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Joy Organics Review: Brand & CBD Products

We understand and recognize the huge gap between the rising user demand for CBD products and the dearth of quality products at fair prices. Given the huge demand for CBD, a lot of brands, both new and old, have jumped into the CBD bandwagon.

But not all have succeeded in catering to the real needs of the people without hurting their health. That is why The Cannabis Radar often brings you brand reviews – with a personal touch.

We not only review different facets of these products and scourge the internet for user review, but we also ask for our readers’ opinions and test out these products ourselves.

One of the brands that have excelled in our eyes (and in our bodies) is Joy Organics.

Managed by a family-owned company, Joy Organics is one of the best CBD brands there is. One of the main reasons lies in its inception, which we will discuss in the next segment.

As per the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis is legally considered as “industrial hemp” in the United States as long as it contains not more than 0.3% (by weight) THC, besides all the other natural and beneficial cannabinoids (especially CBD) and other chemical components of cannabis (like terpenes and omega acids).

What’s special about Joy Organics’ products is that they have zero percent THC, making them one of the safest and the most legally compliant CBD brand in the market. All their products are generally broad-spectrum, i.e. they contain all the wholesome goodness of cannabis plants, without the psychoactive, mind-altering effects of THC.

Running a thriving business out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Joy Organics was founded by Joy Smith and her husband, which has already received significant exposure from the mainstream media owing to its premium-quality pharmaceutical-grade CBD products.

Joy Organics Reviews: Why is Joy Organics’ products so great?

In short, its farming, extraction, and filtration processes, as well as the nanotechnology employed by the brand to create its proprietary blend of CBD oils.

Let’s give you a step-by-step preview.

  • First and foremost, the brand uses its proprietary strain of CBD-rich, organically grown, industrial hemp to make its products. This ensures consistency across all batches of its CBD products.
  • The raw, dried hemp is then ground into a coarse powder and the CBD extracted using food-grade ethanol.
  • The brand’s purification process then makes sure that all of the 112 phytocannabinoids (except THC), terpenes and flavonoids, which are naturally found in hemp, are all made available to the consumers in the end-product.
  • Not only are these final products tested in-house, but also by third-party labs every month, as well as every time a new batch of products is generated. Such independent tests generate Certificates of Analysis (or CoAs) and Certificates of Quality Assurance that can be viewed on the brand website.
  • The brand utilizes nanotechnology to turn CBD oil into nano-sized emulsions for easy absorption into the bloodstream. This process increases the CBD’s overall bioavailability. While most brands manage to bring down the CBD particles to 150-500 nm, Joy Organics attains an incredible 25-60 nm particle size – a significant edge over its competitors.

Joy Organics Products: Highlights

If we were to describe Joy Organics in brief, we would have to say:

  • THC-Free, i.e. Broad-Spectrum
  • Premium-Grade, All-Natural, All-Organic Ingredients
  • Gluten-Free
  • Harsh Chemical-Free
  • Consistent Quality & Potency
  • Use of Nano-Technology for Efficient Absorption
  • Fairly Priced
  • Farm Bill Compliant
  • Well-Covered by the mainstream media, besides the Ministry of Hemp, Parents, The Denver Post, Vox, Forbes, among others
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you get your money back

Although it seems like Joy Organics makes its own products, it really does not. It sources its products from some reputed manufacturers, like Folium Biosciences. To get an idea of which are the other suppliers of its products, take a look at this blog post on their website. [] What else can one expect from a CBD brand? Oh yes, they also offer huge discounts on new launches.

Here’s some more detailed information about the products…

Hemp Source

Colorado, US

Drug Test

Joy Organics’ products are THC-free. So, there is no fear of testing positive on a drug test after using/consuming CBD products from this brand.

Official Company Name

Joy Organics, LLC, was founded by Todd and Joy Smith, along with their son Gerrid and daughters Danielle and Hannah, Todd’s brother Barry and his wife Mary. This is what one may call a true family business!

