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Lazarus Naturals Reviews: Brand & CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of nature’s most potent therapeutic agents and one of the hottest topics among the botanical research fraternity. Today, the CBD marketplace has become the fastest-growing, in fact, a billion-dollar industry, with a large number of brands vying for space.

While some brands, owned by established pharmaceutical companies, have already made much headway in this business, others, born with the singular mission to bring this natural herbal remedy to the masses, have created their niche in this marketplace.

In such a competitive industry, it is only natural for consumers to feel overwhelmed by the array of “benefits” provided by these brands through their products. So, how does a user know for certain which brand offers the best and the safest products? It is also not always possible for consumers to know which brand offers the best value for money.

That’s why we, at “The Cannabis Radar”, an online portal for news and information on everything cannabis and CBD, continually try to keep you abreast of the changing trends and all the new products and brands in the market, as well as provide you with the right kind of information on brands offering the best, safest, and affordable CBD products.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Reviews: CBD Products & Customer Reviews

Born out of the need to reach out to the masses with the natural healing power of CBD, Lazarus Naturals grew up to be an employee-owned company with a clear vision of providing good health to one and all.

The brand, founded by Sequoia Price-Lazarus in 2014, understands what people need, like, and love. It has taken the effort to go the extra mile with each and every one of its products. From their flavors to potencies, from their properties and usability to accuracy and consistency – Lazarus Naturals’ products make sure you get the best value for the money you pay.

The brand makes sure to provide you with sufficient information on the industry, the substance, and its company policies before you can make a call on making a purchase. Besides providing you with a wide range of information on the brand website, the brand’s world-class customer care team offers the utmost support to its site visitors and consumers in every way possible. It is very easy to get in touch with them and express your concerns or make inquiries.

Are you still wondering why Lazarus Naturals is worth talking about? Well, here’s why…

  • Lazarus sources its hemp from non-GMO farms
  • The brand directly owns the farms and oversees the farming
  • Uses full-spectrum hemp extracts in most of its products, i.e. offers you the entourage effect of CBD through the presence of all cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant nutrients found naturally in hemp in its products
  • CBD Isolate options also available for those who want to avoid THC completely
  • Uses food-grade ethanol and employs advanced technology-driven filtration processes to remove all residual solvents
  • All-natural, all-organic, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients optimized for a holistic wellness regimen
  • Tested by third-party laboratories to verify its potency and safety
  • Provides a wide range of interesting, useful, and very beneficial CBD products for different purposes
  • The brand offers free (3-day) shipping for all orders within the US (via USPS); faster (next-day delivery) is also available via UPS
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on return of products that were delivered in damaged or defective condition. Any other error on the part of the company will also be compensated for by the company.
  • Its products are available both online and in offline retail and company-owned stores
  • Community outreach and assistance programs that provide 60% discounts to veterans, people with disabilities, and those from low-income homes
  • Absolute transparency in its business practices – right from informing users and customers about the brand’s inception, core team members, and clear vision to maintaining high standards of farming, manufacturing and filtration processes
  • The company never makes any tall or unfounded claims regarding the efficiency of its products. It sticks to the facts and keeps you well-informed about the substance and the ingredients of its products.

Lazarus Naturals Products: Highlights

Lazarus sells both full-spectrum and CBD isolate products. Available in a wide range of potencies, its products include…

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals
  • TBD Tinctures for Pets (both CBD isolates and full-spectrum variants)
  • RSO (Rick Simpson Oil; though similar, this is not CBD oil per se, but differs from regular RSO as this product is derived from hemp and not marijuana; to be used sublingually, sold in marked syringes)
  • CBD Isolate-Infused Powders and Terpene Oils
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Coconut Oil (to be used topically or sublingually)

The brand also sells different kinds of bundles, providing users with a range of products to offer focusses treatment for different kinds of conditions.

Hemp Source

Oregon, US

Drug Test

You won’t fail a drug for using Lazarus Naturals’ products. However, beware of consuming very high doses of full-spectrum hemp extract products, especially right before taking the test. This may unnecessarily increase the THC content in your system as well, thus showing up on a drug test.

