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Endoca CBD Reviews

The CBD industry is an ever-growing marketplace, with a massive number of brands – both credible and fake – coming up around the world. So, how can users know for certain which are great, good, or downright bad for health?

The Cannabis Radar constantly updates users on the benefits of CBD as well as the dangers that lurk in this vast marketplace.

In this article, we will not only review Endoca as a brand, but also give you insights into its products, which are good, and why. We will also go a step further – we test them and find out their efficacy and the veracity of the brand’s claims.

We have also carried out a survey, asking over 9,000 of our direct subscribers to voice their opinion about this brand and its products. Our review not only reflects the voices of these users but also our own experiences of using these products.

Endoca Reviews: Brand & CBD Products

As a comparatively small, family-run company, Endoca takes pride in its quality, transparency and excellent customer service.

After studying Biotechnology and Genetics at the University of Copenhagen, Henry Vincenty, traveled for years, including in Africa, to find the best cure for diseases and ailments. His education and his experiences guided him to find an alternative means to help people heal faster without any side effects.

Vincenty’s journey towards what we know as Endoca today has a lot to do with his experiences in Africa and his clinic in Denmark. Driven by the need to make organically grown CBD and hemp-based products accessible to everyone, most of what the company makes as profits are returned to the research and development of its products, both present, and future.

These ideologies by the company’s founder (and his family, who are also its owners) fueled him and family to start hemp cultivation and make pure, potent, and safe products at fair prices for users. This also allows the brand to continually improve its farming, production, and distribution standards, making CBD available to everyone, even those who may find most CBD brands unaffordable.

Endoca is among the few CBD brands that provide users with the purest, safest, most potent, and affordable products. So, if you’re wondering what’s Great about this brand, take a look at some of its key features:

  • 100% Organic, 100% GMP-Certified, Hemp Products Sourced from Northern European Highlands of Netherlands
  • Finest Strains 0f Hemp Used
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process; Cold Manufacturing Process to Keep the Chemical Composition of the Original Hemp Plant Intact in the Products
  • Full-Spectrum Extracts Used in Products
  • Products Packed With Wholesome Goodness of Hemp-based Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids, Omega Fatty Acids, Minerals & Vitamins, among other plant nutrients
  • Tested by Third-Party Laboratories
  • Produced Under Pharmaceutical Control, Guaranteed Consistency
  • High Standards of Quality Control – From Seed to Shelf
  • A Higher Concentration of CBD in All Products
  • One of the Highest Value Per MG of CBD
  • Proprietary Formulation Created by Medical Experts, including Doctors and Chemists
  • Lower Cost Per MG of CBD
  • Wide Range of Products
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Dedicated Customer Care
  • Well-Reviewed by Users and Media Alike

Endoca CBD Products Features and Highlights

Endoca’s vast range of products contains different kinds of ingredients customized for maximum effect with minimum side effects.

Hemp Source


Drug Test

Be careful while using their high-concentration, full-spectrum hemp-derived products, if you must undergo frequent or regular drug tests. Although the products contain legally permissible levels of THC, you need to understand that high doses of high concentration products may affect your drug tests.

Official Company Name

Endoca (a name inspired by the endocannabinoid system – which interacts with the cannabinoids to benefit our health)

Coupon Codes

This brand offers some of the most affordable CBD and hem-derived products. Nevertheless, you can still apply our Endoca coupon code  during checkout to get additional discounts.

Shipping policy

Endoca delivers across the world, as long as there are no customs regulations against its distribution in that country.