Coupon Codes

Joy Organics offers products at a fair price, and even gives away discounts from time to time, especially during festivals and new launches. For additional discounts, you can apply our Joy Organics coupon code during checkout –

Shipping Policy

  • Free Shipping
  • Product shipment is subject to availability of products and postal delays
  • When an order is placed, the customer receives an acknowledgment email, which is, by no means, an acceptance of the order, but merely a confirmation of receipt of the order.
  • A legal contract between the company and the buyer is created only after Joy Organics transmits an email confirming that the order has been shipped. This contract applies to only the goods mentioned in this final email.

Return & Refund Policy

  • Joy Organics provides a 30-day refund policy, in case a customer is not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, whatsoever.
  • One must email the customer’s intent to return the product, along with a refund request, to
  • Alternatively, one can also fill out the company’s contact form available on the website or call the company at 833-569-7223.
  • The customer support team is available Monday through Friday, 8 am–5 pm (Mountain Time), except Saturdays and Sundays, when the timings are 8 am–4.30 pm (Mountain Time).
  • The customer will get an email confirmation within 12 hours of contacting the customer care team to confirm that the return request has been processed.

Phone & E-mail

Joy Organics

119 West Oak Street

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: (833) 569-7223

For contacting them go to the brand’s Contact Us page

Our Experience with Joy Organics: An Overview

The company’s website is classy and reveals a lot about the Smith family’s dedication and commitment to make CBD available to the masses. It also promotes its Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, encouraging users and customers to join them in their efforts to make the world a better place.

The brand takes pride in maintaining quality and consistency in its farming, extraction, and manufacturing processes, besides offering potent, effective, and highly bioavailable CBD products. Their products are manufactured at GMP-certified facilities in Colorado (GMP is “good manufacturing practice”).

The brand’s team of scientists make sure the proprietary formulation is potent, effective, safe, and best-suited for use by humans and animals alike. Their extraction method ensures retention of all of the valuable chemical components of cannabis, without any of the residual solvents or contaminants. Its nanotechnology (in capsules) ensures easy absorption, thus increasing bioavailability by up to 200% over other oil-based CBD products.

This is not to mention the multiple layers of lab testing that each of their batches of products undergoes. All of their extracts are subjected to both in-house and third-party testing to ensure absolute safety and potency.

Joy Organics offers a wide range of CBD products – all of which are potent, creatively designed, useful, and quite effective in catering to users’ variant needs.

The brand’s products include…

  • CBD Tinctures: Sublingual; Systemic use for the usual benefits
  • CBD Softgels (Regular): Edible; Water-Soluble, as good as its tinctures, if not even better; systemic use for the usual benefits
  • CBD Softgels (With Melatonin): Edible; Water-Soluble, Promotes Sleep
  • CBD Softgels (With Curcumin): Edible; Water-Soluble, Manages Inflammation & Joint Pain
  • CBD Salve: Topical; Soothes Muscles & Support Skin Health
  • CBD Salve Stick: Topical; Skin and Joint Health
  • CBD Cream: Topical; Mainly Skin Nourishment
  • CBD Bath Bombs: Topical; Eases and Relaxes Strained Muscles & Stressed-out Mind (infused with different aromatic oils)
  • CBD Energy Drinks: Edible; Obviously to boost energy, taken like any other health drink
  • CBD Gummies (New Release): Edible; Vegan, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Zero Artificial Flavorings or Colorings, All-Natural & Organically sourced sweeteners (like apple juice and stevia); Available in 2 delicious Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade flavors)
  • CBD Pet Products (Tinctures & Dog Treats): Same Stuff, but Optimized for Pets, especially Dogs

Each of these products comes in different potencies and optimized to cater to different user needs.

The brand also had several other topical CBD products that are currently unavailable, like CBD Facial Serum, CBD Face Mask, CBD Eye Serum, CBD Day Cream, and CBD Night Cream.

In this review, we have focused on four of their most popular products:

  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD softgels (all 3 variants)
  • CBD Gummies (which is the brand’s newest and currently the most-selling product)
  • CBD salve

Joy Organics’ CBD Oil Tinctures

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Simple, hassle-free, alcohol-free, and THC-free. You can take these phytocannabinoid tinctures whenever you want – as long as you’re consistent with your daily dosage.