Stick to a dosage that is suitable for your specific condition, weight, and age. This way, you won’t have to worry about failing a drug test.

However, there is still a remote chance of you testing a false positive, given that not all drug tests are similar.

Official Company Name

Founded by Sequoia Price-Lazarus in 2014, Lazarus is an employee-owned company based in Portland, Oregon, US. The official name of the company is its namesake Lazarus Naturals. It has offices in both Washington and Oregon.

Coupon Codes

While Lazarus Naturals’ products are quite affordable, with special discounts for war veterans, military personnel, disabled, and lower-income households, you can still avail of our special discount by applying this Lazarus Naturals coupon code during checkout –

Shipping Policy

  • Free 3-day shipping within the US via USPS
  • Faster (2-day/next-day air saver/next-day air) delivery available (via UPS) for a charge that will get calculated during checkout
  • Also ships to around 24 other countries
  • Orders are generally processed within 24 hours on weekdays, and within 72 hours, if the order is placed on a Sunday.
  • For orders placed before 12 pm (Portland Time Monday to Saturday), the products get shipped out the same day. [No shipping takes place on Saturday, Sundays or federal/national holidays.]

Return & Refund Policy

  • 30-day money-back guarantee on return of products that were delivered in damaged or defective condition. Any other error on the part of the company will also be compensated for by the company.
  • However, the brand does not give you a guarantee on the performance of its products. It maintains that CBD is a unique and “personalized supplement” that has no guaranteed or standard reaction.
  • All Returns must be mailed to Lazarus Naturals Attn: Shipping / Returns, 16427 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230.
  • Return shipping charges are to be born by buyers

Contact Information


Phone: (206) 909-3354 [Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (Portland Standard Time)]

Physical Address:

Lazarus Naturals

[Re: Privacy Compliance Officer]

1116 NW 51st St.

Seattle, WA 98107

Our Experience with Lazarus Naturals: An Overview

You can purchase Lazarus Naturals’ products from the brand website or from their offline, brick-and-mortar stores. You can view their complete list of stores in the US on their website’s Store Locator.

The website’s FAQ page and Blog are very informative and speak volumes about the brand, its working culture, its products, and its development, as well as its company policies. As a brand, it’s both consumer-friendly and pet-friendly, besides being vegan-friendly.

A brand with much repute, Lazarus Naturals is a well-loved and respected brand and a household name in both the US and abroad.

Lazarus Naturals’ products are potent, effective, safe, and affordable, with independent lab test results being publicly posted on the brand website. The links to each individual test results are provided on their respective product pages.

However, we wish they had created a separate page with the list of all their lab test reports. Apart from this, we also had hoped to see a more well-organized website with more convenient navigability. The categories seem a bit jumbled up and the products, which are numerous, are not properly organized. For instance, one would expect to see a more professional organization of its tinctures, i.e. under one segment, like THC-free tinctures and full-spectrum tinctures. Instead, they are all displayed randomly under tinctures, with different potencies being clubbed together under flavors, instead of the type of extract.

Some of the product pages also do not include any guidance on dosage or administration.

Given the clutter on their website, we decided that it is best to test and review only 3 of their products, each from a different category:

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals

All of these come in different potencies, extract types, and flavors/aromas.

Lazarus Naturals’ CBD Oil Tinctures

  • available in full-spectrum and isolate variants
  • standard potency and high potency variants

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These CBD tinctures are available in full-spectrum and isolate variants, standard potency and high potency variants, as well as in different flavors, including hempy and flavorless (for isolates only).

Here’s a list of Lazarus Naturals’ CBD Tinctures:

  • Chocolate Mint-Flavored, High-Potency, Full-Spectrum
  • French Vanilla Mocha-Flavored, High-Potency, Full-Spectrum
  • Hemp-Flavored, High-Potency, Full-Spectrum
  • Hemp-Flavored, Standard-Potency, Full-Spectrum **
  • Blood Orange-Flavored, High-Potency, CBD Isolate *
  • Tropical Breeze-Flavored, High-Potency, CBD Isolate *
  • Winter mint-Flavored, High-Potency, CBD Isolate *
  • Flavorless, High-Potency, CBD Isolate *

* Note: There is no Standard-Potency CBD Isolate, apparently because CBD’s potency reduces in the absence of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and omega fatty acids.