As for the United States, its shipping policy is categorized under 2 segments:

  • Within the Continental US:
    • Free Delivery when you spend over: $74
    • ShipRush Shipping Flat rate (3 – 5 Business Days): $7
    • ShipRush Shipping 3 Days (3 Business Days): $12 (except Alaska or Hawaii)
    • ShipRush Shipping 2 Days (2 Business Days): $22 (except Alaska or Hawaii)
    • ShipRush Shipping Overnight (1 Business Day): $35 (except Alaska or Hawaii)
  • US Minor Outlying Islands & Virgin Islands (US):
    • Free Delivery when you spend over: $74
    • ShipRush Shipping Flat rate (3 – 5 Business Days): $7
    • ShipRush Shipping 3 Days (3 Business Days): $12
    • ShipRush Shipping 2 Days (2 Business Days): $22
    • ShipRush Shipping Overnight (1 Business Day): $35
  • European Union:
    • Free Delivery when you spend over: €100 / $100 / £100 / 500 DKK
    • Standard Delivery price: €10 / $10 / £9 / 75 DKK
    • Express Delivery price: €30 / $32/ £18 / 225 DKK
  • Other European & Eurasian Countries:
    • Free Delivery when you spend over: €100 / $100 / £100 / 500 DKK
    • Standard Delivery price: €20 / $21 / £36 / 150 DKK
  • Rest of the World:
    • Free Delivery when you spend over: €100 / $100 / £100 / 500 DKK
    • Standard Delivery price: €40 / $43 / £45 / 300 DKK

For information specific to your nation or area, check out the brand’s SHIPPING PRICES page.

Return & Refund Policy

    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% Money-Back within 30 Days
    • As soon as a shipment is delivered, customers must make sure that order has reached them in intact condition. One needs to check for damages and defects before using the product. This will save the user much hassle and can immediately send it back for a refund or replacement.
    • If a product is found to be dissatisfactory, customers must email the company about the concerns to (or for US customers) and ask for a refund or replacement, stating reasons for the return and the refund or replacement request. The email’s subject line and main body must contain the particular order number to draw immediate attention to the order in question. Alternatively, you can simply fill up REFUND REQUEST FORM on their REFUNDS & RETURNS page to initiate the process.
    • For a refund to be initiated, it usually takes around 14 days from the time the order returns to the company facility.
    • On receipt of the returned product, the customer should receive a confirmation email or telephone call from the Endoca Customer care team regarding the refund.
    • All return shipping costs will be borne by the customers. Besides, in case any charges are levied for transferring the refund to a customer’s bank account or credit card balance, those charges will also be recovered from the customer.

Contact Details


Endoca BV

Siriusdreef 17, 2132 WT Hoofddorp, Netherlands

VAT: NL857819069B01

KVK: 69290911


Telephone: +31-235-689-151


Our Experience with Endoca Products

Easy-to-navigate brand website, with ample information about the brand, its inception, its journey, its products (and their benefits), as well as CBD, hemp, and the industry at large.

Besides, each product page contains ample information on the particular product’s benefits, usage instructions, ingredients, the purpose of using it, shipping details for that product, besides FAQs on that specific line of products.

The brand website is very neat and user-friendly, with separate Tabs for their most popular products – CBD Oils, CBD Capsules, CBD Cream, and CBD Pet Products, while a separate Tab is allocated for All CBD Products, where all the products are listed with links to their specific pages. Each of these pages again contains a list of different variants (potencies and extract types) with their prices and photos of how each product looks.

The site even has a dedicated Tab for all information regarding CBD (cannabidiol), its benefits and uses, all other beneficial sister cannabinoids found in hemp, different extract types, dosage guide, recipes for making homemade CBD products, like Gummies, and about the endocannabinoid system that interacts with cannabinoids to affect different parts of our body.

Its “About Us” Tab holds information on the brand’s inception, journey, mission, quality control strategy, and the CBD products’ manufacturing processes. Its Support Tab drops down to reveal links to its products’ lab reports, a CBD Calculator, an overall FAQ page, and a Contact Us page.

Shopping on the website is easy and fast, with customers fluidly moving through the shopping landing page to the payment gateway in no time as long as you’re sure what you want – that can be tricky, as the brand offers a huge range of products (as mentioned above).

The site has a separate landing homepage for each specific country. So if you’re not residing in the US, you need not place the order on the US page. Simply select your country from the drop-down menu on the far-right corner of the website to see the particular page in your country.

For those who are looking to associate with the brand as affiliates or buy on a wholesale level, you can go to the pages dedicated to those. The brand’s Blog is yet another resourceful place to gather more information on CBD, cannabinoids, other components of hemp plants, their benefits, and the science behind all common ingredients of CBD products.

