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Fab CBD Review: Brand & CBD Products

The CBD industry is a fast-growing and extremely competitive world – a place where tons of new brands and old ones in new avatars are fast filling up the little space that’s left in it. In the absence of stronger regulations and their strict implementation, this industry is vulnerable to invasion by the unscrupulous and the shady – and no one would be the wiser.

Then what’s the solution? Or is there any?

Yes, there is. That’s why we are here! If you’ve been following us, you would have noticed that we regularly update our site for the latest news on the CBD and cannabis industry, as well as review different CBD brands for their quality, effectiveness, safety, and value for money, among other aspects.

This time, we’re glad to review FabCBD – one of the most fabulous CBD brands that cater to every need of the users, with an eye to what interests and benefits people the most.

Why’s FabCBD A Great CBD Brand

After over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical marketplace, making health, fitness, and wellness supplements, FabCBD has entered the CBD industry pretty recently, with its full-spectrum range of CBD products.

Despite being a comparatively small company and new to the industry, FabCBD has made its mark with its highly effective, safe, and premium-quality organically sourced products.

So, it’s no wonder that FabCBD has won the trust and confidence of a large customer base and carved a niche for itself in this highly cut-throat industry.

But that’s no reason for you to pinch your pockets. The best part about this brand is that all its products are available for a fair price.

FabCBD Products Features and Highlights

FabCBDbrand uses only natural and organically sourced plant extracts, including the cannabinoids, carrier bases, and flavorings.

Hemp Source

Colorado, US

Drug Test

Since FabCBD’s products contain below 0.3% THC, it should not show up on a drug test.

However, if you consume too much of it, the overall THC content in your body rises. If a drug test is taken right after consuming a large dose of a full-spectrum CBD product, it’s likely to show up on the test.

Besides, not all tests are done in the same way. Sometimes a drug test may also yield a false positive.

So, it is best to observe restraint over your CBD intake and have patience. There’s no point in taking too high doses in hopes of getting instant relief. CBD is not magic. It takes a little time for your body to react to the substance.

Official Company Name

Fab Nutrition Ltd.

Coupon Codes

FabCBD sells its products for a fair price. One can be sure to get value for money. They also give away festive discounts. To avail, additional discounts, use our Fab CBD coupon code

Shipping Policy

  • Free shipping across all 50 states in the US on orders totaling $89 and above
  • Standard shipping (US Postal Service) takes around 5 – 7 business days
  • International shipping (in Canada and UK) (which may be delayed at the customs department) usually takes up to a maximum of 4 weeks

Return & Refund Policy

  • Buyers get 30 days to return a product that they are dissatisfied with and request for a full refund. However, they will not get a refund on the shipping cost.
  • In case the return is the result of FabCBD’s mistake (like sending a broken, missing, or wrong product), then the company will also cover the return shipping fees.
  • If two items were purchased and both are being returned in an unsealed condition, i.e. used by the buyer, then they will be accepted only if the two items are different products, like a tincture and a topical, or a vape product and a chew, etc. However, if both the items are the same product, like two bottles of CBD tincture, then a return and refund will not be processed for both used items. They will, however, be accepted if only one of the two items (of the same product) is opened and used, and the other left intact. This goes to show that the buyer used the product and was dissatisfied with the product. Using both items of the same product and returning it makes the return invalid.
  • For a refund to be processed, the buyer must return the items with the proper RMA (return merchandise authorization) to the Fab CBD customer service address provided by the company via email (
  • To generate the RMA (return merchandise authorization), you need to contact the customer care team and ask for it. You can contact them at, or call them on +1-855-505-7908. Alternatively, you can also chat with them live on the brand website.

Phone & E-mail

E-mail at

Call (US customers) on +1-855-505-7908.

Our Experience with FabCBD: An Overview

FabCBD is only sold online. However, it is quite easy to shop on their website.

The brand website is simple, yet pleasant to look at – just like their packaging. It’s very easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, learn, and shop as well. All products are categorically stated under the drop-down menu of the “SHOP” tab on the website header.

The brand website has a blog page, with links to a lot of interesting and important information relating to hemp, CBD, superfoods, nutrition, and overall wellness. Their site also offers adequate information on the company, the brand FabCBD, its products, its farming and extraction processes, and its company policies.

