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MedTerra CBD Reviews: Brand & CBD Products

Known for its organically sourced, THC-free CBD products, MedTerra CBD has two separate formulation for their tinctures – broad-spectrum hemp extracts and CBD isolates. Its capsules essentially contain CBD isolate extracts.

That’s why MedTerra’s products are great for…

  • People who are required to take frequent drug tests, or
  • Those who want to stay away from the psychoactive component of cannabis plants (Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC), altogether.

Sourced from non-GMO hemp grown locally in Kentucky, MedTerra’s CBD extracts are of high-quality. Besides, they are tested by third-party labs, the results of which are readily available on their pretty- and hep-looking and easy-to-navigate website. It is also quite easy to shop on their site.

The brand website gives an impression of a jovial bunch of staff, working, having fun, and loving what they do. They welcome users and customers to reach out through email or simply step into their office and meet their friendly bunch, who apparently love coffee and comfy chairs, can’t live without dogs, CBD or iPhone chargers, and hate slow internet and… spiders (whatever they mean by that)!

Moreover, their products are sold in retail stores as well (you can find the shops near you on their Store Locator).

User reviews suggest these products are very effective and quite affordable too, making them high on the fair price quotient as well.

Why’s MedTerra A Fantastic CBD Brand

MedTerra promises high standards and quality of products and services, right from sourcing its hemp seeds to delivering them safely and timely on your doorstep (or store shelves).

Here’s a brief insight into the brand’s products, policies, and culture:

  • The products are sourced from all-natural, organically grown industrial hemp, which is inspired by years of experience and expertise in the industrial farming methodologies, food-grade compound extraction, vegetable genetics, and quality control.
  • The hemp used by the brand is grown and extracted under the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.
  • The products contain NO THC, signifying complete compliance with the existing laws and regulations. As per the federal government’s regulations, hemp-based products must not contain any more than 0.3% (by weight) of THC.
  • Each batch of products is tested by independent laboratories.
  • The brand is certified by the US Hemp Authority™
  • The brand packs its CBD isolate products with 99% pure CBD
  • MedTerra uses whole-plant extracts in their products.
  • The brand uses the CO2 extraction method (which is the cleanest method) for isolating the CBD.
  • Since they use whole-plant extracts, instead of the flowers alone, they can make their products more affordable than others.
  • Markets and delivers its products to all 50 states in the US
  • Clever marketing strategy and customer-friendly policies
  • Free and fast shipping for orders above $99
  • The brand website clearly states when you can call the customer support team and when you can meet someone at their office.

To give you a fair understanding of what to expect from this brand, we have covered all aspects of its products and why you should buy them.

MedTerra Reviews and Product Highlights

There are many reasons why you should choose MedTerra CBD’s products over other brands selling CBD products. Read on to know more about the brand, its policies, practices, and products.

Hemp Source

Kentucky, US (Its whole-plant extracts are sourced from organically grown hemp, cultivated under the strict supervision of the State Department of Agriculture.)

Drug Test

There is no fear of testing positive on a drug test after using MedTerra CBD’s products, as they do not contain any THC.

However, be aware of false positives on some tests that may detect all cannabinoids as forbidden substances.

Official Company Name

MedTerra CBD, LLC (founded in 2017).

The company is headquartered at Laguna Hills, California.

Coupon Codes

The brand’s products are quite affordable for most people. If you want additional discounts, you can use our Medterra coupon code:-

Shipping Policy

  • Shipping is free across the US for orders above $99
  • They deliver CBD products to all 50 states of the USA, and most of the world, except Canada and Australia.
  • Orders within the US are shipped out within 1 – 2 business days from the date of placing the order. Expect to receive orders within 4 – 7 business days
  • In case of orders worth below $99, shipping charges will be visible on the checkout page of their website
  • Track your orders online through the link the company sends via email.
  • The customer care and logistics departments work from Monday to Friday every week, between 6 AM and 5 PM PST. On Saturdays, they are open for orders from 8 AM onwards till 2 PM PST.