** Note: Standard-Potency variant, which is also one of the only two hemp-flavored variants, is cheaper than the other variants. It comes in 15mg/ml potency. All High-Potency variants come in 50mg/ml variants.

Note: All variants are available in bottles as small as 15ml. While Full-Spectrum variants come in bottles of 3 sizes (15ml, 60ml, 120ml), the CBD isolate tinctures come in 2 sizes (15ml, 60ml).

Note: There is also a slight difference in the Carrier Oils of tinctures. All variants of tinctures contain Fractionated Coconut Oil, whereas only the hemp flavored options (full-spectrum) also contain Hemp Seed Oil (Organic).


  • Standard-Potency: 15mg/ml in 3 sizes of bottles
  • High-Potency: 50mg/ml in 3 sizes of bottles for full-spectrum and 2 sizes for isolates


Not all variants are made in all available flavors. Each variant has a unique flavor, except for two hemp-flavored, full-spectrum variants in full-spectrum tinctures, and a flavorless option in CBD isolate tinctures. See Product Description above to get a better idea of all the flavors and which options they come with.

Ways of Consumption

Best taken sublingually, i.e. placed under the tongue.

The unflavored CBD isolate variant can be mixed with your favorite cool drink and consumed. However, this option takes a little longer to react with your body than the sublingual method, as it has to go through the digestive system and interact with liver enzymes to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

In the case of sublingual administration, however, the cannabinoids are directly absorbed into the bloodstream from the sublingual glands under the tongue.


  • 1ml or as required for your specific needs
  • It is best to follow your healthcare provider’s directions before taking any CBD product.
  • These tinctures may take up to 2 hours to have a complete effect.

Lab Test

Lazarus Naturals’ subjects its CBD tinctures to testing by different independent laboratories, including PIXIS Labs, Rose City Laboratories, Medicine Creek Analytics, IEH Analytical Laboratories, Analytical 360, among others.

Lab tests of every product are available under the respective product page’s Test Results. In case you don’t find your batch number in the list provided there, contact


Ranges from $12 to $200, i.e. $0.03/mg – $0.05/mg [These are among the most fair-priced CBD tinctures.]

  • CBD isolates are costlier than full-spectrum hemp extracts, owing to the complications of their extraction process.
  • However, you would notice that the highest price range ($200) is that of full-spectrum tinctures. That is because full-spectrum tinctures are available in 120ml bottles, each containing a total of 6000mg CBD. Whereas the highest size of a CBD isolates tincture bottle is 60ml, each containing 3000mg at the most. If you compared the 3000mg variants of both types (extract type) of tinctures by this brand, you would notice the CBD isolate tinctures are more expensive ($125) than the full-spectrum ones ($110).
  • The standard-potency (15mg) variant is also cheaper than the rest. Its 15ml variant that contains only a total of 225mg is only $12.

Lazarus Naturals Review Reddit

By now you must have guessed that we had a bit of trouble choosing the tincture variant to try out. So, we selected three testers, Gary, Chris, and Samantha, to test Lazarus Naturals’ tinctures, and each tested:

  1. High-Potency Full-Spectrum(Gary)
  2. Standard-Potency Full-Spectrum (Chris)
  3. High-Potency CBD Isolate (Samantha)

We left the choice of flavor to the testers.

  1. Gary chose the brand’s most popular option – French Vanilla Mocha-Flavored High-Potency Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture. He doesn’t like the hempy flavor of CBD oils, neither does he prefer chocolate-flavored variants in any CBD products.
  2. Chris had no option but to go with the hemp-flavored Standard-Potency Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture
  3. Samantha chose the Blood Orange-Flavored High-Potency CBD Isolate Tincture, although she had three other options – Tropical Breeze (with a blend of tropical fruit extracts), Winter Mint (with organic mint terpenes), and Flavorless.