FabCBD runs a transparent business, publicly posting its third-party lab test reports, information on their business practices, and the quality of their products on their website. The brand welcomes queries and urges people to reach out to them. It also maintains an exhaustive FAQ page, with more and more information being updated as more queries come in.

To know what other users have to say about the products, you can also go to their REVIEWS page from the site’s header. The company has also created a Mission page to give an idea of who “they” are.

After going through the website and poring over hundreds of reviews on the social media, external blogs, and forums, we selected three products that we noticed were the most popular to try them out ourselves.


FabCBD’s (Full-Spectrum) CBD Oil

  • Available in several variants.
  • Full Spectrum

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FabCBD’s tincture is good at fighting anxiety, depression, and stress, helping you recover from sprains and inflammations caused by injury or otherwise, calming your nerves, and helping you focus with a clear mind.

As declared by the company, FabCBD’s CBD oils may sometimes vary slightly from batch to batch. But one thing remains the same, i.e. the use of whole-plant organic hemp extracts in the products.

These are full-spectrum CBD extracts that contain the natural blend of cannabinoids, which may include traces of THC (below <0.3%), and terpenes, besides MCT oil (carrier oil) and natural flavorings.

These CBD oils have a shelf life of 12 months and must be kept at room temperature or below room temperature. It should never be exposed to sunlight, excessive light, heat, and/or moisture.

The brand’s CBD oils are available in four different concentrations and five delicious flavors, including the natural flavor of hemp.

































Ways of Consumption

  • Like any other tincture, FabCBD’s CBD Oil tincture should ideally be administered directly into your mouth. Place 2 – 3 drops (or as per dosage) under your tongue for the best results.
  • Alternatively, you can also add it to your favorite (preferably cold) drink and enjoy it.
  • Always make sure your hand, mouth, or tongue does not come in direct contact with the dropper’s tip to preserve the quality of the CBD oil.



  • Like any other CBD product, it is not possible to give an exact dosage. For one, FDA is yet to approve of its use as a food or drug, and for two (and most importantly), CBD does not react with the body in the same way with every individual.
  • One full serving (1ml) is usually calculated by filling half the dropper’s transparent part.
  • It’s always best to start low and go slow until you find your CBD sweet spot. If you have already used another CBD product, you may find your dosage around the same potency and dosage. But that is not a rule though.
  • Consult your doctor before you decide to use CBD oil, irrespective of the brand. Your doctor will be in the best position to decide if CBD will help you.
  • Some online CBD Calculators that also can determine the approximate dosage as per a person’s weight, age, gender, type and intensity of the condition, internal chemical balance, and his or her individual endocannabinoid system.


Lab Test

ProVerde Laboratories


$39 – $129 i.e. $0.05/mg – $0.13/mg

Our Experience

We have been trying out different brands of CBD products, including CBD tinctures. However, we did not expect to get such amazing results from a brand so young. On closer inspection, we realized that this brand has been in the pharma and wellness industry for over 25 years. Its entry into the CBD industry was simply a natural transition.

Coming to its effectiveness, safety profile, and quality, we asked one of our testers – Max – to try it out the 1200mg vanilla-flavored CBD oil for this review. After having abstained from all CBD products for almost a month, he was already showing signs of lethargy, lack of focus, restlessness, sleep deprivation, and kept complaining of severe back pain caused by an injury at the gym. In spite of being in his 30s, he showed the typical signs of a stressed-out American fella’.

Let’s hear from him about his experience with FabCBD’s CBD tincture.


I used to be athletic in my younger days. But the daily grind of adult life has snatched away my creative juices, athletic body, and sharp mind. I was cranky all the time, owing mostly to my back pain.

Although it was only a sprain from working out at the gym, it never got better, as I sit at my office computer all day long, with no time or energy left to take a walk. Additionally, due to the excessive weight gain, my pain keeps acting up.

Partly owing to the stressful life, and partly due to my back pain, I often spend sleepless nights. All these conditions rendered me unfit for normal life activities and work. That is until I stumbled upon CBD.

I had been a regular user of CBD oil for the past 3 years. For several months I had trouble finding a good CBD brand and the type of product that would suit me best. I had, finally, found something that helped me manage my issues to a certain extent.