Return & Refund Policy

  • 30-day money-back (minus shipping costs), if dissatisfied with products
  • The brand gives customers 72 hours to report back about any products damaged during shipping or delivered with a broken seal. You can get a full refund on such products.
  • The customers will have to bear return shipping costs

Phone & E-mail

For queries and information on orders, returns, etc., you can contact the company’s customer support team by:

  • Calling on 800-971-1288 anytime between 6 AM and 5 PM PST (Monday to Friday) and between 8 AM and 2 PM PST on Saturdays.
  • Stepping into their office (22981 Mill Creek Drive, Suite A, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, United States) and talk to the staff anytime between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Emailing them at
  • Chatting on the online chatbox on the website

Our Experience with MedTerra: An Overview

MedTerra CBD sells CBD products that may be categorized under:

  1. Pure CBD (Broad-spectrum & CBD Isolate Tinctures & Gel Capsules)
  2. CBD + Wellness (capsules specially designed for morning freshness, sleep, and menstrual pain)
  3. CBD Topicals (available in different kinds of containers with different ingredients)
  4. CBD For Pets (Tinctures and treats)

You can get bundles of different CBD products and avail of their benefits at a much cheaper rate.

In this review, we have tested 3 of their most popular and best-selling products – Pure Broad-Spectrum CBD Tincture, CBD Rapid Cooling Cream & Lotion, and Pure CBD Gel Capsules.


MedTerra CBD’s Broad-Spectrum Cannabinoid Tincture

  • Uses full-planthemp extract
  • contain other non-psychoactive cannabinoids

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MedTerra CBD has two types of tinctures – Broad-Spectrum Cannabinoid Tincture and Pure CBD Isolate Oil Tincture. Both these tinctures are quite potent and have many benefits.

However, for the purpose of this test, we have chosen the Broad-Spectrum Cannabinoid Tincture, since we will be studying the effectiveness of the brand’s CBD isolate formulation in its capsules (in a later segment). Besides, the brand’s broad-spectrum cannabinoid blend of tincture is a pretty new one, launched by public demand.

Medterra CBD uses its potent full-plant hemp extract, which contains no THC, in its Broad-Spectrum Cannabinoid tinctures. Unlike its isolate tinctures that contain only CBD and no other cannabis component, the broad-spectrum tinctures contain other non-psychoactive cannabinoids too – CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV – besides CBD, natural hemp-derived terpenes, flavonoids, and omega fatty acids. This cannabinoid-rich blend offers the wholesome goodness of what has come to be known in the CBD parlance as the entourage effect, but without any of the mind-altering effects of THC.

Like the CBD isolate tincture, the broad-spectrum tincture comes in a 30ml bottle (i.e. 30 servings). Since this tincture doesn’t contain even the slightest bit of THC, it can be used at any time of the day as per the user’s convenience.

Each bottle comes with a dropper applicator that has measuring markers on it (0.25ml, 0.50 ml, 0.75 ml, and 1ml) to help you calculate your dosage accurately.


  • Broad-Spectrum Cannabinoid: 1000mg & 2000mg
  • Milligrams (mg) per dropper (1ml):
  • 1000mg: 40mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract & 33mg of other natural hemp-based cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV)
  • 2000mg: 80mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and 66mg of natural hemp-based cannabinoids
  • CBD Isolate Tinctures: 500mg, 1000mg, & 3000mg.
  • Milligrams (mg) per dropper (1ml):
  • 500mg: 16mg CBD
  • 1000mg: 33mg CBD
  • 3000mg: 100mg CBD

Ways of Consumption

These tinctures are used like any other tinctures, orally, or rather sublingually. All you need to do is to draw one serving at a time, drop it under your tongue. Keep it in your mouth for a minute or so and then gulp it down with water. The cannabinoids get absorbed into the bloodstream through the sublingual gland under your tongue, and later through the digestive system (for the part you swallow).