Now that we have the options sorted, let’s get on with their personal experiences of using these tinctures.


One of the best things about Lazarus Naturals’ tinctures is that they are all vegan and gluten-free. I noticed that the brand’s – French Vanilla Mocha-Flavored High-Potency Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture – is the most popular tincture from this brand. Since I needed a high-potency full-spectrum tincture for my back pain, and the two other options having the required features don’t have a nice taste. So, this was an obvious choice.

With a healthy dose of 50mg per 1ml serving, this is one of the most potent CBD tinctures in the market. Since I started using this a week ago, I have seen some interesting changes. While the first dose took a little longer to have a full effect (about 1 ½ hour) the effects were very prominent. My back pain was all but gone and it remained at bay for over 7 hours, allowing me to do carry out my daily activities and still have some energy left to spare for socializing and spending some quality time with my family. I started with two doses a day – one in the morning, and another later in the evening after supper.

Within a couple of days, the effects started setting in earlier than before (within less than an hour). This time gap gradually reduced to less than half an hour before the end of the first week. The effects lingered on a little longer than before too!

Overall, this was a great product.

  • I was sleeping much better.
  • I wasn’t being so cranky like before
  • My pain was completely under control
  • My body started healing from any injury much faster
  • I was not feeling the usual anxieties (like while working at the office or at home in different stressful situations)

Given the popularity and the reputation of this brand, I had expected this outcome. However, I had not expected the effects to be as good as they turned out to be. This tincture acted faster, stayed on longer, and had better effects than I had expected. I’m glad I’d tried out this product.


I have had anxiety issues since my childhood. I had tried many things – treatments, medications, therapies – nothing seemed to work, that is, until I discovered CBD.

This brand sells some of the lowest-costing CBD tinctures. So, I wasn’t very optimistic. Its standard-potency option comes with only 15mg CBD. But I had heard that this is good enough potency for anxiety and depression if a full-spectrum blend is used.

I had tried out a few other brands of CBD tinctures before and had found all of them to be quite expensive. However, this was not only cheaper, but this was also vegan and gluten-free – a plus for me.

I started with two servings of the Standard-Potency Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture in a day – one taken in the morning after breakfast and the second one with supper. In case I eat out, I would carry it along with me in my pocket. I completely stayed away from alcohol during this month-long trial. It’s not that I couldn’t have adjusted the doses accordingly, I simply did not feel like drinking during this trial phase.

Despite my doubts, the very first dose was surprisingly potent enough to curb my anxiety issues. I was performing much better at work. I was happy that this product exceeded my expectations. This means I had more affordable options to work with now. My second dose put me at ease. I started enjoying my family time more than I ever did before.

The hempy flavor wasn’t as intense as one would expect. It was quite mild. And when you start feeling the changes your body goes through only minutes after using the tincture, you would start loving this flavor too!

After I started using this tincture, I realized why I had been unable to get along with my dad all this time – it was my negativity all along! I even went out with my dad for some dad-and-son time. I’m 32 and my dad is 59! I felt: “Heck, you’re never too old to start mending your relationships”.

I also realized now why I had so many broken relationships.

Over the first weekend, I went out and met many new people – made some new friends too! And oh, I met this girl…it’s been a month since I met her, and now we’re going on dates every weekend. I seem to be a much better version of myself.

I seem to like me better now. I wondered: where was I all this time!?!

I’m simply glad I was part of this trial – it changed my life!


My company needs its employees to stay away from all kinds of drugs. So, when I was asked to try out a CBD product by The Cannabis Radar (I’m one of their direct subscribers who had expressed desire to be one of their testers), I let them know that I can only try out CBD isolate pr0ducts.

So, when I was told that the brand to be tested was Lazarus Naturals, I selected its Blood Orange-Flavored High-Potency CBD Isolate Tincture. I wasn’t sure I would like the minty or mixed fruit flavors, but I also prefer flavored tinctures over flavorless or hemp-flavored ones. So, this was the obvious choice for me.