The brand also offers several other benefits to registered customers, like Endoca Support Program, Reward Program, Referral Program, and Discount Coupons.

The Endoca Foundation, a non-profit organization, established to provide people with disabilities and those from low-income families with CBD they need. With each order, you earn points that provide you with a discount for your next purchases. Besides, you can also get rewards by referring the brand to your friends, family members, and acquaintances.

The brand’s delivery time is also pretty quick. It also gives you satisfaction guarantees and has a 30-day full refund policy.

We only wish their products offered some flavored-variants and made their lab tests more transparent by letting us know which third-party laboratory conducted the tests.

Although not so much of an issue for us, still some users may be unhappy about the fact that this brand does not make any CBD vape products or CBD gummy bears.

And yes, although the products may be considered fairly priced by most, they are indeed a little on the higher end. After all, clean, pure, and highly potent CBD products don’t come cheap! A lot of research, experimentation goes into the production of good CBD products, besides considering the amount of wastage that takes place to perfect formulations, through regular mass-production gaffes, and to ensure the maintenance of quality control standards.


Endoca’s CBD Tinctures

  • organic, non-GMO, full-spectrum hemp extracts
  • THC free

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Endoca CBD oils are organic, non-GMO, full-spectrum hemp extracts, with different cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other phytonutrients, like minerals, vitamins, proteins, and omega fats, in their natural composition.

Like all of Endoca’s products, these CBD oils do not contain THC any more than 0.3% of the total weight, making them eligible to be sold legally everywhere where such regulations exist.

These oils come in medium and strong potencies, both in raw (unheated and unprocessed) and heated variants. All of these CBD oils come in 10ml bottles, unlike most other brands, which sell their CBD oils in 30ml bottles.

To make sure these CBD oils last longer, one needs to store them in a cool, dark, and dry place to avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat and cold conditions to avoid crystallization of the oils (as these are highly potent concoctions). Also, make sure never to touch the dropper applicator with your fingers, tongue, or lips to avoid contamination.

Ways of Consumption

Ideally sublingually. Alternatively, added to food or drinks (cold) and consumed. The former is more obviously more effective.


The brand suggests using 1-3 drops to a max of 1 ml per day on an empty stomach. However, the dosage depends on personal choices and specific needs.

Generally speaking, CBD dosage is determined by the user’s body weight, age, gender, the specific type of physical issue, intensity and extent of the problem being addressed, an individual user’s endocannabinoid system, as well as the exact reaction of an individual to a specific formulation and potency of CBD product.


4 variants in all:

  • Medium Concentration:
    • Raw CBD Oil 30mg CBD+/ml: 300mg CBD + CBDa in 10ml bottles: A single drop contains 1mg of CBD + CBDa
    • Decarbed CBD Oil 30mg CBD/ml: 300mg CBD in 10ml bottles: A single drop contains 1mg of CBD
  • Strong Concentration:
    • Raw CBD Oil 150mg CBD+/ml: 1500mg CBD + CBDa in 10ml bottles: A single drop contains 5mg of CBD + CBDa
    • Decarbed CBD Oil 150mg CBD/ml: 1500mg CBD in 10ml bottles: A single drop contains 5mg of CBD


Natural, earthy tones, typically known as hempy

Lab Test

Ironically, after all the trustworthiness and reliability that this brand has exhibited, it has failed in one important aspect – by not revealing the names of the independent laboratories that test its products.

Although the brand claims that “third-party testing is performed by pharmaceutical and analytical laboratories” and that “from molecular science to methodology, we believe strongly in transparency”, there is a total lack of transparency when it comes to the names of these third-party labs.

Generally, CBD brands post the test results under the original letterhead of the testing lab on their websites. However, that has not been the case with Endoca.

The only mention of any lab doing the tests, as per the CoAs was: “Endoca Labs tests our products thoroughly”, giving the impression that the tests are done in-house and not by any third-party labs.


