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Charlotte’s Web aka CW Hemp CBD Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new user or an experienced one – when it comes to CBD you need to have all the facts right to make a well-informed decision about what is good, safe, and effective for you. If not, you may end up doing more harm to your health that the good that you expected from this natural chemical compound.

At “The Cannabis Radar”, we continually strive to present you with information, news, research updates on everything that is happening in the CBD and cannabis industry.

We not only consider the general opinion of users but also frequently try out different brands of CBD products as well. We test for their quality, safety, efficacy, affordability, as well as check to see if the claims made by the brand as well as “reviewers” are genuine. Finally, we recommend only the best, safest, the most efficient, and fairly priced products for our viewers.

CW Hemp Reviews: CBD Product Highlights

Being a neutral, purely information-based resource portal, we are not affiliated with any brand. Instead, our affiliations lie with our readers. Our initiatives are fueled solely by the need to create and spread awareness about the CBD industry as well as about the cannabis-derived natural chemicals that have many untapped therapeutic effects.

We aim to reach out to as many people as we can with news, updates, and honest information on everything that’s happening in the CBD and cannabis industry across the world.

That is why we are reviewing CW Hemp or what is more popularly known as Charlotte’s Web (Stanley Brothers). This brand is an industry leader that has set very high standards of quality control and product efficacy by going above and beyond what is simply necessary.

In this review, we will be discussing this brand and its products extensively with in-depth details.

Charlotte’s Web continually keeps raising the established standards of quality products by improving their existing products and working on new ones to suit the needs and conveniences of users in the best way possible. They are constantly working on improving the potency of natural cannabinoids through technologically advanced processes and making this potent substance more easily available to the common man.

Founded by the Stanley Brothers in 2013, Charlotte’s Web is today one of the leading brands in the CBD industry, especially known for its organic (and often gluten-free and vegan), whole-plant hemp extract-based wellness supplements.

The Colorado-based Stanley brothers (Joel, Jesse, Jared, Josh, Jordan, Jon, and Austin) were instrumental in bringing about the legislative changes in the US that legalized farming of hemp, making 0f CBD products, and distribution of such products among the masses – thus paving the way for a chance for a healthier generation and chance to reverse the evils of synthetic chemicals in our lives.

Their revolutionary journey began with their success story in helping 6-year-old Charlotte Figi with their unique strain of hemp and formulation CBD Oil. If you live outside Colorado, you may not have access to the original formulation. However, its current formulation for the rest of the US is as potent and safe as the original concoction.

Although not much is known about the brand’s extraction and manufacturing processes, the quality of its products is pretty evident from its effects.

What Do You Get When You Buy From CW Hemp?

  • From the seeds to the shelves – CW Hemp maintains high standards of quality control and potency.
  • The Stanleys test the soil (phytoremediation) for toxins, pollutants, and other contaminants before sowing a fresh batch of hemp seeds.
  • CW Hemp is known for its unique blend of organic, non-GMO, full-spectrum CBD products.
  • Charlotte’s Web’s extracts come from only the aerial parts of the hemp plants (a fact that makes its products a little costlier than most other brands).
  • The company manufactures its products in an FDA-registered facility.
  • CW Hemp’s products are third party-verified for current Good Manufacturing Practices cGMP).
  • CW’s products are available in a wide range of potencies, flavors, and delivery options.
  • The brand also offers special formulations for different health issues, like sleep disorder, pain, and inflammation, or stress and anxiety.
  • The products are fairly priced – mid-range price, but value for every cent you spend.
  • Bundles (combos), Bulk Packs (same product), and seasonal discounts available for all customers, besides special discounts for specific groups of people.
  • All products are also available in retail stores locally across the US. Find out if your nearest store sells Charlotte’s Web products from the Store Locator page on the brand’s website.
  • When you place an order with CW, you get free shipping as long as your order totals $74.99 or above and live within the US.
  • The company has consumer-friendly policies and maintains a comparatively transparent business practice – from its farming and extraction to production and distribution. (The brand needs to put in extra effort in its lab testing level.)
  • Born out of the need to help people with the natural therapy of cannabidiol, this product today makes over $100 million in sales.
  • The website is quite informative. If you have any queries before making a purchase, you can check out their CBD BLOG, FAQs or CBD 101

Product Lines Offered by Charlotte’s Web

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Isolates
  • CBD For Dogs
  • Bundles (Combo Packs for Specific Conditions)
  • Bulk Orders (Money-Saver Packs)

Is There A Flipside To This Brand?