First, the flavor was amazing! I simply loved it. After about 45 minutes, I could feel the sharp pain down my spine (that I often experience at night) subside. I usually spend sleepless nights because of this pain. This had also heightened my anxiety issues over the years.

Although this tincture does not contain a full-spectrum blend, the CBD tincture was quite potent. Unlike other brands of tinctures, their high-potency blend (50mg) was strong enough to curb my pain and anxiety issues and solve my sleep issues along with them.

I was completely recovered even before the whole week had gone by.

Since my pain was so much better, my body was able to do stuff that I had trouble doing, like swiftly climbing a flight of stairs or bending down to pick up heavyweights.

The world around me also seemed to have changed drastically. I felt free, liberated – from the pain as well as mentally, somehow. I was more at ease. I was no longer nervous like I used to be when I am at work. I even connected with some people whom I earlier avoided at work.

Earlier, I did not regularly use any CBD product. I only used them occasionally. But this is the best CBD supplement I have ever tried. Since this tincture is more affordable and more effective than most other brands of CBD tinctures, I decided to make it a part of my daily wellness regimen.

Lazarus Naturals’ CBD Capsules

  • available in three potency variants
  • non-vegan softgels, with highly potent, full-spectrum hemp extracts

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Like its tinctures, Lazarus Naturals makes CBD capsules of a varied kind:

  • High Potency
  • Low Potency
  • Mid-Range Potency
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Extracts
  • CBD Isolates
  • Vegan Capsules
  • Liquid CBD Softgels in Bovine-based GelatinousCapsules
  • Capsules with other, but as potent, botanical extracts

However, all of these different kinds of capsules are laid out randomly on its capsules page. To make sense of them is, perhaps, the user’s responsibility/choice. After all, Lazarus Naturals can indeed boast of some very potent, effective, safe, yet affordable CBD products. However, we do wish they did a better job of making the shopping experience a bit more convenient.

To give you a fair idea of what kind of capsules this brand sells, take a look at the list below:

  • Full-Spectrum Vegan Capsules
    1. 50mg Full-SpectrumCBD Capsules *
    2. 25mg Full-SpectrumCBD Capsules *
    3. 10mg Full-SpectrumCBD Capsules *
  •  CBD Isolate Vegan CapsulesWith Botanical Extracts
    1. 25mg Energy Blend CBD IsolateCapsuleswith Vitamin B12, Caffeine &Rhodiola Extracts **
    2. 25mg Relaxation Blend CBD IsolateCapsules with Vitamin B6, Chamomile & Ashwagandha Extracts ** 
  • Full-Spectrum Softgel Capsules
    1. 100mg Cycling Frog Full-Spectrum CBD Softgels(Covered in Bovine-based Gelatin Capsules) ***

* Note: All full-spectrum vegan caps (of three potency variants) come in bottles of 3 sizes – 10-count, 40-count, and 200-count.

** Note: The CBD isolate capsules (both containing 25mg CBD) with different botanical extracts come in 2 sizes – 10-count and 40-count.

*** Note: The non-vegan softgels, with highly potent, full-spectrum hemp extracts, come in two size-variants as well, but they are 4-count and 20-count.

Note: All full-spectrum capsules (both liquid softgels and vegan variants) contain fractionated coconut oil.

When it comes to their prices, it seems the per mg of CBD price for both CBD isolates and full-spectrum blends are more or less the same. For instance, 25mg full-spectrum vegan capsules and 25mg CBD isolate capsules both have the same per mg price range. We will give you a clearer idea in the Price section.


These are the per capsule potencies of Lazarus Naturals’

  1. Full-Spectrum Vegan Caps: 10mg, 25mg, 50mg in 10-count, 40-count, and 200-count
  2. CBD Isolate Vegan Caps (with botanical extracts): 25mg in 10-count and 40-count
  3. Full-Spectrum Softgel (gelatin) Capsules: 100mg in 4-count and 20-count


Like most other CBD products, there is no “one dose suits all” rule. Each individual responds differently to CBD from other users at any given point in time. Besides, the FDA has not given approval to CBD products. Hence, it is not possible for any brand to give an exact dosage, even for adults. With trial and error, one must find the right dosage.

