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CBD Oil Near Me: Where To Buy CBD Oils Locally?

The CBD Boom!

For decades, scientists have been trying to prove the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, especially CBD. Now that hemp farming and manufacturing of CBD products have been legalized and regulated in many countries, including the US, scientific labs have increased their momentum of research work.

Even as this information quickly spread far and wide, the popularity of CBD also spiked worldwide. A lot of people started asking: “Where do I find good CBD Oils near me?”

Naturally, a lot of pharmaceutical and wellness companies started making CBD products to make the most of this boom. But, so did some shady business enterprises in attempts to make a fast buck by cashing in on the consumer frenzy to benefit from this new “magic herbal remedy”!

Today, the market is full of such unscrupulous “companies”, making finding a trustworthy CBD brand or vendor all the more difficult. What’s more, a lot of people are still scared of shopping online for fear of cyber scams. So, they turn up at their nearest local stores, where someone told them that “CBD Oils” are available.

The only thing such customers do online is search for “CBD Oils Near Me” and find the addresses of local shops who claim to sell them. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the right choice on different levels – safety issues, reliability of claims, real vs. fake products, among others.

So, if you’re still asking people or the internet: “Where do I find CBD Oil near me?” – Stop! Read this article before you go looking for your nearest store selling CBD oils!

Buying CBD Oil Locally Can Be Bad – Find Out Why

CBD Oils purchased locally are generally unreliable, sold by shady businesses, unless and until you’ve looked up some premium brands and buy only their products. Never fall for the lures and claims of unscrupulous vendors trying to push fake or poor-quality products.

Understandably, it is not always easy for customers to know if a product or brand is genuine when a store manager hands you a bottle of tincture.

These are the reasons why purchasing CBD Oils from local stores near you can be dangerous:

  • Selling Hemp Seed Oil in the name of CBD Oil

Hemp seed oil is certainly a good substance with many health benefits, but it is still NOT CBD OIL. In fact, hemp seed hardly contains any CBD at all! Obviously then, you won’t get the effects you’re hoping for or expecting. Read the label properly. Also, make sure to check the ingredients for the telltale signs. It should not read hemp seed oil alone (many CBD oils contain hemp seed oil as carrier oils). It can say full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp oil or CBD oil (if it is made from CBD isolates). Moreover, if the total concentration of the extract is indicated in grams and not milligrams, then there’s your most obvious red flag.

  • False Claims about Concentration & Effects

Many vendors and brands (obviously of less national repute) will claim that they contain highly potent CBD oil or that they can cure cancer! Beware of such unscrupulous brands! No evidence of CBD “curing” cancer has been found. THC can, but only to a certain extent, kill cancerous cells and stop it from multiplying. But CBD can not do that. It can only minimize the pain caused by cancer and its treatment. Regarding the potency, one cannot check if it really has the amount stated on the label (unless, of course, you have a lab specialized to do so!).

  • Selling adulterated CBD oils in the garb of genuine extract types: Full-Spectrum Extracts contain all the wholesome goodness of natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. This is often preferred by users as it provides the “entourage effect”, i.e. these components boost the potency of CBD. Reputable brands, making high-quality products, will always ensure the traces of THC is well below the permissible limits (below 0.3%). Even while designing CBD isolates, such brands will, generally, add natural botanical extracts to add something special to the concoction, except in the case of crystalline products that are meant for adding to vape liquids or food items. Some shady brands may be selling you adulterated CBD isolates, containing high levels of THC or artificial (lab-made) cannabinoids, as full-spectrum hemp oils. Beware! There is no way for a customer visiting a retail store to be certain that the brand of CBD oil he/she is thinking of buying is a legit one!


  • Products by Brands of No or Bad Reputation

It is not possible for you to know if a brand is a reputed one if you’re a new user. Even if you’ve used a brand of CBD oil before, you may not have heard about other brands. Some brands that may have a bad reputation will remain unknown to you if you do not get the chance to check it – which is not possible for you when a store employee is trying to sell it to you.

  • Free Trial Scam

Beware of the lure free trials. Consumers are naturally drawn to freebies! But that’s the lure most unscrupulous marketers follow to con people. Some vendors offering free trials ask for your mobile number, bank account details, etc. to send you a free-trial package to your doorstep. Once you give them those details, you automatically get subscribed to receive their products on a monthly basis, even if you did not voluntarily ask for a subscription or TICK a box, opting to subscribe.

