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1_CBD oil in Alaska

CBD oil in Alaska
All Queries Answered & Buying Guide

Alaska or The Last Frontier might as well be the last frontier for CBD in the country. While CBD is legal in most of the states, Alaska is a different story.

1_Is CBD Oil Legal in Alaska-

Is CBD Oil Legal
in Alaska?

1_CBD Oil containing more than 0.3% THC falls in the grey area

Yes, CBD Oil made from Hemp is legal in Alaska. However, CBD Oil (or any their product made from CBD) containing more than 0.3% THC falls in the grey area, and therefore should be avoided.

CBD is a derivative from the hemp part of the plant and not from the marijuana creating part. So, it has no intoxicating effects or gives the user any kind of high. This hemp-based CBD has a low-THC content. THC is the compound which produces the hallucinatory effects. 

CBD has a lot of benefits. It is:

  1. a natural remedy to many ailments like anxiety, epilepsy and insomnia
  2. reduces inflammation and reduces pain in the body
  3. controls nausea and vomiting especially that caused by chemotherapy
  4. kills cancer cells and reduces tumor growth
  5. relaxes tight muscles in people with multiple sclerosis
  6. stimulates appetite and helps people gain weight even for people with AIDS and cancer
  7. a healing item that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis for the cells by maintaining a steady state of functioning.

Many medical scientists are still debating if only the full spectrum CBD oil that contains a higher dosage of THC is effective in treating most conditions and disorders. Whereas others are pointing out that even a low dosage level of 0.3% allowed under law is enough to provide benefits, the bottom line still remains unanswered. Some others claim that any sort of CBD oil is almost ineffective for any sort of treatment. 

While this scientific debate continues, some people do get relief by using CBD oil and one can know for sure only by trying it out first. They are available in coffee, health drinks, available at garden stores as well as health supplement shops. It is also available at larger stores like Walmart as a topical cream. It is being promoted as having a variety of health benefits that includes but is not limited to:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anorexia
  • HIV [3]
  • Cancer
  • Chronic nausea and vomiting
  • Arthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraine
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Inflammation
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Anxiety and depression

But like many other health drinks and supplements in the market, the benefits of using CBD oil are at best anecdotal and have yet to be properly verified by the authorities via proper clinical trials. A few trendy shops in Alaska after just a few of selling them received an email from the state telling them that CBD oil is not yet approved to be used in food, edibles and drinks, etc. 

1_What's Legal, What's Not!

What's Legal, What's Not!

Alaskans voted to legalize the use of recreational marijuana in 2014. In 2015, a marijuana regulation proposal was presented that outlines the rules for marijuana packaging, store locations and its distribution, edible uses and more. But it was still a Federal offence to be in possession of marijuana. So, in 2018, discussions were held about these consumption regulations for the general public and till now people are only legally allowed to consume marijuana inside their home or at places marked as safe houses.

And then the story gets complicated…

1_sourced from industrial hemp that has low amounts of THC

CBD is a new derivative which was still out of this definition as it is sourced from industrial hemp that has low amounts of THC. CBD products that are being sold over the store or listed publicly have little or no level of THC, which means that they will only help your body from their medicinal properties and not give you a high.

1_The legislature passed Senate Bill 6 by defining marijuana and hemp under the Alaskan law.

The legislature passed Senate Bill 6 by defining marijuana and hemp under the Alaskan law. Marijuana is now defined as the parts of the Cannabis Sativa plant with enough THC to give one a high.

 Whereas hemp is defined as those pieces and strains of the plant that have less than 0.3 percent of THC. This low dosage ensures that the psychoactive effects of cannabis are not felt by humans but the medicinal benefits remain.

Industrial hemp products are overseen by the Department of Natural Resources. The Senate Bill 6 further directs that hemp can only be grown under a pilot program in Alaska as outlined under the Agriculture Act of 2014 which is part of the Federal Farm Bill.

Alaska however is yet to set up this pilot program. 

But CBD is already making inroads into cafes and stores. 

So, it cannot be legal or is it?

This muddled understanding of the law, low prioritization of relevant agencies and scanty resources is making law enforcement difficult and police on the street are completely bewildered about its status and what they should do in such cases. Most of them agree to ignore it till more clarity is presented in the legislation. Also, the quality of CBD being sold over the counter is not being watched properly as there are a lot of unknowns about this product from even the scientific perspective.

