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PlusCBD Oil Review 2020

When it comes to choosing your first (or even next, if you’re not satisfied with your current) CBD product, it is always wise to do a bit (read quite a bit) of research. This is particularly because most people use CBD for health reasons.

You need to know for certain the kind of CBD products that best suits your body, the kind of product that conforms with your lifestyle (so you don’t skip a dose), and the brand of CBD products that would be most effective – and, that is, not to forget the fact that there is an abundance of good, bad, and the ugly (err…fake) products and brands out there in the market!

When industrial hemp was legalized in the country, certain regulations were put in place. However, the federal government has not entirely been able to put an end to malpractices in this industry, owing mostly to the way CBD is derived and used across the world.

That’s why users must be extra vigilant when it comes to using CBD in this country, despite it being legal.

After all, it is a matter of your health and that of your loved ones!

Keeping these concerns in mind, we regularly review different brands and their products being sold in the market. We understand the industry and the concerns that plague it.

And, that’s why we’ve brought to you +PlusCBD™ Oil – a brand known for its effective and sustainably manufactured hemp-based products.

How good is +PlusCBD™ Oil as a brand?

PlusCBD Brand Overview

Established in 2014, PlusCBD™ Oil is one of the pioneering brands in the CBD industry. Owned by CV Sciences, which was founded back in 2012, had carried out considerable research (and published them too) on the efficacy and safety of its consumer products (which PlusCBD™ Oil is), has taken exemplary efforts to develop and produce premium-quality, absolutely safe, and highly effective agricultural hemp-derived CBD oil products.

One of the companies in the industry to have paved the path towards the legalization of hemp-based CBD is CV Sciences through its brand PlusCBD™ Oil. On its brand website, it has not only given ample information on its products but also about the industry, CBD’s uses and benefits, its extraction and sustainable practices, as well as the science behind CBD’s essential properties.

With the help of innovative and responsible application of science, the brand has succeeded in standing apart from the crowd that the industry has now become. And with the help of its high-quality, safe, and highly potent products, it has created its niche among the users and customers at large.

PlusCBD™ Oil has set itself apart in the industry with its…

  • A vertically integrated process by offering full traceability – right “From Seed to Shelf”
  • Its cGMP, auditable, QA/QC laboratory set-up where its products are created and designed
  • Subjecting its products to independent third-party and DNA Testing
  • Proving QR codes on each and every label to ensure absolute transparency
  • Carrying out human clinical tests to prove the products’ efficacy
  • Its products are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)
  • The brand’s and company’s expertise and history in the dietary supplements industry (since 2007)
  • Highly informative website, as well as its sales and marketing strategy and support
  • Wide product range
  • Being a member of the essential trade organizations

Key Aspects

CBD Source

Their certified agricultural hemp is grown in Europe (Netherlands) and then imported into the United States

Lab Tests:

DB Labs

Shipping & Returns:

Shipping Policy

  1. Rates vary based on total weight and final destination. Pricing does not include duties, insurance costs, or value-added taxes.
  2. Free Shipping available on Autoship Orders worth above $75.
  3. The company also ships internationally as well
  4. Orders can be tracked via the tracking ID provided through email sent to the recipient after the order is placed.

Returns & Refunds Policy

  1. 100% risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. All unopened PlusCBD™ products can be returned within 14 days of the delivery date for a complete refund (minus shipping charges).
  3. Claims for any damaged items need to be made within 72hrs of receiving the items.