  • The lure of Cheap Products

CBD Oil is not cheap. Period. Anyone who tells you otherwise is only trying to cheat you. Don’t fall for them. Fair price, yes. But what determines a fair price? The value of CBD oil for the money you pay for it depends on several factors, like…

  • How safe are they?
  • How potent are they?
  • Where have the extracts been sourced from?
  • What kind of farming practices are followed by the company?
  • What processes have these extracts been subjected to make them, pure, clean, potent, and safe
  • Have these products been tested by third-party labs (this too costs money)?
  • What kind of manufacturing practices are followed by the brand?
  • What other products are manufactured at the facilities used by the company to produce CBD oil (chances of contamination)?
  • Expensive Products

Most high-quality CBD oils available in the local market will usually be unjustifiably expensive. You need to look up the brand offered and its practices to know for sure if it is worth that much. Also, look up their prices online. Some vendors may be trying to con you into paying extra to earn more commission (or simply pocket the additional amount by sticking fake labels on the product).

  • Limited Offers, Limited Variety of Products

Generally, local shops can’t afford to stock up on all the varieties of products available with all the brands that provide retailer programs. Naturally, the range of products and product types reduce. Let’s say, you needed full-spectrum CBD oil of a certain brand, but the store has only the isolate variant from that brand in their stock, what should you do? Settle for the CBD isolate oil when you very well know that you need the full-spectrum variant for effective relief? Besides, you will also not get the offers and discounts offered online from your local stores. Retail shop owners can’t possibly have tie-ups with so many brands. You may prefer one brand of CBD oil, while it is possible that the store you’ve visited has offers in some other brand of CBD products.

  • No Time or Scope For Research

Can you possibly go online to check for the veracity of the claims made by the vendor or the brand or statements made on the label of the product when you’re at the store? Certainly not! But when it comes to CBD products, you need to do a lot of homework. Mind you, FDA has not approved the sale of CBD as a drug or food item. In its absence, you can’t take anything for granted. Besides, a lot of shady business goes on in this market. To be sure you’re getting the most of this natural substance, you need to do extensive research – which is not possible while buying CBD locally.


Top 3 Brands of CBD Oil – Safe, Potent & Affordable!

Research before deciding on your next CBD oil may be time-consuming, but it’s essential! We understand the pain consumers feel when buying or using products that cost them an arm and leg but do nothing to give them relief.

That is why, we, at The Cannabis Radar aka TCR, continually strive to keep users updated on the goings-on in the CBD industry, educate them about new discoveries and research going on across the world, and inform them about the brands that are reliable and sell premium-quality products.

We not only pore over user reviews everywhere on the internet (blogs, on-site user reviews, reviews on social media and public forums, etc.) but also ask our own readers and regular subscribers for their opinion. What’s more, we also try them out ourselves before we give each product the nod. On our portal, you would never see a brand label that has not been personally verified by us.

After careful consideration of the various aspects of a large number of brands available in the market and their different varieties of CBD oils, we have arrived at this small list of Top 3 CBD Brands of CBD oil.

  1. FabCBD

Despite being a small company, FabCBD has succeeded in garnering the trust and loyalty of a large customer base with

its high-quality, potent, and safe products as well as its world-class customer care service.

Its dedication and commitment to reaching out to the people and make natural and organic CBD accessible to the masses has enabled it to create its niche in this highly competitive industry.

Strictly adhering to the industry regulations and federal laws, FabCBD sources its hemp extracts from Colorado’s organic farms. Besides, its CBD oils are vegan, gluten-free, and well suited for people with different kinds of health issues.

Made from all-natural, organic ingredients, this brand’s CBD oils act as an excellent wellness booster. Available in five delicious flavors (mint, vanilla, citrus, berry, and natural or hempy) – that aren’t too strong, these CBD oil tinctures can be a convenient part of your routine wellness regimen.

These tinctures come in a wide variety of CBD strengths – 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg & 2400mg – perfect for all kinds of physical and mental issues, ranging from severe pain and inflammation to sleep disorder and anxiety issues.

FabCBD’s tinctures are full-spectrum, which means it may contain traces of THC (but never more than 0.3% by overall weight).

Apart from its organically grown, CBD-rich hemp extract (full-spectrum cannabinoid blend), it contains only natural botanical flavorings, terpenes, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, and hemp-derived vitamins and minerals. Besides, this tincture is suspended in (carrier oil) fractionated coconut oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides). [So, anybody who is allergic to coconuts should avoid it or take precautions while using these tinctures.]

Third-party lab ProVerde Laboratories carries out regular tests on each batch of FabCBD’s CBD oils. These oils have zero pesticides, are non-GMO, and contain THC below permitted limits of 0.3%. One can find their products’ Lab Reports on the brand website’s footer.

Besides, the brand offers a 30-day complete money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the performance of its products.