Yes. Some aspects of this brand do tend to draw criticism. For instance, frequent shipping delays and occasionally unresponsive customer support.

The brand’s lab test results aren’t very reliable either. The products’ cannabinoid profiles (both CBD- and THC-content) tend to be inconsistent and often doesn’t reflect what the test show.

Besides, some may even find this brand of CBD products to be quite expensive, i.e. they aren’t affordable for all. However, you can choose the bulk options or use our Coupon Code [] to get excellent discounts!

CW Hemp Products Features and Highlights

CW Hemp’s vast range of products contains different kinds of ingredients customized for maximum effect with minimum side effects.

Hemp Source

Colorado, US

Drug Test

Ideally, you should not fail a drug test after using these CBD products. However, the risk of testing positive is always there in the case of full-spectrum hemp extracts, and it especially increases if a large dose is taken just before the test.

Be careful about the doses and always start with low doses and titrate your way up until you find the right dose for you. This way, you naturally decrease your chances of failing a drug test.

Lab Test

The company’s in-house lab as well as third-party lab ProVerde Laboratories test each batch of CW Inc’s products to check their cannabinoid profile, potency profile, and safety profiles, which include the presence of solvents, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, among other contaminants.

They also ensure that the full-spectrum extracts used in the products don’t contain any more than 0.3% THC (permissible level of the main psychoactive component of cannabis plants).

However, these lab results aren’t readily available on the website for customers who are yet to place an order. Only after you receive your product in hand can you check the lab reports.

To download the Certificate of Analysis of your particular product, you must enter the Lot Number printed on the product label on the site’s CoA Page and access the link to the PDF page.

Official Company Name

Charlotte’s Web Inc.

Coupon Codes

Charlotte’s Web is a brand that designs and makes amazingly high-quality products. They may seem expensive for some, even when purchased in bulk or bundles. In such cases, you can apply our Cw Hemp Coupon Code during checkout for attractive discounts!

Shipping policy

    • Free ground shipping within the US on all orders worth at least $74.99
    • Takes around 7 business days
    • For all shipping queries, customers can get in touch with the customer support team on 855-790-8169

Return & Refund Policy

    • 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee: Customers get 30 days to return the unused portion of any product to the company facility if they find the particular product to be dissatisfactory in terms of quality and ask for a refund.
    • Shipping Damage Redressal: In case you receive any product in a damaged condition (damage caused during shipping), you must intimate the company within 48 hours of receiving the product for a full refund.

Contact Details

Call: 719-419-8169 (Shipping & Return)/ 1-855-790-8169 (General)


Online Chatbox

The Brand’s Contact Us Form Page

Customer Support Timings:

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 5 pm MST

Friday: 9 am – 3 pm MST

Our Experience with CW Hemp Products

As a pioneering brand of much repute in the CBD industry, Charlotte’s Web has been able to garner much faith and trust among CBD users worldwide.

The brand website has done quite a bit to contribute to the maintenance of this trust through its elaborate Blog, FAQs, and other info sections.

This easy-to-navigate website has made the shopping experience very convenient and simple. The ample amount of information provided about the products and the neat categorization have made the users’ job of finding the right product easy.

The wide variety of products available on the brand website is pretty awesome! CW doesn’t just serve humans, but their canine pets too! The brand hasn’t restricted its range of pet products to only CBD tinctures or CBD gummies. It has a whole range of CBD products for them as well, just like they do for humans!

Besides, the website also has a Product Finder page where you can fill up a Yes or No form to find out the product that best suits your purpose.