  • Medium-Concentration Raw CBD Oil: €26 (approx. $28.16, i.e. $0.09/mg)
  • Medium-Concentration Decarbed CBD Oil: €26 (approx. $28.16, i.e. $0.09/mg)
  • Strong-Concentration Raw CBD Oil: €115 (approx. $124.55, i.e. $0.08/mg)
  • Strong-Concentration Decarbed CBD Oil: €115 (approx. $124.55, i.e. $0.08/mg)

Our Experience

We used the Strong-Concentration (i.e. 1500mg) CBD Oil for our review and this is what our volunteer, Sharon, had to say about this product:


CBD had become an integral part of my life for the past few years, mostly thanks to my sister, who had suggested I tried it for my upper and lower back pain. Since then, I have tried out many brands of CBD products, especially tinctures.

While some were both safe and effective, others had been a downright waste of money. However, I must say that this product isn’t as expensive as many may believe. It’s per mg price is pretty cheap, and its effects were actually quite good.

As far as I am concerned, I would say this was definitely value for money.

The effects the first dose had on me were quite remarkable. Since I was off any CBD products for 2 whole weeks, my body had flushed out any residual CBD and my pain was back to what it was before – excruciating and unmanageable with conventional medication.

About 15 minutes after taking my first dose, I could feel a remarkable change. My pain was subsiding! It usually takes about an hour for most CBD tinctures to act on my body. I must say, this formulation is quite good!

Moreover, the effects stayed long enough – more than the usual 6 – 7 hours. With this tincture, I was able to carry out my responsibilities as a cop, a wife, and a mother, without any hiccups or slack. I think I will stick with this product for the rest of my life.

Although this brand has not bothered to add any flavors, except making sure to punch a pack of terpenes, I would still say that this is a better option. Somehow, the lack of flavors is overshadowed by the amazing effects!

Endoca’s CBD Capsules

  • Available in raw and decarboxylated variants
  • high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, 100% natural and organic full-spectrum hemp extracts

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Like its CBD tinctures, Endoca’s CBD capsules come in medium and strong concentrations, both with raw and decarboxylated options. Besides this aspect, Endoca’s capsules are also some of the few vegan and gluten-free CBD capsules available in the market.

With its capsules too, the potencies are similar per package. They too are made from high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, 100% natural and organic full-spectrum hemp extracts, drawn out of the plants with the help of supercritical CO2 method in the company’s GMP-certified labs. These capsules are free from any synthetic chemicals and GMOs. The THC levels are also very low (below 0.3% of the total weight).

A great way to take CBD for those who dislike the hempy taste of CBD, each of these capsules delivers a dose of 10mg to 50mg CBD (+CBDa in case of raw extract variants).

The brand makes no claims to treat pain or any other disease or condition, but only to boost your overall wellness. It only promises different plant nutrients, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins in a composition that is naturally found in hemp to create a more regulated endocannabinoid system that promotes the body’s natural chemical balance within all of its biological functions, like sleep, appetite, mood, pain, and our immune system.

Like most CBD products, these capsules must also be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from areas that are exposed to direct heat or sunlight.

Ways of Consumption

Swallowed with a mouthful of water, preferably on empty stomach.


1 – 3 capsules a day or as per specific needs, preferably on an empty stomach


  • Medium Potency:
    • 10mg Raw CBD capsule: 10mg of CBD + CBDa per capsule, available in 30-ct and 120-ct bottles. Total strength of 300mg – 1200mg of CBD+CBDa per bottle.
    • 10mg Heated CBD capsule: 10mg of CBD/capsule; 30 capsules/bottle. Total strength of 300mg of CBD.
  • Strong Potency:
    • 50mg Raw CBD capsule: 50mg of CBD + CBDa per capsule; 30 capsules per bottle; total strength of 1500mg of CBD + CBDa per bottle.
    • 50mg Heated CBD capsule: 50mg of CBD/capsule; 30 capsules per bottle; total strength of 1500mg of CBD/bottle.