So much so, due to the different proprietary blends used by different brands, it won’t be advisable for a user to take the same dosage of capsules for both brands.

Besides, a person’s current health condition and chemical balance within the body also influences the amount of CBD required by the individual.

In short, CBD dosage depends on…

  • Bodyweight
  • Age
  • Gender
  • The type of the condition being addressed
  • The intensity of the condition
  • The intended effects or extent of effects
  • The chemical balance within an individual’s endocannabinoid system

These factors differ from person to person as well as with a person at different times.

Nonetheless, it’s best to start with a small dose (for e.g. 1 capsule twice a day) and then increase as and when required.

Lab Test

Different independent labs test Lazarus Naturals’ capsules, including PIXIS Labs, Rose City Laboratories, IEH Laboratories, Medicine Creek Analytics, Analytical 360, etc.


Since this brand has many variants, with each type having many more options, we have broken down all the variants in a Table:

Table: Prices of Lazarus Naturals Capsules – All Types

CBD Capsule Broad Category

Sub-CategoryWith Potency






Full-Spectrum Vegan Caps



$25, $0.05/mg


$90, $0.05/mg

$360, $0.04/mg



$15, $0.06/mg


$50, $0.05/mg

$200, $0.04/mg



$6, $0.06/mg


$25, $0.06/mg

$100, $0.05/mg

CBD Isolate with Botanical Extracts

Energy Blend(Caffeine&Rhodiola) 25mg


$15, $0.06/mg


$50, $0.05/mg


Relaxation Blend with (Ashwagandha & Chamomile Extracts) 25mg


$15, $0.06/mg


$50, $0.05/mg


Full-Spectrum CBD Softgels (Bovine Gelatin)

Only one variant – 100mg

$25, i.e. 25/400 à$0.06/mg


$90, $0.05/mg


Bottom Line: Prices range between $0.04/mg and $0.06/mg

Our Experience

Like its tinctures, Lazarus Naturals’ capsules have many variants – in some ways, way too many –that can either make users spoilt for choice or simply confused!

So, this time too, we ask the same three testers to volunteer for the capsule trials to get a better grasp of how these capsules fare. This time, Samantha wanted to try something for better sleep and muscle relaxation. Keeping their conditions in mind, we designated three different capsule types to each of them.

  • 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules – Chris
  • Relaxation Blend & Energy Blend 25mg CBD Isolate Capsules – Samantha
  • Cycling Frog 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD Softgels – Gary

Here’s what they had to say about their experiences…


I’m aware that anxiety issues don’t require CBD of very high potencies. However, capsules are exposed to liver enzymes and take a longer route to reach the bloodstream. So, I opted for a slightly higher potency, which this brand of capsules has – 50mg. This variant comes in a full-spectrum blend, which is also what I’m used to on a regular basis.

To make sure the results of this test are not adulterated by the effect of any other CBD product, I had stopped using CBD entirely for almost 3 weeks – something that I immediately regretted. My life went from smooth and joyful to topsy-turvy!

My girlfriend noticed the change immediately and so did my family members. I became more withdrawn and depressed. I could also sense that I was always anxious about everything I did, said, or even otherwise. I took leave from work and stayed at home. I could barely get up from bed at times, although I didn’t really get any sleep all night!

When I started taking these capsules, I recovered pretty quickly. The first couple of days went away in a haze. I overslept and even got my appetite back. Although I stayed at home, I was usually lazing around on the front lawn, spending time on my favorite pastime – reading fiction novels, and watching movies. I resumed office work on the third day, all fresh and rejuvenated.

It was like I was a new person altogether.

My family and friends gladly welcomed me back into their fold and I was once again being my usual joyful self. My girlfriend was happy to have me back to normal, but she asked me to never go off CBD again!

In fact, I too am glad that it is over – proving how well these CBD capsules worked.