Irrespective of the potency or flavor, each bottle of Joy Organics’ broad-spectrum tincture contains 30ml of the liquid and has a shelf-life of 18 months.

Any and all trace amounts of THC is removed from the tinctures before selling them. Made from organic extracts and extra-virgin olive oil, these broad-spectrum hemp oils are contained in 30ml bottles.

All these tinctures are tested by independent labs to ensure safety and potency.

The tinctures contain no heavy metals, lead, arsenic, pesticides, microbes, or residual solvents.


  • 225mg (30ml): 7.5mg/ml
  • 450mg (30ml): 15mg/ml
  • 900mg (30ml): 30mg/ml
  • 1350mg (30ml): 45mg/ml



  • Tranquil Mint
  • Natural
  • Summer Lemon
  • Orange Bliss


As per specific needs, according to type and severity of the condition, body weight, age, gender, chemical balance

Lab Test

Different independent labs, including PIXIS Labs, Botanacor Services, Green Scientific Labs, PhytaTech Metrics & Solutions, and Cloud Labs, carry out tests on different batches of Joy Organics’ CBD Tinctures.

  • Price
  • 225mg: $29.95, i.e. $0.13/mg
  • 450mg: $53.95, i.e. $0.12/mg
  • 900mg: $77.95, i.e. $0.09/mg
  • 1350mg: $99.95, i.e. $0.07/mg

Our Experience

We have had our share of experience with different kinds of CBD tinctures. While we had heard a lot about Joy Organics’ products and how great they are, we had to try them out for ourselves to be sure before we can recommend them to our readers.

Meanwhile, looking at the subtle impression of premium quality that the website gives off, we were certain that the brand’s intent is not to please but to honestly help people.

So, we asked one of our testers, Richard, to try it out. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with Joy’s CBD tincture.


I was aware of Joy Organics’ repute. I had even used their capsules before. They were quite good and were quite effective. So, I suppose, choosing me for this trial was pretty obvious.

I had to stay away from CBD for at least three weeks before I tried this on. So, my chronic shoulder and neck pain as well as the pain down my spine, which had developed since my accident, returned.

I was in constant pain. My stress levels spiked because of the pain, and I was unable to sleep at night. I grew restless and irritated, snapping at my kids, and even our family dog. That’s when my wife told me it was time to take my first dose. Since my condition was pretty bad, I tried out the brand’s Tranquil Mint-flavored 1350mg CBD Tincture.

I started it off on a Saturday when I didn’t have to go to work. I took a dose of this tincture in the morning and went out for our weekly shopping. I would usually get irritated at the store staff or cranky with the kid at the payment counter. Somehow, I was still in control of my temper. Although I did get irritated at this and that, I managed to keep it under wraps.

After that, I went through the rest of the day without any events. Enjoyed lunch with my family – and that includes my parents who can really get on my nerves at times. My kids seemed more well-behaved than normal – or was it me who was being well-behaved – hard to tell…

Later in the evening, I took the second dose of Joy’s CBD tincture after supper. We enjoyed watching a movie on TV, with everyone piled onto the sofa, where my kids fell asleep.

I took them up to their rooms. When I was coming out of my daughter’s room, I realized I did not feel as tired or so much in pain as I normally would after a long day, especially after picking up my 10-year-old daughter and placing her in her bed, who is might I say, getting quite heavy to be carried around.

Nonetheless, I was doing great! When I woke up the next day, I felt fresh and rejuvenated. I had a good night’s sleep, completely uneventful, and no bad dreams. I felt great!

I was glad that the effects were pretty quick for me. Except for the fact that I had experienced a bit of uneasiness in my tummy after the first dose, everything went well.

I loved the taste and I enjoyed the effects that were faster than most other brands of CBD tinctures. Except for that initial hiccup, there were no side effects. By the first few days, my body had adjusted well to the new formulation, and I was feeling much better than before – even better than how I was when I was on CBD (another brand).

Tinctures may be more difficult to carry around and administer. However, the benefits that I got after using this brand of CBD tincture made it all worth it.