The best part about shopping on Charlotte’s Web website is the availability of a massive amount of information relating to the product on each product page. From the product description, packaging, and variants to usage instructions and benefits – they have it all! The product pages also contain product-specific FAQs and Blog articles.

Apart from its online e-tail store, the brand’s products are also available in several retail (brick-and-mortar) outlets across the US. Check out your nearest store from their Store Locator.

The brand is also quite big on its affiliate program and maintains complete transparency when it comes to their investor relations.

The brand is aware that its products are not affordable for many. So, it offers discounts to all its subscribers, besides offering bundle and bulk packs. Apart from that, they also offer special discounts to veterans, military personnel, and some other special groups of people.

This is besides its rewards program through which a customer can earn reward points for every dollar spent on the brand website as well as for referrals (only for registered customers). These reward points can be redeemed during checkout.

Note: You can either opt to use all your reward points or not use any at all during checkout. If you choose to redeem your reward points, you don’t earn extra points for the amount paid to make the purchase; only the discount. These points expire after 365 days. So, use them within the year.


CW Hemp CBD Oils

  • available in 4 flavors and 4 CBD concentrations
  • organic, gluten-free and vegan

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Charlotte’s Web offers the most of what a CBD tincture user may need or want. Its full-spectrum tinctures are available in 4 flavors and 4 CBD concentrations. The brand also has a single-variant of CBD isolate oil. Besides, the brand sells its tinctures in 2-sized bottles – 30ml (the standard size) and 100ml. These tinctures are all organic, gluten-free, and vegan.

Ways of Consumption

Ideally, sublingually. Use the pump applicator to drop the desired dosage under your tongue.

But you can also add the natural olive oil-flavored tinctures with food and consume. But this is a less effective method of delivery when it comes to tinctures, as CBD is more effective when it does not have to go through the digestive system (where it must interact with the liver enzymes before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream).

Potencies ~ Flavors ~ Price

Per ML Potency

30 ML Potency



100 ML Potency



7mg (Full-Spec)


Mint Chocolate (MCT Oil), Lemon Twist, Orange Blossom, and Olive Oil (Natural)




Mint Chocolate (MCT Oil) & Olive Oil (Natural)



17mg (Full-Spec)


Mint Chocolate (MCT Oil), Lemon Twist, Orange Blossom, and Olive Oil (Natural)




Mint Chocolate (MCT Oil) & Olive Oil (Natural)



50mg (Full-Spec) (Original)


Mint Chocolate (MCT Oil) & Olive Oil (Natural)




Mint Chocolate (MCT Oil) & Olive Oil (Natural)



60mg (Full-Spec) (Latest addition: Only available online)


Mint Chocolate (MCT Oil), Lemon Twist, and Orange Blossom




Mint Chocolate (MCT Oil)


Isolate (20mg)






There is no specific dosage for CBD products. For one, CBD products aren’t approved by the FDA. Secondly, CBD reacts with people’s health depending on several variables, including:

  • Bodyweight
  • Age
  • Gender
  • The type of physical condition/issue/disease/ailment
  • The extent and intensity of the problem
  • The extent of the intended effect
  • Specific formulation or cannabinoid blend and extract type
  • Delivery method (although this is a constant when you use only one type of delivery option)
  • Current chemical balance within the body
  • Specific characteristics of the particular user’s endocannabinoid system

So much so, even the same person may react differently to the same CBD product of the same brand at different times. It is always a matter of trial-and-error. So, every time you start using CBD after a long gap, start with the lowest possible dose and titrate upwards from there until you find the right amount for you for your present condition (physical and/or mental).

Our Experience

Our experience with these CBD oils wasn’t that great initially. However, with regular and consistent use, we got impressive effects after only a couple of days!

We used the Orange Blossom-flavored 60mg full-spectrum CBD Oil (30ml), the brand’s latest online addition to their offerings for our review.