However, when I first started using FabCBD’s CBD Oil, I was amazed at the extent of impact and the length of time it kept acting on my body. From the very first use, I could feel the discernible changes that my body and mind were going through. My pain reduced considerably, I wasn’t so anxious anymore, and I slept much better through that first night of using CBD. By then, I had taken two doses (one being before bedtime).

I stuck to this dosage for a week. But even before 4 days had gone by, I was whole again! And not just the way I’d been while using other CBD products, but like my old self again! I was ecstatic! I realized I had found the right brand of CBD oil for me and promised myself to never look for any other brand of CBD oil again. For me, this was it!


FabCBD’s CBD Isolate Chews

  • Available in yummy fruity flavors.
  • vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free
  • also, it was voted best cbd gummies 2020

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Made from CBD isolate oil, these gummies are great for relieving tension and stress, calming the nerves, clearing depression and cloudiness of mind, relieving pain and inflammation, and promoting overall wellbeing.

No additives or artificial dyes have been used in these gummies. Since these Chews are made from organically grown hemp extracts, there is also no fear of getting heavy metals or pesticides into your body.

The flavorings of these gummies are derived from natural, organic extracts, making these gummies essentially safe and clean.


  • 25mg CBD Isolate per Chews in different Fruity flavors
  • Each 4oz jar contains 30 Chews
  • Total potency per jar: 750mg


Ways of Consumption

Pop and go! Like any other gummy bear, this little CBD candies are edibles that you put in your mouth, keep it in there or simply chew, and then swallow it.


CBD dosage varies from person to person, as mentioned earlier in the CBD oil section. It’s always safest to start with a lower dose and calibrate your dosage according to requirement. The safest bet is to try 1 – 2 gummies and see how long the effects last for you and adjust your dosage accordingly.

Lab Test

ProVerde Laboratories


$59, i.e. $0.08/mg

Our Experience

Our experience with these CBD Chews was simply awesome. Not only did our tester use it, but he also encouraged many of our employees to try it out. This trial turned out to be more of a fun time than work time.

Let’s hear from our tester Max about his experience with these chewy, yummy gummies.


I had never tried these chews before, although I did try out their tincture in the previous trial last month. (Earlier, I had shared my experience of using this brand’s CBD tincture.)

In fact, with all the CBD brands launching so many fancy new CBD edibles every day, with new shapes, colors, and flavors, I have always been a little skeptical about them.

However, when I was selected for this trial, I was quite excited. I had heard many good things about this brand, tested its tincture earlier, and had found it to be quite effective in the past. Naturally, when I was asked to test out the gummies, I felt, “This will be fun!”

And it was fun. But it wasn’t just fun! It was very effective. In fact, it was almost as effective as the tinctures themselves, although it took a little while longer to react with my body – which is understandable as it had to go through my digestive system to reach my bloodstream – a pathway that the tinctures mostly bypass by percolating the sublingual glands under the tongue.

Although the effects took a while to set it, it lasted longer. I felt my anxieties and pain diminish from the very first dose. With the second and third, they were almost gone. By the end of the second day, I felt no tiredness, still had a lot of energy left in me to go out and socialize, and felt no pain whatsoever.

As far as its price is concerned, it may seem cheaper than the tincture, as the 600mg variant of the tincture is the same $59 as the gummies’ 750mg. However, one must remember that tinctures are more fast-acting than tinctures. So, they are better for more urgent relief. And you don’t need to use the tinctures a long while before bedtime. It reacts within minutes, whereas the gummies take about an hour to start acting on your body.

While the tinctures came in interesting fruity, minty, and citrus flavors, apart from the natural hempy flavor, these gummies were a whole new experience. Each gummy tasted of different fruit, and was quite amusing too!

It was so much fun trying each new variant of gummy from the jar that I coaxed some of my colleagues to try them out too! Since these CBD gummies have no side effects, people who are already using some CBD product need not worry about a little extra. And while we were at it, some even switched completely to gummies. Wonderful, isn’t it?

I bet I can use these gummies independently, without the need to use any CBD tinctures or vape products at all.


Topical Full-Spectrum CBD Cream

  • ease superficial pain and inflammation
  • made from organic, full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp

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Although the brand offers only one option in potency for its topical cream, it is a healthy dose for a topical cream. Tests have shown that CBD creams with potencies below 400mg are of no use. FabCBD’s topical cream contains 600mg of CBD – a high potency for a topical cream of this category. It’s potent enough to help you ease superficial pain and inflammation, like reactions to insect bites, joint pains, muscle sprains, skin rashes, and irritations.