Joy Organics’ CBD Softgels

  •  THC-free
  • water-soluble, nano-technology-driven CBD particles.

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All of Joy Organics’ capsules are THC-free, made using Joy Organics’ proprietary water-soluble, nano-technology-driven CBD particles.

Each CBD particle is only 25 nanometers in size, as opposed to other brands’ CBD particles, which are up to 40 times larger. This provides a 200% increase in CBD bioavailability to Joy’s capsules.

Besides, unlike other brands, which sell CBD isolate capsules, Joy Organics offers only broad-spectrum CBD in its capsules, which are available in three variants as per the ingredients.

Its capsules with curcumin, a chemical compound found in turmeric, boost joint health. While the regular capsules are found in two potency variants, this variant is found in only one potency. Similarly, the brand’s softgels with melatonin, which promotes sleep, comes in only one potency variant.

All variants of capsules come in 30-count bottles and all of these capsules have an 18-month shelf life.

However, there are no vegan options in these capsules.


Each bottle contains 30-count capsules. So, when we consider the total CBD strength, we must multiply with 30.

CBD Softgels

  • 10mg/capsule
  • 25mg/capsule

CBD Softgels with curcumin

  • 25mg/capsule

CBD Softgels with Melatonin for Sleep


  • 25mg/capsule


As per requirement, according to body weight, age, gender, type and severity of the condition, and chemical balance within the endocannabinoid system.

Lab Test

Like its tinctures, Joy Organics’ capsules are tested by different independent labs, including Botanacor Services and PIXIS Labs


Each bottle contains 30-count capsules. So, when we consider the total CBD strength, we must multiply with 30.

  • Regular 10mg CBD caps: $44.95, i.e. $0.02/mg
  • Regular 25mg CBD caps: $74.95, i.e. $0.10/mg
  • Curcumin CBD (25mg) caps: $89.95, i.e. $0.12/mg
  • Melatonin CBD (25mg) caps: $89.95, i.e. $0.12/mg

Our Experience

This time we selected someone who had not tried any of Joy Organics’ capsules before. For this review, we selected two people with different issues to try out all of the three variants.

Jane, who suffers from back pain and arthritis, was asked to take one each of regular softgels capsules and softgels with curcumin each day. The other tester, Mike, who suffers from insomnia and shoulder pain, was asked to use one each of regular capsules and softgels with melatonin each day. Let’s hear from them about their experiences with these softgels capsules.

Joy Organics was also mentioned on our CBD Capsules buying guide, you can read that here.


I always believe that nature takes care of its own. When I found CBD, I stopped using all conventional/pharmaceutical medication. But I had not tried out Joy Organics’ products so far. So, this was a fantastic opportunity for me, since I heard a lot of good things about this brand. After a gap of 3 weeks since I stopped using CBD, I started on this line of products.

I took one of the curcumin softgel capsules in the morning, and one of the regular softgel capsules later in the evening. I was quite surprised by the effects. Despite being an edible CBD product, i.e. it goes through the digestive system, these capsules work much faster than usual capsules. The CBD reaches the bloodstream quicker and takes effect almost faster than even the usual tinctures.

My usual pain and inflammation seemed to fade pretty fast and I was getting more peaceful sleep at night. I felt better every time I woke up each morning. My health kept getting better until I was like my old self again – 15 years younger! My mobility had increased and so had my presence of mind. Not only was I able to go about my daily activities with ease, but I also found physical and mental strength that I never thought I had.


I never got much sleep since I underwent surgery for my broken shoulder. I had sustained terrible injuries when I met with an accident while I was riding my bike back home from a party on a wet and dark night.

So, I started with one regular softgels capsule in the morning after breakfast and one melatonin CBD capsule before bedtime. I must say the effects were fantastic. I didn’t expect the effects to kick in so fast. I could feel a tingling sensation around my shoulder as the pain reduced and the stiffness disappeared. My arm and shoulder mobility returned pretty quickly. By the third day, my arms and shoulders were completely pain-free and mobility was at 100%. I never imagined CBD capsules to work this fast and so well.