Pros & Cons:


  1. +PlusCBD Oil’s products are created in a state-of-the-art laboratory.
  2. The brand’s mother company, CV Sciences, is very transparent in its practices. The entire process – from the seed to shelf – can be traced coherently.
  3. No artificial chemicals are used in its sourcing, extraction, and manufacturing. In fact, the brand follows a non-chemical CO2 process for its CBD extraction.
  4. All its products are organically sourced and are GMO-free, gluten-free, and mostly vegan-friendly.
  5. All its products are subjected to independent lab-testing and these reports are made available to the public for quality assurance purposes.
  6. Both broad-spectrum (i.e. zero-THC) and full-spectrum (<0.3% THC) options are available


  1. Some flavors may not be likable by all, others are great for most users.
  2. The website isn’t as user-friendly as one would expect from a CBD brand. We wish some of the sections, such as the “About Us”, “FAQ” and the “CoA” sections, were provided for right on the website header, instead of a site visitor having to scroll all the way down to the footer look for them.
  3. No CBD products for pets
  4. Free Shipping only on Autoship Order of above $75.
  5. The brand sources its hemp seeds and hemp from the European Union (EU). It may be a bit of a concern for some American users, although the regulations there ensure THC is below 0.2% of the total dry weight, unlike the 0.3% that is allowed in the US.

Top CBD Products by +PlusCBD™ Oil

+PlusCBD™ Oil has a wide variety of products with an amazingly diverse product selection.

Generally speaking, the brand makes and markets these following types of products:

  • Capsules
  • Spray
  • Softgels
  • Balm
  • Skin Serums
  • Drops
  • Gummies
  • Roll-On
  • Lotions & Creams

To make shopping simpler for its site visitors, the brand has categorized its products under:


While all its products have been found to be quite effective on more or less all users, the most popular among the brand’s products are:

  • CBD Oil Drop Tinctures
  • CBD Spray Tinctures
  • CBD Softgels

PlusCBD™ Oil’s 3 Best Products Explained

CBD Oil Drops


  1. CBD Oil Drops Raw Formula
    • Combination of both the raw hemp extract (CBDa) & the heated hemp extract (CBD) to produce a full-spectrum product.
    • Benefits:
      • Calms the nerves, helps to focus
      • Relieves muscle pain, cramps, and inflammation and offers joint support
    • Offers more punch than regular CBD Oil Drops
    • Size /Strength: 2oz / 500mg
    • Flavor: Peppermint
  2. CBD Oil Drops Total Plant Complex
    • For this formula, the hemp is gently heated to convert all CBDa to CBD.
    • This full-spectrum CBD oil drop contains a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids.
    • Benefits:
      • Calms the nerves, helps to focus
      • Alleviates mental stress and anxiety
      • Promotes healthy sleep cycles
    • Size /Strength: 1 oz / 300 mg
    • Flavor: Unsweetened; contains natural sweetener Quillaja (Quillaia) Saponaria.
  3. CBD Oil Drops Gold Formula
    • The Gold Distillation Process offers a highly concentrated product “Gold Formula extract” that is best suited for people who need a stronger punch of cannabinoids to reach the expected health outcome.
    • This is the most potent variant among all of PlusCBD’s CBD Oil Drops.
    • Benefits
      • Calms the nerves, helps to focus
      • Alleviates mental stress and anxiety
    • Size /Strength:
      • 1oz / 250mg
      • 2oz / 750 mg
      • 2oz / 1500 mg
    • Flavor:
      • Unflavored (all 3 potency variants)
      • Peppermint (all 3 potency variants)
      • Goji Blueberry (only available in the 250mg variant)

Ingredients: What Does This Product Contain?

  1. CBD Oil Drops Raw Formula
    • Organic Agricultural Hemp Extract, rich in CBD and CBD Acid (CBDa) (Aerial Parts Only)
    • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
    • Monk Fruit
    • Quillaja Saponaria (natural sweetener)
    • Peppermint Oil
    • Silica
    • Monolaurin
    • Ascorbyl Palmitate
    • α-Tocopherol
  2. CBD Oil Drops Total Plant Complex
    • Organic Agricultural Hemp Extract in its Original Proportion of Chemical Components (Aerial Parts Only)
    • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
    • Monk Fruit
    • Quillaja Saponaria (natural sweetener)
    • No added flavors
  3. CBD Oil Drops Gold Formula
  • Gold-Distilled Organic Agricultural Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts Only)
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Monk Fruit
  • Quillaja Saponaria (natural sweetener)
  • Peppermint Oil/Natural Goji Berry Flavoring
  • Silica
  • Monolaurin
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate
  • α-Tocopherol

Reviews: What Are The Customers Saying?