Besides being an effective CBD topical cream, the user gets the added benefit of aromatherapy. The fresh smell of blood orange eases the mind and helps soothe the nerves. This adds to the relief and the overall experience.

Made from organic, full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extracts grown on regulated farmlands in Colorado, these highly potent cream is lab tested by third-party laboratories that certify for its potency and safety that includes different layers of tests for the product’s cannabinoid, safety, and contaminant profiles.


  • 600mg; comes in only aroma variant – Fresh, Blood Orange scent


Ways of Consumption

A topical cream, as the name suggests, is not for consumption, but is meant to be applied on the surface of the skin on and around the affected areas, especially in cases of pain and inflammation.

It’s soft to the touch and is very soothing on the skin. It not only helps nourish the skin, but also removes all kinds of irritations, rashes, and itchiness. It’s a great antidote for insect bites.


There is no specific dosage for this product either. Like any other topical cream, one needs to generously apply it on the skin over the affected areas and gently rub it in.

With FabCBD’s topical cream, however, a dollop of this cream is sufficient to ease pain, inflammation, and irritation of the skin and joints underneath it.

Let it stay on for as long as it takes to soak into the skin. That’s when the action begins. Avoid pouring water or soap on your skin where you’ve applied the cream. The CBD, in this case, enters the affected cells on your skin, tissues, and joints through the outer layer of your skin, known as the epidermis. Since it does not enter the bloodstream, it does not travel to the rest of your body. This good only for localized issues, closer to the skin’s surface. 

Lab Test

ProVerde Laboratories


$49, i.e. $0.08/mg

Our Experience

After using the two previous products, our tester, Max has finally been able to return to his gym for a daily workout. That’s when we realized we can ask him to try out this topical cream. We felt that the first initial days at the gym would be tough on him and he could do well with a sprain reliever. Muscles usually tend to get stiff and tight after a long time with no exercise. And going to the gym after a long time puts too much strain on these muscles. And he was glad we suggested he used this cream. Here’s what he said about his experience with this cream.


I did not know I would be able to resume my workout again. So, when I did, I was glad to hear that I have been considered for this trial as well. I knew that my first week at the gym would be extremely tough. And now this was going to help me ease into the daily workout regimen.

I started using this cream before every workout session and after finishing up, before leaving for home. I would generally take a hot shower after my gym session. Now I complimented it with this cream after rinsing off when my body was still warm and a bit damp. This helped the CBD seep through the skin more easily, relieving me of the pain and inflammations.

This cream was wonderful, even from the very first use. I felt very little pain and there was hardly any swelling on my body – which was to be expected after such physical exertion after such a long time.

I kept using this cream for a whole month, and I was feeling great! Healthy, energized, more focused, rejuvenated after a long spate of a sedentary lifestyle. I needed to get out more often and do some kind of physical workout. But now I was doing tough workouts with so much ease – and feeling awesome! My body is back in shape once again, and I feel no pain either. Now, I even sleep better at night.

The smell is nice too, and the cream is soft on the skin – keeps it nourished and feeling and smelling fresh all day long. I simply love it!


CBD Dog Treats

  • contain no corn, soy, wheat or dairy
  • sourced from non-GMO hemp, grown organically

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Like its CBD products for humans, their pet products, too, are sourced from non-GMO hemp, grown organically on regulated farmlands of Colorado, US.

The brand has spent over 12 months creating the perfect wheat-free formulation for the CBD treats that dogs would love and so would their digestive system.

These treats contain no corn, soy, wheat or dairy, but the right amount of cannabidiol to meet dogs’ health needs the best way possible. Besides being THC-free, vegan, gluten-free, these dog treats are suitable for all kinds of dogs, irrespective of size and health conditions.

Made from broad-spectrum CBD extracts, these treats come in 3 amazing flavors, each with a different purpose. While the potency per treat remains the same, treats are easily broken into pieces and given to your pup. Besides, you can also add more treats to your dog’s daily CBD regimen – and your dog will love you even more for that!