To add to this, I was getting much better sleep. No disruptions, no pain, and no bad dreams due to anxiety and stress caused by the pain.

I was feeling quite fresh and active every morning from the very first morning. And my body and mind kept improving by the day. I think if I use these capsules consistently, I will feel no pain anymore, and I will get much better sleep, too.


Joy Organics’ CBD Gummies

  •  food and wellness supplement
  • THC-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free gummies

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Contained in BPA*-Free jars, these gummies come with 10mg CBD strength. You can make these gummies last a month (as there are 30 gummies in each jar) or half a month (if you need to take two doses a day). No matter how many you take or when you take it, its effects are quite remarkable.

Best used as a food and wellness supplement, these newly launched gummies have become one of Joy Organics’ fastest selling products, with the brand giving away 25% discount on these nicely flavored candies.

These are THC-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free gummies, which contain no corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. They use only all-natural and organically sourced sweeteners, like apple juice and stevia. The gummies also do not contain any artificial flavorings or colorings.

[* BPA stands for Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used to make plastic containers for storing food and beverages. Research has shown that this chemical compound tends to invade food items and contaminate it.]


  • 10mg/gummy


  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Green Apple


CBD can’t be given in specific dosages to everyone. One needs to find his or her specific dosage as per his/her body weight, age, gender, type and severity of the condition, intended use, the specific endocannabinoid system, etc.

Lab Test

Different batches of the brand’s CBD gummies have been tested by different third-party labs, including PIXIS Labs, Botanacor Services, Green™ Scientific Labs, and Cannalysis.



Our Experience

With such amazing flavors, we were confident that our testers would love the experience, whether the effects were as good or not. So, we gave it a try and two testers volunteered for it – one male and one female.


I love CBD gummies and have tried out quite a few. So, when I was asked to try this out, I was surprised that these gummies have only 10mg of CBD each. I thought these gummies won’t work for me. But I was wrong, thankfully!

I started taking two each day – one in the morning with my breakfast and another later in the evening for when I need a little extra something to boost my energy, spirit, and overall health. Sometimes, I would take two additional ones a little before bedtime, to make sure I sleep soundly. I didn’t know if it will work, but I kept at it for a complete week.

The first couple of days went by in extreme pain. I got very little relief for my back and neck pain. Although the taste was really great and the effects gave me a bit of relief for a couple or so hours, the effects soon faded. My swollen ankle and hip that I suffered when I tripped and fell down the stairs weren’t getting any better either. I was very edgy, getting very little sleep, and always being cranky and restless throughout the day.

But I kept at it for as long as it took. By the end of the fourth day, the effects were far more discernible and persistent. The pain had numbed quite a bit, I was less anxious, and I was getting at least 5 hours of dreamless shut-eye – which was a lot for my condition.

So, I kept taking these gummies regularly but slightly increased the dosage to 5 gummies a day. By the end of the month, I was feeling great. I plan on taking these gummies for as long as I need to (and whenever the need arises again).

Overall, they were great. Despite being edibles, the effects were good enough and consistent. With time, the effects got better – enough to overcome my issues altogether.


I had heard of these delicious gummies but never tried them until now. I was actually looking forward to this trial.

I had been suffering from painful knees and varicose veins for several years now. For these, I had been on different opioids until I found CBD. I usually used tinctures to handle my pain. I didn’t think edibles can help much in such cases. So, I wasn’t very optimistic when I started with these gummies.

Despite my lack of confidence in these sweet- and tangy-flavored candies, I felt a bit better from the first time I took one of these gummies. Usually, the pain would be so intense that I would toss and turn in my bed and stay awake all night. But this time, I, at least, managed to sleep peacefully for a few hours.

By the next evening, I was feeling a little better. The pain was gradually subsiding and remaining numbed for longer periods than the day before. I could sense that with consistent use I will be able to get much better pretty fast. So, I continued it for a week and realized I was right about this.

I was feeling much better, walking more comfortably, sleeping better, was being less edgy, and more focused all day long. Overall, I felt much better. Contrary to what I believed, these gummies actually work – and pretty well, I must say! No wonder they are selling like hotcakes!