Sr. No.ProsCons
1.Full-spectrum CBD oils (with less than 0.3% THC), extracted from 100% organic hemp grown in Colorado. All its ingredients are sourced from natural, organic, and vegan botanical extractsFabCBD does not make tinctures from CBD isolates
1.Independent laboratory ProVerde Laboratories conducts regular tests, the results of which are posted on the brand’s websiteFabCBD’s products are only available online; no presence in the retail market
2.CBD oils are available in 5 different flavors and 4 different potencies; all-natural flavoring, mostly from terpenes or botanical extractsCBD oils aren’t available in strengths higher than 2400mg
3.Free shipping within the US on orders worth $89 and above.; Full refunds if returned within 30 days of purchaseCarrier oil used is MCT oil derived from coconut oil. No option (like hemp seed oil) for people with coconut allergies
4.Budget-friendly; value for money, quality and potency levels considering their prices are quite justified and affordableThe range of products offered isn’t wide enough for some users, some feel the flavors are too subtle, could be a little stronger
5.A transparent operation, real customer reviews, lab reports openly available for each productNo mention of which natural sources were used to create the different flavors. For instance, the exact terpene used to create their vanilla flavor.


  1. Joy Organics

If you’re looking for THC-free CBD oils, then Joy Organics’ broad-spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are exactly what you need!

Besides, they are gluten-free, contain no harsh chemicals, and are sourced from regulated and organic hemp farmlands in Colorado, US.

These CBD tinctures are of high quality and priced pretty fairly. They are available in 4 potencies (225mg, 450mg, 900mg, and 1350mg) and as many flavors, all of which are created from natural terpenes and essential oils.

The four flavors, which include the natural variant, contains nothing but broad-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract. Among the four variants, the natural and mint-flavored variants contain organic extra-virgin olive oil as the carrier, while the orange- and lemon-flavored variants contain organic MCT (fractionated coconut) oil as their carrier oils.

Apart from the carrier oils and the hemp extract, all the flavored variants contain three terpenes – Humulene, Myrcene, β‑Caryophyllene – all of which enhance the effects of CBD as well as improves the effects of the essential oils.

The essential oils used in the flavored options are also derived from natural, organic sources. The mint flavor is derived from organic peppermint essential oil, the orange flavor from organic orange essential oil, and the lemon flavor is obtained from organic lemon essential oil.

An interesting thing about Joy Organics’ CBD Oil Tinctures is that it does not stick to a single independent lab. This way, the brand makes sure that the labs don’t get complacent in their testing or overlook anything. A battery of tests is run by the likes of PIXIS Labs, Botanacor Services, Green Scientific Labs, PhytaTech Metrics & Solutions, and Cloud Labs.

What’s more, it also provides customers free shipping within the continental US and a 30-day full money-back guarantee on all its products, no matter what the issue may be. Additionally, the brand may also provide its customers with a 15-day grace period on top of it in certain cases (as per the company’s discretion, of course).

Sr. No.ProsCons
1.High-quality, wide range of potencies, eye on user satisfactionJoy Organics doesn’t really manufacture many of its products, though it may give the impression that it does. They are made by Folium Biosciences.
2.All products are organic & lab-testedThe purpose of posting in-house lab test results is unclear; detailed lab reports are available only after buying a product.
3.THC-free CBD oilsSmall amounts of THC can be good in certain cases, like in cases of pain and inflammation
4.Fairly priced……but may be expensive for some users
5.Good range of product lines and variants on different levelsLike many other good brands, this brand is, however, generally available online. It has only one retail store in Colorado.


  1. cbdMD

Brand & Product Description:

One of the most reputed CBD brands, cbdMD maintains optimum transparency in its farming, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution practices, even while selling its products at very affordable rates (as low as $0.05/mg).

It provides ample useful information on CBD, the industry, as well as the brand and its products through its blog.

Its products are of premium quality, sourced from organic hemp cultivated on Kentucky’s regulated farmlands.

Its CBD oils are vegan, organic, and gluten-free and available in a wide range of potencies – 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 3000mg, 5000mg, and 7500mg of CBD in their 30ml bottles and 1000mg and 1500mg CBD strengths in 60ml bottles. The brand also sells a PM CBD – a sleep aid – in a 30ml bottle of 500mg strength.

Interestingly, these tinctures are all made from hybrid broad-spectrum hemp extracts, i.e. these CBD isolates that are separately blended with other cannabis-based components, like other cannabinoids, excluding THC, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Of course, a fat-based carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil – MCT) is also added to enable fast absorption of CBD.

The flavorings in the flavored options are also sourced natural (mostly organic) botanical extracts. Apart from the Natural flavor (hempy/earthy), its CBD oil tinctures are available in Mint, Orange, and berry flavors.