  • 50 treats a packet
  • Pack’s total CBD strength – 150mg
  • Available in 3 variants:
      • Calm & Cool: Peanut butter and apple-flavored; Relieves Anxiety
      • Skin & Coat: Salmon; Improves skin and coat health
      • Active Immune: Chicken; Enhances immunity to fight allergies, alleviates pain and inflammation

Ways of Consumption

Like any other dog treat you give your canine companion. Your dog will love the crunchy feel and yummy flavors of these treats.


    • ½ – 2 treats a day as per the dog’s size
    • The recommendation chart is on the back of the product label
    • Recommendations:
      • Under 10 lbs: 1.5mg CBD, ½ treat
      • Between 10-25 lbs: 3mg CBD, 1 full treat
      • Between 25-50 lbs: 4.5mg CBD, 1.5 treats
      • Over 50 lbs: 6mg CBD, 2 treats.
    • Always check with your vet before giving your dog any CBD product (like in case of any other wellness product or food supplement

Lab Test

ProVerde Laboratories


    • Single pack of any type: $34 ($0.23/mg)
    • Bundle of 3 (one of each type): $87 ($0.19/mg)

Our Experience

When a pack of these treats reached our office, our “Hooman” employees said they smelt just like any other dog treat. But when we gave it to our “resident dog” (wink…wink…our boss’ German Shepherd) Vicky, he simply chomped them down – he so loved it. Although we can’t quote him here, he did say “Woof, Woof…” and licked his lips and looked up at us for more helpings.

But, of course, we gave him only as much as the brand has recommended. But one thing we did notice after he started eating this pack of treats – he was much more active and energetic than before. Sometimes taking our minds off work, but a joy to have around nonetheless.

Earlier, he was a sad-looking 10-year-old dog, who looked older for his age. Now he loves moving around from one desk to another and putting his paw up for us to shake, licks our face like he wants to shower all the love he couldn’t all this time.

He is a lot more fun to have around now. I’m sure he’s loving it too! He is more mobile, more affectionate towards all the office folks. And he also seems to love chewing on them – I’m sure the flavors suit him!


Will I fail a drug test after using FabCBD’s CBD products?

FabCBD’s full-spectrum products contain negligible THC (below 0.3% THC by weight). Ideally, it shouldn’t show up on a drug test. However, if you consume too much of any full-spectrum CBD product, you end up consuming more THC as well, which may show up on a drug test, if taken right after consuming/using that much CBD.

One should also remember that not all tests are the same. Some drug tests may throw up a false positive – a common occurrence among regular users of full-spectrum CBD products.

Where does FabCBD source its hemp from?

The brand sources its hemp from Colorado farms that practice organic farming practices.

Will FabCBD’s products interfere with my prescription medications?

If consumed orally, the CBD reaches the bloodstream through the digestive system. Since CBD utilizes the same liver enzymes that are needed to metabolize pharmaceutical medication, it could interfere with their normal process. Even in the case of vaped products, CBD may also interact with the medication that has already reached the bloodstream, thus rendering them inactive or enhancing their effects.

So, it’s best to consult your doctor before starting on any CBD product. This logic also applies for your pets – make sure to consult his vet before giving him a CBD dog treat.

Are FabCBD’s products lab-tested?

 All of FabCBD’s products are tested by a third-party laboratory that has no affiliation with the company. So, they can independently verify its authenticity, quality of extract, cannabinoid proportion, and safety profile, and examine for contaminants to make sure the products are genuinely good.

You can check the lab reports here.

Can a user get high after using FabCBD’s products?

No, they can’t.

While the pet products are completely THC-free, which means there is no chance for your dog to experience any mind-altering effects, the full-spectrum products, like the brand’s CBD oil tincture and CBD topical cream, contain only traces of THC (below 0.3%) – not enough to make you high.

The gummies are made from CBD isolate extracts, which does not contain any other cannabinoid except CBD, which is hemp’s primary non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Can I give my dog FabCBD’s CBD oil?

It is not advised to give dogs CBD oils, as they are not optimized for canine consumption.

Besides, FabCBD’s CBD oil tincture, as the brand advises, may contain traces of THC. Even the slightest bit of THC can make your dog a little high, as canines are more susceptible to the effects of cannabinoids than humans.

Besides, even high levels of THC do not directly harm us. Many people even enjoy the “high”. Unlike us, however, a dog’s body is not equipped to handle such effects. It could even prove to be fatal for animals.

For more information on the brand, check out the brand’s FAQ page.