Joy Organics’ CBD Salve

  •  THC-free, CBD-rich salve
  • Packed with organic essential oils

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This aromatic, THC-free, CBD-rich salve with organic beeswax helps soothe muscles, supports joints, and promotes healthy skin. Packed with organic essential oils, this salve is easily absorbed by the skin and calms pain and irritation pretty quickly.


  • 500mg in 1-ounce jars
  • 1000mg in 2-ounce jars


As per requirement. Usually, a dollop of it is sufficient for a small area of the skin.

Lab Test

Conducted by a range of independent laboratories, including PIXIS Labs, Botanacor Services, Cloud Labs, and CIA Labs.



Our Experience

Topicals are best when the injury, pain, or inflammation are closer to the surface of the skin or at least are localized and not systemic, i.e. complete body. For instance, it is helpful for muscle sprains and specific joint support, but not for pain all over the back, as it is not a feasible option to apply a topical all over the body. So while selecting testers, we chose an individual who had suffered an ankle sprain recently. Since this is also good for the skin, this was expected to also help with the dryness and itchiness of skin (like those associated with dry winter weather). So, let’s hear from Dorothy about her experience using this salve.


Since I had been off my regular CBD tinctures for quite some time now to ensure the tests are not influenced by any other CBD product, I was experiencing extreme pain. So, when I started on this salve, I was quite relieved. It is one of those natural topicals that acts quite swiftly and stays on for quite some time.

Joy’s CBD Salve was quite effective from the very first day. As I kept using it consistently, the effects tended to stay on for a longer period, making it more potent by the day. Within a little over a week, I could feel the pain fade and the swelling was almost gone. The condition that my ankle was in, it should have taken at least a month to heal this far.

It was quite an experience! I never thought this was possible! So much so, the dryness on my skin around the area where the injury had taken place was also gone with the pain and inflammation. In fact, the skin around the affected area seemed more nourished and healthier than the rest of my body.

So, I started using it on several other parts of my body which were badly dried up. And they healed quite as much as the swollen ankle did. I was glad to be a part of this test.

Joy Organics CBD FAQs

Are Joy Organics’ products safe?

 No incidents of illness have been reported after consuming a CBD product. Joy Organics’ products are subjected to different layers of rigorous testing, both in-house and by independent labs to ensure these products are free of any potential contaminants.

Do Joy Organics’ products contain THC?

No. None of Joy Organics’ products show any detectable signs of THC in the lab reports. The brand uses patented technology to make sure no residual THC remains in the hemp extracts used to make the products.

Where can we find Joy Organics’ Lab Reports?

The brand website hosts all of its products’ Certificates of Analysis. They can be accessed from the LEARN Tab on the website header. Alternatively, you can also access the link from the product pages.

Where can we buy Joy Organics’ products?

 Joy Organics’ products are available both online and offline in retail stores. You can look for your nearest store from the website’s Store Locator. They can also be purchased from Joy’s retail shop at 119 West Oak Street, Fort Collins, CO, and their shops at Austin, TX, and Wichita, KS.

What kind of effects are expected from using Joy’s CBD products?

 The usual effects include improved mood, restful sleep, increased attention and focus, and others. However, organic compounds, such as CBD, can produce different effects in different people.

Should CBD be taken with food?

 Joy’s CBD edibles are best taken with food. However, one should not notice any adverse effects when taken on an empty stomach. Consuming CBD with food helps minimize any potential side effects and increases absorbability.

For more information on the brand and its products, you can look up their FAQ page.

Parting Thoughts

Generally speaking, Joy Organics is one of those few CBD brands that are responsible, reliable, founded on firm family values and the need to help people, and makes safe, effective, and affordable hemp-based products available to the masses.

So, if you’re new to this whole CBD thing or are planning on trying out a new CBD brand, this would be the right choice.

It will provide you with THC-free, gluten-free, soy-free, contaminant-free option that contains only organic ingredients, right down to the hemp-extract, essential oils, carrier bases, flavorings, and colorings.