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1_CBD in Colorado

CBD Oil in Colorado
All Your Queries Answered

The Centennial state was the first state to legalize marijuana for recreation. It is in fact progressively the most forward state in the US. So the answer to  the question: 

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1_Is CBD Oil Legal in Colorado-

Is CBD Oil Legal
in Colorado?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to buy, sell and consume CBD Oil in Colorado.

What's Legal,
What's Not!

The law says that if you are a resident of Colorado and if the hemp has been sourced from within the state from a registered local health agency who is licensed from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, then the product is legal.

 There is also no age limit defined as per the law for buyers in the law though many store owners apply their own set of age related rules.

1_CBD Stores in Colorado

Although the law enforcement agencies are unable to stop stores from selling CBD infused products, due to the lack of resources, it is not 100% legal to use or sell them, more so if you are travelling between states.

Industrial hemp may be grown in Colorado with a registration done from Colorado Department of Agriculture. They allow any business entity, private grower as well as universities and research institutes to apply for commercial or research and development registrations as per their intended use and legally cultivate cannabis sativa plant for industrial hemp production as well as to process it for other CBD derivatives.  

CBD can be produced in Colorado under the relevant license approvals but Colorado has not specifically legalised CBD. The state law only mentions marijuana and hemp as being legal and local laws in Colorado may impact CBD sales and distribution. For instance, Denver city and county prohibits the sale of CBD products that have been manufactured without the approval of the health department especially for human consumption.

Horrors of Buying
CBD Oil Locally

1_ study by the Journal of American Medical Association in 2017

A study by the Journal of American Medical Association in 2017 showed that almost 70% of the CBD products being sold have erroneous compounds as per their labels.

 Some labels also mislead the public by listing less or more of the compounds. The product may contain more THC than it mentions and may also be contaminated with molds and pesticides. Recently there has also been a rise in the number of people failing drug tests as the CBD product that they used contained more than the claimed amount of THC.

1_Where to buy CBD in Colorado-

Where to Buy CBD Oil
in Colorado?

CBD is quite ubiquitous in Colorado but many stores feel unsettled to advertise them in view of the warnings that FDA sends. This is because the laws are not clear about whether to advertise them or not. However, any smoke shop will have some or the other form of CBD product like vaporiser or concentrate).

Health food stores and high-end groceries too, stock a few of the CBD added foods and beverages. 

CBD has become relatively easy to find around Colorado and the rest of the country, but many stores don’t know how to advertise it because of the unclear laws. Just about any smoke shop will carry some form of CBD products (usually vaporizer items and CBD concentrates), while health-food stores and high-end groceries like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have been known to stock certain CBD-infused foods and beverages.

Liquor stores such as Total Beverage and Argonaut have many CBD products on their shelves

CBD boutiques carry hemp and CBD products exclusively like Canna World Market, ArenaLife, Color Up Therapeutics, Flora’s Mercantile, Discover CBD and Native Roots Wellness. Marijuana dispensaries also have a huge range of CBD products that have varying amounts of THC in them to be used as per your taste and needs.

1_CBD in Food in CO

Not just retailers but you can buy CBD added food and drinks at certain coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and even cocktail bars that sell drinks and dishes added with CBD. 

The Nickel at Hotel Teatro and Habit Doughnut Dispensary sells cocktails containing CBD oil, while others add it to food. Some food trucks also offer CBD for an extra charge.

How to get CBD Oil

Getting CBD online is convenient way more convenient compared to getting it locally.. However do please check the quality of the product online by only visiting a reliable source who is transparent regarding displaying the test results of their product. Online deals are a good way to buy CBD products in bulk as well as at much less cost.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Colorado

While you can safely buy CBD Oil locally and online in Colorado, a lot more clarity is required  from the Federal and State Governments.