Users found PlusCBD’s CBD Oil Drops to be great for both man and his best friend (of course, we mean canines!). Whether it be for pain and inflammation or promoting sleep, these CBD drops proved to be viable, cleaner, and safer alternative to pharma drugs. While they did not induce sleep among users, they certainly offered enough inducement to help them stay asleep.

The Gold Formula, which seemed to be the most popular among these types, the CBD drops were the most effective among the lot. Although not the best flavors in the CBD market, the effects were certainly excellent for most.

Most users, no matter what they used it for, said these oils have a calming effect on them, helping them sleep better or focus better – whichever may be the predominant need of the moment.

The low concentrations somehow did not matter to most, as they felt that they were more potent than many other high-concentration CBD tinctures sold by other brands.

What’s more, the gold formula worked wonders on an asthma patient within a week’s use, even though using 2 inhalers for the past 10 years did her no good.

Product Value: Why Should You Buy It?

    • Highly Effective and Potent Formulae
    • Gluten-Free
    • GMO-Free
    • Clean CO2 Extraction
    • GRAS Self Affirmed
    • Time-Tested, Clean and Natural Ingredients
    • Well-Researched Formulae
    • Maximum Quality Control
    • Third-Party Lab-Tested
    • Drops are easy to dose, comes with a dropper


    • CBD Oil Drops Raw Formula (500mg): $54.36, i.e. $0.11/mg
    • CBD Oil Drops Total Plant Complex (300mg): $23.99, i.e. $0.08/mg
  • CBD Oil Drops Gold Formula
    • 250mg: $25.59, i.e. $0.10/mg
    • 750mg: $47.99, i.e. $0.06/mg
    • 1500mg: $95.99, i.e. $0.06/mg

CBD Sprays

Size & Potency Variants:

  1. 1oz / 100mg (0.5mg CBD/spray)
  2. 2oz / 500mg (1.5mg CBD/spray)

Flavor Variants:

  • Unflavored
  • Peppermint
  • Cafè Mocha
  • All flavors come in all two potencies/sizes


  • Calms nerves for better focus
  • Induces better sleep cycles
  • Manages stress and anxiety
  • Alleviates pain and inflammation

Ingredients: What Does This Product Contain?

  • Organic Agricultural Hemp Extract
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Natural Coffee Flavor (Mocha)
  • Natural Chocolate Flavor (Mocha)
  • Peppermint Oil (Peppermint)
  • Monk Fruit
  • Monolaurin
  • Quillaja Saponaria (natural sweetener)
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate
  • α-Tocopherol

Reviews: What Are The Customers Saying?

Spray users seemed more satisfied with the flavors than the CBD Drops’ users. Apart from this aspect, everything else was more or less the same. The customers were satisfied with the effects and even chose to recommend others to try the spray.

Although some users wished there were more options in flavor, the effects did not fail them in any way. In fact, all users, no matter what their health issues were, seemed overwhelmingly happy with the impact.

Besides, the spray proved to be a much more convenient way of dosing.

Product Value: Why Should You Buy It?

Same as CBD drops with the added advantage of the spray bottles that make micro-dosing all the easier.


  • CBD Spray 1oz/100mg: $15.99, i.e. $0.16/mg
  • CBD Spray 2oz/500mg: $47.99, i.e. $0.10/mg

CBD Softgels


CBD Softgel 5mg Raw Formula (5mg/cap)

  • 10-ct bottles
  • 30-ct bottles
  • 60-ct bottles

CBD Softgel 15mg Gold Formula (15mg/cap)

  • 10-ct bottles
  • 30-ct bottles
  • 60-ct bottles

CBD Softgel 10mg Total Plant Complex (10mg/cap)

  • 10-ct bottles
  • 30-ct bottles
  • 60-ct bottles

No flavors, swallow with water

Ingredients: What Does This Product Contain?

