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Where to Buy CBD Oil in California?
Is it Legal? Complete Guide!

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California is a state well-known for the Hollywood entertainment industry, Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and many more interesting things. But what many people are unaware of, is the vast popularity of cannabis in the state.

1_Is CBD Oil Legal in California-

Is CBD Oil Legal
in California?

Yes, CBD Oil is Legal in California. The only exception being that restaurants and retailers are not allowed to sell CBD infused food and drinks.

In fact, California is one of the states which enjoys almost complete freedom.

1_What is Legal and what is not California CBD

What is Legal,
and what is not?

1_CBD Farm California

Keeping in mind the benefits of CBD products, especially the CBD oil in California, the state has made it legal for the residents to grow, cultivate, and sell the products derived from their cannabis plant.

Though all CBD products are legal in California, there are some restrictions on the use of these products. These restrictions are based on the amount of CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC present in the product.


Speaking technically, CBD is a non-psychoactive drug found naturally in the cannabis plant. THC is a psychoactive drug that is also present in the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD, using THC in high quantity can make a person feel intoxicated or stoned. Buying or selling products that have CBD and THC more than the desired ratio can lead you to face various criminal charges.

1_Where to purchase CBD in Cali

Best CBD Oils to Buy
in California

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Be it San Francisco, Los Angeles, or any other corner of the California state, it is quite easy to get your hands-on CBD Oil locally.

Whether you have a doctor’s prescription or not, the state of California allows you to use marijuana and CBD products for various reasons. But the question is, from where to but good quality and legal CBD oil in California?

1_Obtain CBD in Cali from Dispensary

There are state-licensed dispensaries that can provide you with a range of CBD oils in California. If you are unable to find a dispensary near you, there are also head shops that are state-authorized. You can go in anytime between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

1_Obtain CBD in Cali from Food Stores

If you are still unable to get a CBD oil, you can always approach any local food store near you. The thing about going to a local food store is that you not only get more variety, but you get the best quality CBD oil in California.

If traveling, there are various other places you can trust to buy CBD oil – gas stations, Walmart, CVS, GNC, and many more.

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Horrors of Buying
CBD Oil Locally

While CBD is legal in California, not all CBD products available in the state should be considered legal. This is because the laws are very strict regarding the permissible levels of THC in CBD.

1_High THC CBD

It has been reported that local pharmacies and stores in California are selling CBD Oils with illegal levels if THC content. Buying from them can put you at immediate risk.

Also, samples collected from local sellers have been found to contain contaminated or low-quality additives which can cause more harm than good.

If you would still like to buy CBD Oil locally then here are some times to consider:

  • If buying from a dispensary, it should be located a minimum 600 feet away from any K-12 school or children’s centers
  • Check whether the store has the license to sell CBD products
  • Learn about the amount of CBD and THC in the product you are buying

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1_Govt ID for obtaining CBD

Other than this, it is also important for you as a consumer of CBD to produce a valid and legal government ID before purchasing any CBD products. This may help prevent you from getting into any legal consequences in future.

How To Get CBD Oil Online
in California?

1_Buying CBD Online is Safer

Regular users of CBD Oil usually source their CBD Oil online. More so because they have already faced the horrors of buying it locally. To keep it simple, buying online is always a safer option than buying it from a local store or pharmacy.

Here are a few points to consider before buying CBD Oil online:-

  • Read as many reviews as you can online. Better go for a brand our experts suggest.
  • Find out about the percentage of CBD in the CBD Oil. Calculate if you are getting the Best Amount of CBD per Dollar.
  • Try to contact the company if you have any doubts. A trusted brand should answer most of your questions.
  • Try to find out where was the plant grown.
  • Also find out the method used to extract CBD and make CBD Oil
  • Determine the CBD variant that suits your needs - Isolate, Full-Spectrum or Broad-spectrum
  • Look for a Trusted Seller

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in California

1_California does not allow CBD in food

While it is legal to use all types of cannabis products in California, the Food and Drugs Administration has not made it completely legal to use it in food products for humans and animals.

The Golden State, California, has seen a huge boom in both the CBD and Marijuana industry since the 1990s. The freedom to self-cultivate the crop boosted the industry even more.

Focusing on CBD oil alone, the product has a huge list of benefits for its consumers, mainly the therapeutic experience it provides. The only important thing to keep in mind is the amount of THC in the oil that you are buying. Some studies find that there are few side-effects of CBD oil too. But whether it is safe to use or not, depends on what it is being used for by the consumer. As the benefits overpower the side-effects, the use of CBD oil in California is going to see a huge rise in the coming years.