The effects we experienced:

  • Improvement in sleep patterns
  • Lowering of anxiety and depression
  • Lowering of pain and inflammation caused by exertion and exhaustion; not much effect on chronic pain issues
  • Regulation in appetite
  • Increase in overall energy level

However, one thing we would like to add about the disadvantages of this brand of CBD tinctures is that the brand doesn’t seem to care that its price is not competitive at all. In fact, many of us decided never to try out these tinctures again. The only reason for that is that most people can’t afford to spend so much on a CBD tincture that is not offering anything extra than the lesser-priced ones (in the market). There are some other brands of CBD tinctures that offer effects that are as good as this product and are far less expensive than this one.

CW Hemp CBD Oil Liquid Capsules

  •  two high-potency variants
  • pre-dosed CBD concentration

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CBD Oil Liquid Capsules are more convenient to use, less hassle, and come with pre-dosed CBD concentration. This is great for those who don’t need flexibility or too many adjustments in their CBD dosage. This is also good for those who do not like the taste of hemp or any other flavorings (however natural they maybe).

However, mind you, this is consumed orally, i.e. this goes through the digestive system before getting absorbed into the bloodstream, thus reducing its bioavailability (effective CBD content).

CW currently sells only CBD oil liquid capsules. Earlier the brand also sold dry capsules but recently decided to phase it out completely.

It now sells two high-potency variants in CBD oil liquid capsules – 15mg and 25mg per capsule – both available in 3-sized bottles – 30-count, 60-count, and 90-count.

In the table below, you can see the total potencies and their prices. This will help you decide on the variant to choose to ensure both efficiency and affordability.

Ways of Consumption

CW’s CBD oil liquid capsules are consumed like any other pills – swallowed with water. CW always recommends taking their CBD products on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness.

Potency ~ Size ~ Price

Potency per capsule


Total Potency





$54.99 ($0.12/mg)



$99.99 ($0.11/mg)



$149.99 ($0.11/mg)




$94.99 ($0.13/mg)



$179.99 ($0.12/mg)



$269.99 ($0.12/mg)



The brand suggests taking 1 capsule up two times daily. But, as elaborated earlier, CBD dosage is relative – from person to person, from condition to condition, among other variables.

Our Experience

Our initial experience with CW’s capsules was almost the same as its tinctures. It may be possible because they use the same full-spectrum blend of hemp extract in both these products.

We used two size-variants of its 25mg capsules – 30-count and 60-count, as we were trying to address anxiety (and sleep) and pain issues. Those testers who had anxiety and sleep issues, used the 30-count bottles, as they were going to take 1 capsule a day, while those with pain and inflammation chose the 60-ct bottles, as pain is more difficult to treat.

These were the effects:

  • It one dose to help with mild anxiety issues
  • At least, 2 doses were required to have any kind of effect on severe anxiety issues
  • For sleep issues, one capsule was enough to get 6 hours of undisturbed sleep. With consistent use, testers got peaceful 8 hours of sleep, helping them improve the quality of sleep and pattern of sleep cycles.
  • Pain and inflammation were, as expected, more difficult to treat.
  • The first dose did not help much, as the subjects had stayed off all kinds of CBD products for over 2 weeks when they started on these capsules.
  • The second dose later in the day (after around 6 hours) helped them numb the pain, but only slightly
  • The third dose after about 3 hours helped them numb it even further. (By now, they realized they would need the 90-count variant for better results and keep it cost-effective)
  • In the long run, users with pain and inflammation issues had to stick to the 3-capsules-a-day routine to keep the pain at bay.
  • The inflammation had almost entirely subsided for most users by the third day, although the pain kept creeping back in after only a few hours.
  • Towards the end of the month, the pain was more manageable and showed positive potential.

With these capsules too, we would want to point out that these are expensive capsules. It is not quite that affordable in the long run unless you can keep availing discounts. [Apply our Coupon Code for regular discounts.]