Flavorless & odorless

Lab Test

Just like its tinctures, Endoca does not post the original CoAs, i.e. if these capsules are tested by any independent laboratories at all. At least, the lab reports contained no names of independent labs. All the lab results say is that Endoca labs have testified for these products.


  • Medium Potency:
    • 10mg Raw CBD/capsule:
      • 30-ct: €26 (approx. $28.16, i.e. $0.09/mg)
      • 120-ct: €75 (approx. $81.23, i.e. $0.07/mg)
    • 10mg Heated CBD/capsule:
      • €26 (approx. $28.16, i.e. $0.09/mg)
    • Strong Potency:
      • 50mg Raw CBD/capsule:
        • €115 (approx. $124.55, i.e. $0.08/mg)
      • 50mg Heated CBD/capsule:
        • €115 (approx. $124.55, i.e. $0.08/mg)

Our Experience

The prices aren’t quite that steep. In fact, if users choose higher potency or bigger bottles, the overall expense comes down considerably – as low as $0.07/mg. For our review, we tested out the medium-potency raw capsules.

Here’s what Emmylou had to say about this line of products:


I loved these capsules. Since I had heard all good things about these capsules, I bought the 120-ct bottle. I was quite on the mark.

Initially, it gave me less intense effects, given that I had been off all CBD products before I started on these capsules. I have anxiety issues and I am usually unable to sleep properly due to this. I used to stay awake at night, with too many depressing and stressful thoughts bouncing around in my head – be it about work, family issues, or my relationships with people around me – I would get worked up about everything very easily.

I had started using CBD a couple of years back after every other option failed to give me the needed relief from all the stressful mental agony.

But these capsules were more effective, I think.

Within a few days, I was feeling a lot better. I was more calm, relaxed, and focused. My work wasn’t making me feel dull or anxious, I was sleeping much better, and waking up more rejuvenated than I’ve felt before in my life.

Although the time taken for these capsules to take effect was longer at first, my body soon responded well to these capsules, taking less and less time to react. The effects also stayed on quite long, helping me operate much more effectively, perform better at work, and stay more attentive to both work and conversations in social gatherings.

Overall, a great product. No issues, like adverse effects or unpleasant residual effects. I was glad I was part of this trial.

Endoca’s CBD Topicals

  •  CBD-rich organic hemp extracts
  • organic, gluten-free, and THC-free

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Endoca’s CBD creams, salves, and balms contain CBD-rich organic hemp extracts and organic, natural food-grade ingredients with moisturizing qualities, such as shea butter, coconut oil, and vanilla extracts.

These topicals are aimed at easing skin rashes and irritation, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, as well as relieving muscle cramps and joint pain. They contain vitamins that are essential for skin nourishment, like Vitamin E.

They are organic, gluten-free, and THC-free (lip balm). So, don’t worry if you end up eating a little bit of it. But one must be careful to avoid letting any of it coming in contact with your eyes – it may cause a burning sensation!

The brand’s CBD topicals come in different potencies. All three topicals have different potencies, composition, and targeted effects.

Ways of Consumption

Apply it on your skin – face and/or body anytime you want or need.


The dosage of this product depends entirely on an individual/personal requirement/choice.


  • CBD Salve: 750mg CBD
  • CBD-Infused Cream: 300mg & 1500mg CBD
  • CBD Balm: 20mg CBD


  • Salve: Lemony- Orangey-Vanilla
  • Cream: Rich-chocolaty-nutty with tones of vanilla
  • Balm: Orangey-Vanilla

Lab Test

Website visitors cannot see which third-party labs have tested these products or even find any proof that it has been tested by independent labs at all.


  • CBD Salve (750mg): €57 (approx. $61.74, i.e. $0.08/mg)
  • CBD Cream (300 & 1500mg): €32 & €73 (approx. $34.66 & $79.07, i.e. $0.12/mg & $0.05/mg)
  • CBD Balm (20mg): €7 (approx. $7.58, i.e. $0.38/mg)

Obviously, the higher the product’s overall weight, the lower is its per mg price.