  • CBD-Rich Organic Agricultural Hemp Extract (aerial parts) 5mg/10mg/15mg per softgel capsule
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Vegetarian Softgel (vegetable cellulose, water)
  • Silica

Reviews: What Are The Customers Saying?

Customers used these softgels for headaches, inflammation, muscle cramps, arthritis, nausea, sleep disorders, post-surgery pain, other pain issues, and even as a regular dietary supplement.

Since these softgel capsules, like its tinctures, contain an array of beneficial plant-based minerals, vitamins, and proteins, users benefit from their daily use by maintaining their overall health.

Even among the softgels, the Gold Formula seemed to be users’ favorite.

Like the brand’s tinctures, these softgels have an overall calming effect on users. While they do not cause any grogginess, the CBD in these softgels provides a good night’s sleep.

Product Value: Why Should You Buy It?

These softgels have the same unique formula and properties as the CBD drops, except for the sweeteners and flavors, which aren’t needed, as these are simply swallowed with water. This is a great option for those who want to bypass the taste factor. However, the drops, which are used sublingually, have the advantage of bypassing the digestive system, which these capsules must go through for the CBD to reach the bloodstream.


Raw Formula (5mg):

  • 10-ct (5×10 = 50mg): $9.59, i.e. $0.19/mg
  • 30-ct (5×30 = 150mg): $15.99, i.e. $0.11/mg
  • 60-ct (5×60 = 300mg): $31.99, i.e. $11/mg

Total Plant Complex (10mg)

  • 10-ct (10×10 = 100mg): $11.19, i.e. $0.11/mg
  • 30-ct (10×30 = 300mg): $19.99, i.e. $0.07/mg
  • 60-ct (10×60 = 600mg): $39.19, i.e. $0.07/mg

Gold Formula (15mg)

  • 10-ct (15×10 = 150mg): $11.19, i.e. $0.07/mg
  • 30-ct (15×30 = 450mg): $19.99, i.e. $0.04/mg
  • 60-ct (15×60 = 900mg): $39.19, i.e. $0.04/mg

CBD Buying Guide: Getting The Best Products In The Market

Making sure you’re getting the most and best of what natural CBD has to offer can be quite difficult – even if you’re an experienced CBD user.

That’s because there are too many brands of all kinds – good, bad, and even fake and harmful ones – in the market! Whether you’re buying CBD online or offline (local stores near you), you need to do your research, instead of taking a chance on a brand. After all, you’re not using CBD for fun, but for improving your health!

So, here’s what you need to do.

First, assess why you wish to use CBD and understand (read up on) how CBD can affect your health – both for good or bad, how the effects can very well differ from others using it, and how you should go about dosing yourself.

Second, select the type of extract and type of CBD delivery method you find to be most suitable to your health and lifestyle.

Third and lastly, know how to define a good CBD brand and how to differentiate a good brand from the bad ones.

So, here we go…

Step 1:

CBD affects the human body in different ways. CBD is biphasic – it can have completely opposite effects depending on how you dose it.

Again, the same dose of CBD can have varying effects on different people and different health conditions in the same/different people.

So, before you go about choosing the right brand of CBD product, you need to first understand how the effects can vary and how to dose yourself with CBD.

CBD’s effects can differ from person to person, from disease to disease, from time to time, depending on several factors. They are:

  1. User’s Age
  2. User’s Bodyweight
  3. User’s Gender
  4. Time at which CBD is taken
  5. User’s health condition
  6. Type and Severity of Condition(s) being addressed
  7. Individual user’s endocannabinoid system (and the chemical balance within)
  8. Type of Hemp Strain, Extract Type, and Formula used by the brand, proportion of the other cannabis-derived substances, including other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, minerals, proteins, as well as other botanical ingredients and essential oils used as part of the ingredients – in other words, the Brand’s proprietary formula

There are three types of hemp extracts:

  1. Full-Spectrum: All the components of hemp, such as cannabinoids (including THC – 0.3% of the total dry weight), terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. Such extracts offer the much-hyped entourage effect that enhances the effects of CBD. But drug tests may raise a red flag if such an extract is used right before the test.
  2. Broad-Spectrum: Same as full-spectrum, except for THC, i.e. zero-THC. Almost the same effects as the full-spectrum extracts, except no worry of testing positive on a drug test.
  3. CBD Isolate: CBD is isolated from the entire extract, leaving out all plant nutrients and plant materials. The effects may be milder than the two former extract types, but absolutely no problem for those who have to undergo frequent drug tests.