Since this portal is aware of my preferences for Isolates and had also considered my recent eagerness to try out a CBD supplement for promoting sleep and relaxing my strained back muscles, The Cannabis Radar asked me to try out the brand’s 25mg Relaxation Blend CBD Isolate Capsules.

These capsules come in only one potency variant. So, I did not have an option there. Although I would have wanted to try out something stronger, given that I wasn’t supposed to use any other CBD product during this trial, as well as 3 weeks prior to that.

Unfortunately, my back pain and sleep issues returned in less than a week of stopping the previous CBD product (CBD isolate tincture from the same brand). I somehow managed to get by another week, and relented soon after. I couldn’t go on for another week, as scheduled.

I started taking 2 capsules of the Energy Blend in the morning, and one capsule of the Relaxation Blend half an hour before bedtime. Initially, these capsules did not efficiently help my conditions. I was unable to get 8 hours of peaceful sleep and was cranky all day. Although the pain did subside an hour after taking these capsules, it soon returned.

At first, I felt these weren’t working at all! I even considered stopping this trial midway. Nevertheless, with a bit of coaxing and egging on, I somehow managed to stick to these capsules for a whole week.

From the middle of the second week, I started feeling much better, almost like I was when I was on the (same brand’s) high-potency tinctures. Finally, by the end of that week, I was doing alright – sleeping well, eating well, working well, and enjoying my life once again – now that the pain was gone and I was sleeping a lot better!

I admit these capsules do work. I don’t want to sound like a chronic complainer, but I wish they made these capsules in higher potencies as well.


Although I had to try out a non-vegan variant of Lazarus Natural’s capsules, I did not have too much of an issue with that. It’s not like I am an all-vegan kind of person. Nonetheless, with my recent life changes, I had made some specific choices when it comes to what I put into my body, and that includes vegan food.

Anyway, I started with these highly potent, full-spectrum softgel capsules about a week and a half after I stopped taking the previous CBD product (high-potency full-spectrum CBD oil by the same brand). I could not have stayed off CBD any longer as my back pain had become unbearable for me.

Nevertheless, hoping that this 100mg full-spectrum CBD capsules would work efficiently, I started using two a day – one with my breakfast and the other with my supper.

I did not expect any magic – especially since these are edibles. However, the capsules proved to be quite potent. By the end of the third day, I started feeling normal again. Until then, although the effects seemed to set in pretty quickly, they faded very soon. Initially, I thought I may need to increase my daily dosage.

However, the effects were pretty discernible by the end of the third day. So, I stuck with it for a whole week. Soon, my back pain, sleep issues, and every other related problem disappeared and I was whole again!

I wouldn’t mind sticking with these capsules for now. However, I felt the tinctures were a tad bit better for me.

Lazarus Naturals’ CBD Topicals

  •  wide variety of options in aroma and potencies
  • full-spectrum, essential oil-infused CBD massage oil

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Lazarus Naturals hasn’t disappointed us in this category as well.

With a wide variety of options in aroma and potencies, its CBD balms are made from full-spectrum hemp extracts. These balms come in 5 amazing aromas and one unscented variant.

Besides, Lazarus Naturals also makes a full-spectrum, essential oil-infused CBD massage oil, which is available in 3 CBD strengths.

While they have tried to keep the CBD potency same, i.e. 50mg/serving, they have given 2 – 3 options in container sizes, offering users adequate time to heal from joint pain and inflammation, muscle soreness and strain, or localized irritation or scarring of skin that he/she may be experiencing.


All the topicals contain full-spectrum hemp extracts, offering 50mg per serving

  • 50mg of CBD per 1tbsp(serving) of CBD Massage Oil; 3 potencies as per sizes – 200mg (2fl.oz), 800mg (8fl.oz)& 1600mg (16fl.oz)
  • 50mg of CBD per ½ tsp (serving) of CBD Balm;2 potencies as per sizes – 300mg (0.5oz) & 1200mg(2oz)


  • CBD Massage Oil: Nutty smell of sweet almond and jojoba essential oils
  • CBD Balms:
      • Unscented
      • Lavender
      • Portland Rose
      • Evergreen Ember (Limited Edition)
      • Soothing Mint
      • Cedar Citrus

Ways of Consumption

This product is not meant to be consumed. It should only be applied topically. It is best for localized trauma, injury, irritation, pain, or inflammation.