Like any CBD product, finding your sweet spot is never simple. It is always about trial and error. It depends on your weight, age, gender, type, and intensity of your condition, and the chemical balance of your endocannabinoid system.

There are many online CBD Calculators, where you can get an approximate CBD dosage for yourself according to these factors. Alternatively, start low and gradually calibrate until you find your CBD sweet spot.

MedTerra CBD’s tincture bottles come with a dropper that is marked with measurements for you to measure.

You can start with 1 ml once or twice a day for three days to get a feel of how your body reacts to this substance. Make your adjustments accordingly.

Lab Test

All of the brand’s tinctures are tested by Green™ Scientific Labs.


  • Broad-spectrum cannabinoid tincture:
  • 1000mg: 59.99 (i.e. $0.06/mg)
  • 2000mg: $99.99 (i.e. $0.05/mg)
  • CBD oil tincture:
  • 500 mg: $34.99 (i.e. $0.07/mg)
  • 1000 mg: $55.99 ($0.055/mg)
  • 3000 mg: $132.99 ($0.04/mg)

Our Experience

Even though we had heard good things about MedTerra CBD’s tinctures, we weren’t sure of what to expect. MedTerra offers CBD products at much less cost to the customer than many others. Nevertheless, we asked one of our testers, Shawn, to try it out. Let’s hear from him what he had to say about MedTerra’s broad-spectrum tincture.


Since the brand uses whole-plant extracts in its products, I chose to use the 2000mg of its new broad-spectrum variant to check out how effective it really is. I suffer from severe pain due to sitting in front of the computer all-day-long and insomnia, partly owing to the pain.

I started my new CBD regimen with 1-ml servings of this tincture twice daily. Although I felt subtle effects from the very first dose, it was not enough to overcome the pain.

But by the third day, I woke up quite fresh, alert, and well-rested, with very little pain on my back or my knees (a fall-out of a sedentary lifestyle and weight gain).

When I woke up early in the morning on the fifth day, the pain was more or less gone, and I felt I could be my normal self again. So, I went for a brisk walk. I felt refreshed and energized. I felt wonderful. It really worked!

Despite what everyone thought about this brand for using whole-plant extracts and charging low for “real CBD”, I felt they were all for nothing. This brand’s broad-spectrum cannabinoid tincture is really good and effective.

Since my pain subsided substantially, I was more sociable and even attended our annual office party. Guess what? I even hit the dance floor to the tune of “Taki Taki”!


MedTerra’s CBD Cream

  • Perfect for joint and muscle support
  • THC-free

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MedTerra has mainly two different types of topicals, with one being available in a roll-on container for easy application.

CBD Rapid Cooling Cream & Lotion

Available in two types of containers and different potencies –

  • Squeeze: 250mg & 750mg CBD in 3.4 fl.oz. bottles
  • Roll-on: 250mg CBD in 2oz bottle
  • Perfect for joint and muscle support
  • THC-free

CBD + Manuka Cream

  • It is available in 125mg and 250mg CBD strengths
  • It has amazing benefits for different skin issues – like inflammation, irritations, rashes, and insect bites.
  • It comes infused with New Zealand Manuka Honey that has a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) higher than 12+.
  • It has more than 20 botanical ingredients

We tested the brand’s Rapid Cooling Cream & Lotion in the squeeze container that offers two variants in CBD strength. It is their most popular and well-reviewed CBD topical variant.


250mg & 750mg; each bottle containing 100ml cream

Ways of Consumption

Like any topical cream, this CBD Rapid Cooling Cream & Lotion must be applied directly to the affected area. Be it muscle sprain, strain due to heavy workout or joint pain or inflammation – you need to apply it over the surface of the skin where the pain or inflammation has occurred.

In this case, the CBD does not need to enter the systemic bloodstream to reach the targeted area. It seeps through the skin and into the muscle and joints as well as the blood vessels closer to the skin to reduce the pain and inflammation.


As per requirement.