Like most other reputed brands, cbdMD offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products (if a customer is dissatisfied with any of its products) and free shipping for all orders across the US.

While its commitment to quality control is definitely commendable, its third-party lab test reports can be a bit confusing. There is only one CoA across the entire website – giving the impression that the same CBD extract is used in all its products. It also means that only the extracts are tested, and not the final products.

The brand’s customer service is usually quite good. However, we are not sure about the timings.

Sr NoProsCons
1.Six potent CBD concentrations in tinctures, with all-natural, vegan, organic, and gluten-free ingredients. All these tinctures are available in both flavored and unflavored variants.Customer service hours unclear from the web site; the website is a bit difficult to navigate; information about the brand, its founders, its inception, and its domestic addresses (which are expected from a CBD brand) are also missing
2.Third-party lab test results posted on the website (including cannabinoid profile, safety profile, including tests for pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, and solvents). These results are also accessible by scanning the QR codes on the product labels.The tinctures contain MCT (coconut) oil. There are no other options, like olive oil or hemp seed oil, for people with coconut allergies.
3.Affordable pricing (among the cheaper CBD products available in the market)Only sold online; no retail stores
4.Free shipping (across the US & parts of Europe) and 30-day money-back guarantee availableRegular complaints of delayed shipping by customers
5.High standards of seed-to-shelf quality control; extracts sourced from 100% organic, non-GMO hemp grown in KentuckyNo CBD isolates or full-spectrum CBD oils available


Where to Buy CBD Oils Near me: Buy Only Premium-Quality CBD

How will you know for sure if you’re buying a genuinely good product from a trustworthy brand? Here are a few pointers for you…

  • Avoid cheap products, they may lack in quality or even do you more harm than good! They may either be selling you hempseed oil in the garb of CBD oil or even selling you artificial cannabinoids that can be very harmful to health.
  • Make sure the THC level is low. Levels higher than 0.3% of the total weight may give users a slight high. Higher the level of THC, the more intense the hallucinatory or mind-altering effects will be. Mind you, you can’t check this unless you buy it and take it to a lab to be tested. And let’s face it, not many consumers have the time, money, or knowledge to pull that off!
  • The CBD strength must be clearly mentioned on the label. If they’re not, then the brand is either not genuine or the store manager is trying to dupe you with fake products or selling something else – not CBD oil.
  • Choose products made from organic hemp extracts. This ensures that the extract is potent and devoid of any GMO, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • Choose products that contain only all-natural ingredients. Natural botanical ingredients boost the potency of CBD, ensure the purity of the product, and safety of the user. If these ingredients are organically farmed, then all the better. Brands that sell products containing natural or organically grown ingredients will proudly declare them on their product labels.
  • Choose Products made from CO2-Extracted CBD Concentrates. The use of IPA (isopropyl alcohol) in the extraction process runs the risk of residual solvents being left behind in the finished product. This substance is harmful to human health if consumed. On the other hand, when liquified CO2 is used, any residual fluid evaporates as soon as the product returns to room temperature with no residual chemicals remaining in the end-product.
  • Look for products that have cleared third-party lab tests. Brands that do not subject their products to be tested by independent labs can’t be trusted.
  • Look for mention of allergens, contaminants, residual solvents. All these should be mentioned in the lab reports. If they are not, then this is a reason for you to think twice before you buy from this brand of CBD oils.
  • Buy from Brands that are Transparent about their Practices. This includes brands that discuss their farming, extraction, and manufacturing practices openly on their website (which is not possible to check at the store). A transparent company will also post its third-party lab test results on their site and answer all your queries when you call up their customer support numbers. Some companies running reputable businesses will also keep the doors to their office open for people to come and discuss their products.
  • Hemp sourced from within the US and grown on farmlands regulated by the federal or state authorities are safe and potent. Hemp grown anywhere else carries with it the risk of being high on THC (can’t be called industrial hemp), contaminants, like GMOs, heavy metals, allergens, pesticides, herbicides, and other microbes. Apart from the US, there are quite a few farmlands in the European Union, where hemp cultivation is regulated under the strict supervision of the state authorities.
  • Check for Return & Refund Options. Brands that are confident about the performance of their products should be able to offer excellent return-and-refund policies. Most brands give a 100% satisfaction guarantee or 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line: Buying CBD Online is SAFER than your Local Shops

By now, you must have understood the dangers of looking up “CBD Oils near me” and buying them from local stores. So, why is buying online better?

