marijuana. For this they need a physician’s certificate and follow the necessary protocols and requirements at the Department of Health and Social Services (DHS).

Then such a person is allowed the prescribed doses of medical marijuana from the DHS. Such identified and approved patients are allowed to possess up to 6 ounces of marijuana at a time but are not allowed to buy more than 3 ounces of marijuana over a period of two weeks.

1_House Bill 39

Since December 2015, Delaware Governor signed the House Bill 39 that decriminalises growing and using marijuana products and making it possible for any and all residents of Delaware to possess less than one ounce of marijuana.

The Delaware administration is committed to reduce the number of people entering the criminal justice system and instead refocus their resources on other problems.

1_Senate Bill 17

And then it gets confusing by directing that people who are found with one ounce or less of marijuana shall have to face a civil penalty that does not become a part of the criminal record and also forfeit the marijuana found on their person.

This civil penalty is an unclassified misdemeanors that will attract a fine of not more than $200 or an imprisonment of not more than 5 days. Although this makes marijuana possession a similar kind of offence to consuming alcohol from an open container but it does create confusion regarding whether to use or not in the minds of the common people. It also does not make it clear whether carrying any drug paraphernalia is an offence or not in such cases.

The House Bill 39 Legislation also allows both adults and minors to buy marijuana and its products since 2015. Senate Bill 181 specifies the codes related to medical marijuana oil by allowing minors who have been identified with medical conditions that require marijuana usage, to use marijuana on school buses and other school premises where they are enrolled whether preschool, primary or secondary.

1_Permissible CBD and THC limits in Delaware

It has only a directive on the product to contain at least 15% CBD and a THC level of less than 7%.

When it comes to the CBD derived from hemp oil, the 2014 Farm bill had made it completely legal to use nationwide with a rider that State laws may make further legislation to govern its usage and consumption.

But in Delaware thankfully no changes to this legal status was written and so all CBD products derived from hemp are legal in the state.

The use of recreational marijuana is still illegal in Delaware but Senate Bill 197 that got signed in August 2018, makes it much easier for marijuana convictions to be expunged for any convictions that happened before 18th December 2015. This is on the mandatory condition that the marijuana conviction is the applicant’s only criminal conviction to date. There are also some amendments to House Bill 110 that will further make it easier for the residents of Delaware to use recreational marijuana as the expected earnings from such activities is being pegged at around $50 million by the year 2021.

1_Medical Marijuana 6 ounces in Delaware

The hemp based CBD oil is legal in Delaware as per the 2014 House Bill 385 and the state has over 3,300 registered medical marijuana patients as of 2018 who are allowed to possess up to 6 ounces of medical cannabis as per the certification of their physician.

But the legality of usage is very much related to the strength of the cannabidiol in the CBD content in terms of milligrams. If the label on a bottle of CBD oil mentions that it has 200 mg of CBD, it should contain 200 milligrams of the active cannabidiol. But many products available in the market list mg dosage of the CBD product rather than mention the real cannabidiol strength.

1_Hemp Extracted CBD for Institution

The production and consumption of this hemp extracted CBD oil was made legal for any accredited institution through the enactment of the Senate Bill 266.

This bill allows any academic or agricultural research institute to grow industrial hemp for research purposes by submitting:

  1. A research plan.
  2. The geographical location of the intended hemp field and its size.
  3. The authorization documents of the research supervisor to The Department of Agriculture.

Industrial hemp is used in a wide range of products that includes textiles, fibers, paper, cosmetic products, construction and insulation materials, animal feed, food, and beverages.

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Medical Marijuana
in Delaware

The first dispensary for medical marijuana opened in June 2015 in Wilmington and anyone who has one or more of the following chronic ailments can register as a patient for treatment. The dispensaries have to operate their own system to grow everything they intend to sell. These conditions are:

  • Chronic pain 
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Nausea 
  • ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Cachexia 
  • Cancer 
  • Hepatitis C 
  • Intractable epilepsy 
  • PTSD – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Autism  
  • Persistently severe muscle spasms 
  • Seizures
1_Recreational Marijuana Usage in Delaware

Recreational Use
in Delaware

Till the date of writing this, recreational use of marijuana in Delaware is banned. Though the passing of the Senate Bill 197 has made it easier to be expunged of cannabis convictions in the state and more such Bills are on the way like HB 110 that if approved will legalise recreational use of marijuana in the state of Delaware.

As of date there are strict penalties for breaking the law that bans recreational use of marijuana under the Delaware Code 4701 and 4753A that classify it as a drug. Similarly, a person is liable to be booked for being in possession of drug paraphernalia for use or possession of less than one ounce of marijuana with a civil offense and its various definitions of fines and jail terms ranging from $100 to $1000 and a prison time from 6 months to 3 years.

1_Where to buy CBD in De

Where to Buy CBD Oil
in Delaware

Delaware state allows several types of CBD products ranging from capsules to edibles and also vape oils of various essences. There are quite a few brands of CBD, selling Topical ointments, lotions and creams in the state. They are also available as concentrates and pastes as well as edibles. Many stores also specialise and promote CBD based pet products. If you want the best of these CBD products especially in the liquids, tea, edibles or wax category then Wilmington is the place to go. 

1_Wilmington Premium CBD Products

Wilmington has access to the most elaborate selection of premium CBD products that includes various waxes, many types of tea, edibles as well as CBD in the liquid forms. Options are plenty for both a seasoned CBD enthusiast or a rookie.

Though be aware that this freedom given to retailers and shopkeepers is sometimes abused and one should be aware of the product that they purchase by researching about the company. It is best to check their laboratory test results which will tell you a lot about their quality of the product as well as their production standards. Also, it will tell if they use safe and effective CBD processing methods

Medical CBD can be obtained through any of the many state licensed dispensaries will provide you with CBD oil and its products against a doctor’s certification. These dispensaries are required to grow their own batches of cannabis and process them

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1_Where to buy CBD in Online in De

Where to Buy CBD
Products Online

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If you live far away from Wilmington or would like to get only the premium quality product, you can always buy CBD products online in Delaware and get them delivered to your home.

Here are some points to consider before buying your CBD online:

  • Check for Third Part Lab Test Reports on the website
  • Tell them your requirement and discuss the best product for you and it’s dosage
  • Read a lot of customer reviews
  • Calculate the CBD to Dollar Ratio of the CBD oil and compare

Here are some Vetted brands to Purchase CBD oil online.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Delaware

CBD oils and other derivatives of the hemp are totally legal in Delaware thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill and also to no further legislations banning their usage and distribution. There are no legal problems to encounter for purchasing these products or to use them in Delaware. 

Medical use of marijuana is easy and needs only a doctor’s certificate against a valid health issue. With recreational marijuana soon to be legalised in the state as well, Delaware is where I would want to live.