Take a dollop of this cream and apply it on the surface of the skin on and around the area where the pain or inflammation has occurred. In case the pain does not reduce within 15 – 30 minutes, reapply.

This process is applicable for any topical treatment, be it herbal or otherwise.

Lab Test

All of the brand’s topicals are tested by Green™ Scientific Labs.


  • 250mg: $49.99 (i.e. $0.20/mg)
  • 750mg: $77.99 (i.e. $0.10/mg)

We used the 750mg variant as our tester needed a more potent variant to treat his back pain that started since he sprained his muscles at the gym.

As for the two other variants in topicals by the brand, the prices are as follows:

CBD Rapid Cooling Roll-On: 250mg: $34.99, i.e. $0.14/mg

CBD + Manuka Cream:

125mg: $34.99 i.e. $0.28/mg

250mg: $49.99 i.e. $0.16/mg

We are yet to try them out.

Our Experience

We tried out the 750mg variant of the CBD Rapid Cooling Cream since our tester needed fast relief for the sprained back pain that he had suffered at the gym. Since he had been off all CBD products over 3 weeks ago, his pain had become severe. Here’s what Danny had to say about the product after he tried it out for a couple of weeks.


I didn’t have much faith in topical creams. When it comes to CBD, I trust only tinctures and vape juices. The others are all fancy stuff! However, this topical cream changed my view in this regard.

From the very first use, I could feel a distinct change in my condition. The pain was fading, and fading pretty quickly. I thought topicals never work. But this was not the case with this product. I used it twice a day for 4 days, and by the fifth day, I was able to resume my gym sessions. I was glad that I was back to normal in such a short period. The inflammation, the stiffness, and the pain – were all gone! I felt quite relieved.

I would definitely consider this the next time I have some muscle sprain or joint injury, and also recommend it anyone who needs it.


MedTerra’s CBD’s Gel Capsules

  • made from organic hemp grown and extracted
  • encapsulated in bovine gelatin capsules

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Packed in travel-friendly containers, MedTerra’s CBD Gel Capsules are easy to use (just gulp it down with water) and especially easy to carry around in your purse, gym bag, or travel bag.

In this formulation, the CBD is suspended in fractionated coconut oil (MCT) and then encapsulated in bovine gelatin capsules. These capsules contain no other cannabinoid or other plant material.

Like its other products, its use and time for use are as per the users’ convenience. Comes into two healthy potencies, these capsules are easy to calculate dosages too!

Just like its tinctures and topicals, its capsules are made from organic hemp grown and extracted in the US as per the regulations of the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program and are tested by independent laboratories for safety and cannabinoid profiles.


  • Available in two CBD strengths, you will get 30 gel capsules per bottle.
  • 25mg CBD Capsules: 750mg CBD per bottle
  • 50mg CBD Capsules: 1,500mg CBD per bottle


Like all CBD products, MedTerra’s CBD gel capsules have to be taken as per your specific dosage, which you have to ascertain with trial and error. It’s always best to start with one pill twice a day or as per convenience and then increase the dosage as and when needed. Remember to remain consistent with your dosage and take it around the same time every day. This will ensure the best results.

Lab Test

All of MedTerra CBD’s gel capsules are tested by Green™ Scientific Labs.


The prices of their two variants of capsules are:

  • 25mg capsules (total 750mg): $44.99 ($0.06/mg)
  • 50mg capsules (total 1500mg): $66.99 ($0.04/mg)

Our Experience

Generally, capsules react with the body more slowly than tinctures and vapes. With topicals, they don’t even have to enter the bloodstream. However, capsules must go through the digestive system, where it interacts with the digestive enzymes of the liver to be metabolized and gain access to the bloodstream, to have an effect on the body. So, it usually takes around 45 – 60 minutes to show some effect.

Let’s hear from Shawn about his experience with these capsules…


Since I had been off all CBD products for almost 4 weeks now, I was in excruciating pain. I needed immediate relief from the pain, and I wasn’t getting much sleep lately.