Our Experience

We asked a few of our employees to pick any one of three products. We made sure that all three products were tried out by someone. Some of them even tried out more than one product, with a few trying out all three of them. While those with intense dryness issues tried out the salve, the cream was tried out by most users. The lip balm was also used by most testers. Accordingly, this is what we found out:


Great for localized irritation and dryness. Takes at least 3 – 4 days to completely heal extreme dryness, whereas irritation eases within a day or two. The texture is thick and smooth and it smells pretty awesome. It has great aromatherapeutic effects. The skin lightens up with regular use, reducing tanning, skin rashes, and dark circles. It was also found to be great for insect bites and localized inflammations on the skin surface.

Cream (1500mg):

The cream had a more pronounced effect. Since it can be used like any other body butter, people found this to be more useful and effective. They usually used this product at night before bedtime, allowing the skin to heal and revive its luster overnight. It not only relieves your skin from inflammations, rashes, and irritations, it also smoothens the skin texture and nourishes it. It smelt so much better than most other body lotion or butter – sort of yummy!


The lip balm was great too! It can also be used on your cracked knuckles or elbows, removing all the dead skin and smoothening it overnight. You can even use it when you step out, as it doesn’t darken the skin. So most of the users would carry it around in their pocket or purse. It smelt nice and yummy and felt soft and smooth to the touch, leaving the skin supple all-day-long!

Endoca FAQs

Does Endoca’s Hemp Seed Oil contain any CBD?

The brand claims that its Hemp Seed Oil contains about 300mg CBD.

Do Endoca’s products contain THC?

Yes. Endoca’s products are all made from full-spectrum hemp extracts. Naturally, they contain THC. However, since these extracts are sourced from industrial hemp, the overall THC-content is as low as 0.3%, and sometimes even lower. In the case of a few of the products, like the CBD lip balm, there is zero THC.

Such low concentrations of THC usually don’t get you “high” or make you fail a drug test. However, using very high doses of these products before a drug test can make you fail the test.

Does Endoca sell any CBD Edibles?

Yes, it does. However, the options are very few – one to be exact. It sells only chewing gums. But, if you like gummies, you can make them at home with the help of Endoca’s CBD Crystals.

What are the dosages for Endoca’s CBD products?

The brand offers CBD dosage suggestions. However, these are only that – suggestions. CBD dosage is generally dependent on a lot of variables, like the user’s body weight, the issue being targeted and its extent and intensity, his/her age, gender (women need less CBD), chemical balance within the particular user’s endocannabinoid system, among other factors. Again, not all formulations have the same effect or even similar intensity of effects. So, when it comes to CBD, it is always a trial-and-error process. Start low, and gradually calibrate it according to requirement.

What is unique about Endoca’s products?

This is perhaps the only brand in the market to offer both raw and decarboxylated variants in most of its product lines, especially its tinctures and capsules. Both its medium and strong potency variants offer this option.

What is the difference between Endoca’s 15% hemp oil drops and 15% CBD capsules?

 Endoca’s 15% Raw Hemp Oil Drops contains CBDa + CBD mixed with hemp seed oil, while its 15% CBDa + CBD capsules contain only a concentration of these cannabinoids, without any hemp seed oil – a potent healing and nourishing substance. Besides, the hemp seed oil acts as a catalyst in the absorption process when these tinctures are taken sublingually, thus boosting its bioavailability.

Parting Thoughts

Generally speaking, Endoca’s products are of overall high-quality, organic, and highly potent. It ships all over the world and offers some very unique options in CBD and hemp products.

Although some of the products may seem a tad bit expensive, they are worth every cent you spend on them.

However, the most disheartening thing about this brand is the total absence of transparency when it comes to lab testing. There is no mention or indication of which third-party laboratories have been used to test its products.

To operate, thrive, and stand out in the CBD industry, a brand needs to have excellent practices and policies, especially to be as transparent as possible. Even brands making mediocre-quality products make sure to post their products’ third-party lab test results. The purpose is to prove the safety, potency, and usefulness of the products.

Our suggestion: Post the original third-party lab CoAs if the products are tested by any independent labs. If not, then don’t claim to do so. At least, honesty counts for something – reliability and trustworthiness.