In November, the Alaska Department of Law warned Alaskans to be wary of any unregulated CBD products on sale around the state. They say that the products of CBD have not been tested yet for purity or for their quality. They further went to advice Alaskans to be cautious of what they ingest. 

Again, just a caution but no clear definitions... 

It is similar to selling the mouthwatering pizza that Mom makes at home from a restaurant. It is good and you know it. But it is not an approved product from the legal perspective.

1_Where to Buy CBD Oil in Alaska-

Where to Buy CBD Oil
in Alaska?

CBD oil at present is available in Alaska: 

As oil extracts: 

One can buy oil extracted from hemp of cannabis at many retail spots across the state. Most of them as over the counter health supplements. Just like you may find green tea, matcha and other health supplements. 

As edible supplements:

It is available in smoke shops as well as marijuana distilleries and is commonly being used as edibles that are added to various food items like cakes and pastries as well as in health drinks. 

As body lotions:

It is also available as CBD creams and other body lotion additives that can be applied to the afflicted area of the body for pain relief. 

As vapes:

A most interesting usage of the CBD oil is as vapes to be delivered directly to the bloodstream from various vaping parlors across the state.

As direct supplements:

CBD oil is also available as oral drops in the form of capsules that is consumed by keeping it under the tongue where it dissolves to reach the bloodstream and the afflicted area.

There are many places where one may procure CBD oil, some of them are:

  1. Retailer stores 
  2. Health food stores
  3. Garden stores
  4. Wellness shops
  5. Vape shops
  6. Head shops
  7. Mom and Pop stores
  8. Dispensary: People in Alaska also have the liberty to simply buy a bottle of CBD oil from the local dispensary. These dispensaries are not only knowledgeable about the product and its derivatives but also are a safer environment for residents who are passionate about using cannabis for health reasons. These dispensaries provide advice on the kind of the CBD product that one should use to maximize health benefits.

The legal aspect of sale from the Dispensary:

1_The Farm Bill has made it possible to procure medical marijuana without the need for a marijuana car

The Farm Bill has made it possible to procure medical marijuana without the need for a marijuana card or doctor’s prescription. As CBD is sourced from industrial hemp and not from marijuana the possession of any CBD product or its purchase and transportation are not an issue as per the law. It can be bought easily just like you may buy any other health supplements. 

But with further regulations being formulated, this picture is bound to change and it will change soon. Considering that the demand for CBD products is peaking, one may expect more dispensaries and stores to start selling them from many more locations.

1_How to get CBD Oil Online in Alaska

How to get CBD Oil Online in Alaska

Another fast and easy way to get CBD oil is to browse the internet for apps and sites that compare various stores and dispensaries in your area to give you a better idea of where you may buy these products.

Do please check:

Having the power of the internet behind your search makes procuring CBD products convenient and quick and eliminates the need to visit the local stores and dispensaries.

Many of the online sellers are wholesale dealers which allows one to purchase them in bulk making them even further cheaper. One is spoilt for choice as these oils and other products are available online as capsules, balms, waxes, concentrates, edibles and many more.

Choose wisely…

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Alaska

It is certainly at this point very easy to obtain CBD in the state of Alaska. Irrespective of the type of CBD product that one wishes to use, you will find it easily at many places. Dispensaries and local stores will provide you with a bottle of oil anytime you need or you can always search the many online stores and get the product delivered to your home.

State laws at present for Alaskan cannabis users are extremely favorable for procuring, transporting and storing as well as their usage. But do please keep in mind that this is a scenario that is still being set and the laws can change at any moment. Retailers are still selling it as dietary supplements until there is more clarity on the rules as there is a clear demand for CBD oil. 

It is important to remain updated and be aware of the laws for this emerging industry. Amidst various competing interpretations of the law, confusion on CBD product usage is rampant. There is a sense of fighting for your rights which has been prevalent in the cannabis community forever.

If you want what is best for you as well as for your family, you should keep in mind that it is a new product which might be beneficial but there could also be consequences. It is best to consult your physician who has a good idea of your medical history before using the CBD oil in any form. Your physician is a better judge of your tolerance towards any drugs and its effects on your body and health.