Here’s why…

  • You can check out the brand and its repute online

Search online for user reviews. Read them and try and gauge if they are genuine ones or those put up by the brand’s employees. You’ll know when you look at them. Also, find out if the brands that post user reviews on their e-tail site have the option for all site visitors to leave a comment or review. That’s another way of knowing if those reviews are real. Besides, don’t just look at reviews that are posted on the brand website alone. Look them up on public forums, blogs, and social media platforms.

  • You can read up on their products

Most reputed brands usually share a lot of information regarding their products on their websites. Read them, then read the fine print. Go through each of the in-site links and pages. Learn more about them, their practices, and the products on sale. Here are a few pointers for you…

  • Product Ingredients: If you find artificial chemicals, colorings, flavorings, and additives in the ingredients, then stay away from such products. Look for only natural, preferably organic botanical extracts, besides CBD-rich hemp extract or hemp-derived CBD oil. Carrier oils are used most CBD products, including tinctures. Make sure they are natural oils, like hemp seed oil, MCT Oil (fractionated coconut oil), or olive oil. The presence of propylene glycol in tinctures makes them unsafe for human consumption.
  • Hemp Source: Hemp sourced from organic farmlands in the USA are safer and more dependable than those sourced abroad. Those sourced from some parts of the EU are also safe. However, hemp extracts sourced from most other countries are unregulated and filled with contaminants and high levels of THC (psychotropic cannabinoid that gives you the ill-famed marijuana “high”).
  • Farming Practices: Does the brand follow organic farming practices? Does it use only non-GMO seeds and non-GMO manufacturing processes? Everything else is not going to give you good enough quality of hemp extract.
  • Extraction Methods: Are they are packing CO2-extracted hemp concentrates or are they using Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)? While the former is the safest and most eco-friendly, the latter may harm your health if any residual solvents are left behind.
  • Company policies, like Return and Refund: Brands making products that are potent and have consistent performance will give you a good refund guarantee. Look up the fine print on restrictions on refund policy. Not all 30-day money-back guarantees hold good. Some brands may not own up for the poor performance of their products, based on the fact (read, excuse) that CBD acts differently with different users. They may only compensate you for goods damaged during shipping. But the fact remains that CBD either has “some effects” or “no effects at all” on any specific user – irrespective of the blend or formulation. So, if one brand of CBD products benefited you in any way, other brands should also do the same, even if the intensity or extent of efficacy may vary.
  • Extract type: When you shop online, you can see a wide variety of extract types that may not be in stock with your nearest store. This way, you can get whichever extract type suits your purpose best. Choose the Extract Type that suits your purpose best. While Full-Spectrum contains all the wholesome goodness of natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, offering the much-hyped entourage effect, these extracts contain traces of THC. If you need to undergo frequent drug tests, CBD isolates may be a better option. However, the latter is less potent than the full-spectrum variants, since the other natural components of cannabis that enhance the potency of CBD are completely removed and the CBD is isolated to form pure CBD products.
  • Choice of flavors and delivery: If you’re uncomfortable with the earthy flavor of regular (natural-flavored) CBD Oil Tinctures, you can choose a flavored variant or even choose CBD Oil Capsules that contain CBD oil in softgel capsules. These are a good, flavorless, pre-dosed form of CBD oil.
  • Choice of sizes of bottle/jar/tin/pack that suits your purpose (dosage, etc.): If you need high doses of CBD oils, you can opt for larger sized bottles, like 100ml or 120ml variants, instead of the standard 30ml. Ideally, one bottle of CBD oil should last a month. Usually, one dropper-full of CBD oil is a 1ml serving. If you need more than 1ml of the oil a day, then you’ll end up exhausting the whole bottle with days to spare. If you were to, instead, buy a 100ml bottle, you would actually save in the long run. Not only will this last longer, but its per mg price will also be lower than the 30ml variant.
  • Get usage & storage guide from reputed brands: Most reputed brands give users suggestions on the appropriate usage and storage of their products. This helps in adjusting your dosage and making sure the product you paid for (which is expensive) lasts as long as it should.
  • See what other users say about the products: Since you can now do your homework, check out what other users are saying about their experiences of using the products you’re considering to buy. That will give you a fair idea of what to expect and if the product is worth the price the brand charges.
  • You can check the lab reports before selecting a product

Most reputed brands post their third-party lab reports (Certificates of Analysis – CoAs) online on their e-tail website. you can look them up, know what these products contain and in what concentration, whether the brand has abided by the regulations, and made sure to remove all kinds of contaminants, like pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, residual solvents, if any, etc.


I am not a medical practitioner. All statements in this article are derived from my experiences of using different CBD brands and products. My sole aim is to help as many people as I can with my experiences so that they too can benefit from this naturally found chemical compound – CBD.