As per requirement.

Lab Test

Several reputed independent labs are hired to provide authentic reports, including PIXIS Labs, Medicine Creek Analytics, and Rose City Laboratories.


  • CBD Massage Oil:
    • 200mg: $12 ($0.06/mg)
    • 800mg: $38 ($0.05/mg)
    • 1600mg: $70 ($0.04/mg)
  • CBD Balms:
    • 300mg: $15 ($0.05/mg)
    • 1200mg: $50 ($0.04/mg)

Our Experience

These are all full-spectrum hemp-based products, containing healthy doses of CBD and safe levels of THC. We picked two testers, one each to try out the massage oil and balm. Without further ado, let’s hear about their experience in using these CBD topicals.

Cathy (Massage Oil):

I loved the aroma and the effects this massage oil had on my back. I have been suffering chronic back pain for 7 years now. I have used several other CBD products before. But this massage oil was one-of-a-kind.

It not only helped me relieve the pain and relax my strained muscles, but it also helped me sleep better (of course, partly thanks to the amazing handiwork of my masseuse).

I realized that if I had supplemented my regular CBD tinctures with this massage oil, at least once or twice a week, from the very beginning, I would have experienced much better results.

I am definitely going to keep using this product. This is a fantastic product that not only eased my pain, smoothened my muscles, and helped me sleep better, it also improved the quality of my skin. My skin would often get very dry in winter. This helped boost my skin health, keeping it soft and supple all-week-long.

Susan (Lavender Balm):

I love to use CBD balms and salves along with my regular CBD capsules. I sometimes also use other CBD edibles. But, topicals are usually my savior when I am down with pain and inflammation. This is the most non-invasive and safe way of administering CBD for skin irritations, muscle soreness, localized swellings, and joint pain.

Unlike many other topicals, this balm smells very nice. Using it at any time of the day does not pose any problem as the smell is not too strong. I would carry it around in my handbag when I went to the office and keep it on my bedside table after applying it at night.

It helped me get relief from my daily stress and strain and also allowed me to get a good night’s sleep. I loved this product. I am definitely going to continue using it.

Lazarus Naturals FAQs

Is Lazarus Naturals’ products available at local stores?

The brand’s products are available at several retail stores across the US. You can get an idea about the local stores near you from their STORE LOCATOR page. The brand’s products are also available at New Seasons Markets across the Pacific Northwest.

What payment options are available for buying products from the brand’s website?

The brand accepts all major credit cards. In order to ensure the buyers’ security, all credit and debit card holders are subjected to validation and authorization by both the company and the card issuer before the transaction is cleared.

Are Lazarus Naturals’ products vegan?

Most of the brand’s products contain vegan-friendly ingredients, with the exception of Beeswax (in their balms) and Bovine Gelatin (in their Cycling Frog Capsules). Besides, all their products are gluten-free and contain no artificial preservatives or flavorings.

Why does the product pages contain a “grapefruit warning”?

 CBD interacts with certain drugs inside your body in quite a similar fashion as the grapefruit. They both interact with most common pharmaceutical drugs by hindering the liver enzymes from metabolizing those drugs. So, if you experience any such difficulties while consuming grapefruit, you may want to consult your doctor before starting on this supplement.

How does unflavored full-spectrum CBD tincture taste?

 In short, hempy. The earthy, nutty flavor of hemp will be found in any natural unflavored hemp extract oil. If you find the taste too overwhelming, you can mix it with your favorite cold drink, yogurt, or smoothie and consume it. It may take a little longer for the effects to set in, but it should not pose any other issue.

Do Lazarus Naturals provide free shipping for international deliveries?

No. The free shipping facility can be availed of only within the US.

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