Step 2:

Next, you must decide on the type of product you want to use, i.e. how you want to deliver the dose.

Most CBD users prefer tinctures, but vaping CBD is common among those who are used to smoking or vaping. Most sportspersons use the topical mode, while others who use it as a dietary supplement often go the capsule route. A lot of infrequent users opt for CBD edibles, like gummy bears, candies, brownies, teas, and coffees infused with CBD.

The delivery system determines the way CBD interacts with your body, how fast it shows effects, and how long it stays in the system.

Here’s how:

  1. Topicals:
    1. Applied on the surface of the skin over affected areas
    2. Offer relief from localized pain and inflammation
    3. Does not affect the rest of the body
    4. No impact on the mental health of a person
    5. Fast action
    6. The aroma may enhance or dampen the experience
    7. Doesn’t interact with other drugs as it doesn’t enter the bloodstream or act systemically
  2. Tinctures:
    1. Sublingual use only
    2. Directly transfers CBD from the sublingual glands to the bloodstream, ensuring fast absorption, and, hence, fast action
    3. Interacts with other medications, as it enters the bloodstream
    4. Users may/may not like the hempy flavor or the added flavors
  3. Vape products:
    1. It’s the most effective form of CBD use, CBD travels directly from the lungs’ alveoli to the bloodstream
    2. Instantaneous impact
    3. Interacts with other medications
    4. Vaping CBD may harm those with pulmonary issues
    5. The aroma may or may not affect the experience
  4. Capsules:
    1. Great for those who dislike flavors & aroma – hempy or otherwise
    2. Acts systemically, i.e. all over the body and mind
    3. Offers long-lasting effects, but takes longer to act, as it travels through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream
    4. Interacts with other drugs
    5. Potency and bioavailability lost to a certain extent by the time it reaches the bloodstream
  5. Edibles (gummies, candies, etc.):
    1. Almost the same effects, same pros and cons as capsules
    2. A great option for those who love to chew/have a sweet tooth
  6. Suppositories:
    1. Fast-acting
    2. Highly bioavailable and potent (more than tinctures, less than vaping)
    3. Interacts with other drugs as it enters the bloodstream
    4. Least preferred as it has to be inserted in a tablet form through the rectum

Step 3:

The next and the final step before you narrow down on your most suitable brand of CBD product is to establish how transparent and reliable the brand is and how safe its products are. To find that out, you need a few tools in your arsenal.

And, here they are:

  1. CBD IS EXPENSIVE! Period. So, don’t act stingy while buying CBD from the market. That way, you’ll never fall for cheap products or get duped by fake brands. If you find a very cheap brand of “CBD” product or a cheap CBD product, you’re most likely not getting natural CBD or CBD at all!
  2. Be wary of dishonest brands and their fake or even harmful so-called CBD products. They will try to push lab-made, artificial cannabinoids in the guise of “lab-tested, all-natural CBD products”. Always keep your eyes peeled for words like naturally grown, organically cultivated, non-GMO as well as look for the location from where the company sources its hemp.
  3. Check labels for the ingredients and their proportions, quantity, etc. This will not only inform you about food items or botanical extracts to which you may be allergic but also let you know how much of each is present in the product.
  4. Mislabeling occurs rampantly in the CBD industry, mostly deliberately done. Unscrupulous brands often try to misrepresent themselves as well as the ingredients present in their products in hopes of pushing absolutely vile products in the name of genuine CBD products.
  5. Always choose all-natural, organically produced hemp extracts. They are safer and far more effective than the rest. Responsible companies carrying out sustainable, eco-friendly practices ensure that they are doing justice to their customers and Nature.
  6. Check for third-party lab reports on their website. Brands that do not post their lab reports or refuse to share them when asked for them are not trustworthy.
  7. Read up on the best practices in the industry – be it hemp cultivation, extraction, filtration, distillation, or manufacturing, and make sure the brands you’re considering conform with the best practices in the industry. Trust brands that employ improved, high-tech methods in their extraction and filtration processes.
  8. Customer reviews and brand reputation: Established brands make sure to keep their customers satisfied and don’t allow any slipups. That is reflected in the customer reviews. After all, brand reputation is built by both their industry practices and customer reactions. Customers review brands and their products based on various factors, like product performance, customer support service, company policies, product pricing, etc. Once a brand has proven to be a reliable one, the market, which comprises users like you and me, generally remembers the good names and forgets about the bad ones – unless the bad ones are so bad that they have become notoriously bad!