It took over 60 minutes before my pain started subsiding after the first dose that I took. By now, I had developed spasms on my shoulder muscles too.

The effects lasted for only 3 hours – a little bit of disappointment. However, with each use, the pain would subside a little quicker than the last time, and the effects would stay on a little longer.

Besides, given the cost of the product, I’d say it is still worth it. Although it takes a while longer to act properly on the body, the effects are still quite evident.

By the end of the first week of using these capsules, I was feeling much better. I felt I was on the road to my full recovery. After almost a month, my pain was gone, and so was my insomnia, although by now, my sleep issues were not entirely due to the pain or anxiety. I felt I needed to do some yoga along with taking CBD to cure it.

Since I am not a vegan, it wasn’t a problem for me. But for those of you who are, you must know that these capsules are encapsulated with bovine-based gelatin. So, this may not be the best option for you.


CBD Wellness Products

  • travel-friendly
  • CBD is suspended in fractionated coconut oil

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Products include three kinds of capsules for specific needs

  • Good Morning [For morning freshness & rejuvenation; 25mg; $55.99]
  • CBD + Melatonin [For a good night’s sleep; 25mg; $55.99]
  • CBD Monthly Wellness [Coming soon: For women’s menstrual health; $55.99]

CBD For Pets

  • high-quality, hemp-derived CBD
  • contain 0% THC

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Products include:

  • CBD Pet Tincture (Beef) [150mg, 300mg & 750mg CBD strengths, each costing $19.99, $29.99 & $39.99 respectively]
  • CBD Pet Tincture (Chicken) [150mg, 300mg & 750mg CBD strengths, each costing $19.99, $29.99 & $39.99 respectively]
  • CBD Pet Tincture (Unflavored) [150mg, 300mg & 750mg CBD strengths, each costing $19.99, $29.99 & $39.99 respectively]
  • CBD Pet Soft Chews – Joint Support [300mg; $34.99]
  • CBD Pet Soft Chews – Calming [300mg; $29.99]

MedTerra CBD FAQs

Are MedTerra CBD’s products third-party tested?

All of MedTerra’s products are tested by a third-party laboratory, Green™ Scientific Labs, and their CoAs provided on their product pages.

Can I use the CBD tinctures for vaping?

 MedTerra’s CBD tinctures can’t be used in a vaporizing device, but can be added to food items and beverages and consumed.

Will MedTerra’s products get me “high”?

 No. MedTerra’s products are made from either CBD isolates or broad-spectrum hemp extracts, i.e. they contain zero THC. Without the THC, which is the key psychoactive component of cannabis (hemp), no amount of CBD-rich hemp extract can make you “high”.

From where does MedTerra source its hemp?

 MedTerra sources its hemp through selective breeding of different high-quality strains of hemp seeds from across the world and organically grown them on farms in Kentucky under the strict supervision of the State Department of Agriculture.

How long does MedTerra usually take to deliver orders?

MedTerra takes around 1 – 2 days to ship out orders and around 7 – 10 days to reach your doorstep.

Are their products very expensive?

No. MedTerra offers CBD products at a fair price, as it targets the common man with different kinds of ailments.

Parting Thoughts

Considering the price range of its products that MedTerra CBD has been able to maintain, one must understand that it has been partly possible because of the whole-plant extracts used to make these products.

The hemp flowers contain a high density of CBD, whereas the rest of the plant contains much less. Since the brand utilizes whole-plant extracts, the CBD density naturally reduces, thus reducing the bioavailability, and, in turn, its effectiveness.

Since most big brands use only the flowers, their prices are quite steep.

However, in the case of MedTerra, although they use whole-plant extracts, the effectiveness isn’t affected as much as one would expect.

Its products work quite well, owing to…

  • The organic and all-natural extracts used in these products
  • The advanced technology employed by the brand for its extraction, filtration, cleansing, and purification
  • Clean manufacturing processes of the final product
  • Zero THC = No side effects

MedTerra CBD’s products are safe, effective, pure, and most importantly affordable for all!