+PlusCBD™ Oil: FAQ

Q: How is Total Plant Complex different from the Gold Formula Concentrates?

A: PlusCBD™ Oil’s Total Plant Complex concentrate contains all the cannabinoids (in their active form), terpenes, plant sterols, vitamin E, and other natural plant materials – all in their natural combination. However, these plant materials that are not needed for maximum impact are removed from the brand’s Gold Formula through distillation in a solvent-free process, giving the oil its golden hue. This oil contains only CBD, some cannabinoids, and plant-derived fatty acids. This is the brand’s highest-concentrated CBD oil.

Q: Does the brand check for potency, contaminants, and residual solvents?

A: Yes. As per the brand’s high standards of quality, purity, and CBD potency, its laboratory uses High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to measure the CBD levels (in milligrams) in each batch. The brand, which is owned by CV Sciences, then subjects all its CBD products to testing by the third-party laboratory – DB Labs that verifies and testifies to the findings by the brand’s in-house lab.

Q: Are PlusCBD’s products gluten-free and vegan-friendly?

A: PlusCBD™ Oil capsules and concentrates are all vegan friendly and all its products are gluten-free.

Q: Should PlusCBD™ products be refrigerated?

A: No, they do not require refrigeration. In fact, the brand’s Sprays and Drops should never be placed in the fridge, as it will tamper with the formula. However, in case its Gold Formula Concentrates becomes too liquidy due to the heat, you may want to keep it in the refrigerator.

Q: Can PlusCBD™ products be returned?

A: Sure. If you wish to return a product, you must contact the company by sending an email to or calling the customer service on 1-855-PLUS-CBD (758-7223). All returns will be accepted as long as they are sent back within 14 days of delivery. To get a full refund, the product(s) must be returned in the sealed condition (as it was delivered). In case of damages, the company must be intimated within 72 hours of receiving the package.

Q: Where can one buy PlusCBD’s products?

A: PlusCBD™ Oil products can be purchased online on the brand’s eCommerce site as well as at retail stores near you. To find a store near you, contact the company at

Q: Where does PlusCBD™ Oil source its hemp extracts from?

A: CV Sciences sources its hemp extracts and CBD ingredients from trusted sources in the European Union. The hemp is grown from EU-certified hemp seeds by licensed farmers in Europe.

Final Words About +PlusCBD™ Oil

California is known as the hub of CBD companies in America. Among them, PlusCBD™ Oil happens to be one of the most popular ones, thanks to its fantastic customer service and product performance.

Owing to the experience and expertise of its advisory council and management, who are specialists in fields of nutrition, brain health, nutrition, and sports medicine, PlusCBD™ Oil’s sustainable practices, unique and highly potent formulation, as well as advanced manufacturing processes ensure maximum efficacy and impact.

Its European-grown hemp is GMO-free, contains lower THC than most other American brands, and its products are mostly gluten-free and always vegan-friendly.

To top it all, the brand’s premium standards of quality control – all the way from its sourcing, extraction, and filtration, to designing, manufacturing, and testing of products – is unmatched in the industry.

So the next time, you think of purchasing CBD from a different brand, you can confidently choose PlusCBD™ Oil.