CW Hemp CBD Gummies

  • organic, gluten-free, vegan
  • CBD-rich hemp extracts

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These are organic, gluten-free, vegan, full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extracts contained in soft, chewy, and delicious gummy bears that come with additional organic botanical extracts to promote relaxation and relieve stress, promote sleep, or support joint health and help recover from exercise-induced inflammation.

Each jar contains 60 gummies, with each of the 3 variants coming in 3 separate delicious flavors, each apt for the specific purpose. They contain no artificial additives, coloring, or flavoring. Everything that these gummies contain is natural and organic.

Ways of Consumption

Pop into your mouth and chew or simply keep it in your mouth for a slower and more prolonged effect.

But the effects are, in any case, slower than tinctures as it is an edible product, i.e. goes through the digestive system and interacts with the liver enzymes before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Potencies ~ Flavors ~ Key Components ~ Price






CBD Potency Per Gummy

Main Ingredients


60 count

Lemon Lime




CBD, L-theanine (50mg/gummy) & Lemon Balm (75mg/gummy); Organic Flavoring


60 count





CBD & Melatonin (3mg/gummy)


60 count





CBD, Ginger (25-50mg/gummy) & Turmeric (50mg curcuminoids

per gummy)



1 – 2 gummies once or twice a day, or as per required according to the earlier mentioned variables.

Our Experience

An amazingly fantastic and yummy way to deliver your daily dose of CBD, these gummies were great for boosting sleep, calming the nerves, and making you feel energized (in the morning) or recovering from joint pain or muscle cramps. Each of these gummies is made for some specific needs of users. So, we used all three variants, taking each variant at a specific time of the day, to gauge the effects.

Since we were not on any other CBD product from 2 weeks before this course, our bodies were in the right condition to get a fair idea of the efficacy of these CBD gummies. That is…

  • Recovery gummies when we woke up or right after our morning workout regimen
  • Calm gummies during the day (only those with anxiety issues) or after work to relax (everyone else)
  • Sleep gummies 15 – 30 mins before bedtime
  • Recovery gummies were good for making us feel energized in the morning and only slightly for post-exercise use. With time, though, they became a little more effective in combatting the strain and stress on muscles. But this could also be because our muscles were, by then, more toned to feel any more pain
  • Calm gummies were good for overall relaxation but did little to combat anxiety issues
  • Sleep gummies were not good enough at first. It could help us manage around 4 – 5 hours’ sleep, that too, with a lot of interruptions. (After all, these are the issues that a user is trying to overcome when he/she is using CBD.) But with consistent use, we managed to get much better, more peaceful sleep, but never as long as a full 8-hour slumber.

Our overall assessment was that these gummies are good as long as they’re complemented with other CBD products, like tinctures or capsules, on a daily basis.

CW Hemp CBD for Pets

  • made from organic extracts
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

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A unique aspect of Charlotte’s Web’s product lines is its wide range of pet products. Made from different kinds of extracts and blends, these pet products are organic extracts – both hemp and other botanical extracts – all of which are great for your canine companions.

  1. Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops (2 flavors, 2 sizes, both for calming and hip & joint support)
  2. Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract-Infused Dog Chews (3 variants – Calming, Hip & Joint, and Cognition for Senior Dogs, in dogs’ favorite flavor – chicken)
  3. Canine Hemp-Infused Balm (Skin & Coat Health; available in only one soothing scented variant)

Ways of Consumption

    • Drops: Drop liquid with dropper-pump applicator directly into the dog’s mouth
    • Chews: Like any other tasty chew, treat, or other edibles, these are to be consumed by your pet
    • Balm: Apply directly on the surface of the affected skin or the skin over the affected joints/muscles. (Apply as close to the root of the coat as possible.)

Table: CBD Products for Dogs & Their Potencies ~ Package Sizes ~ Flavors ~ Purpose ~ Prices

Product Type



Package Sizes



Purpose of Use



One potency, 2 flavors, 2 pack sizes



Chicken & MCT – Unflavored

Calming and Hip & Joint Support

$64.99, i.e. $0.13/mg


Chicken & MCT – Unflavored

$159.99, i.e. $0.09/mg





All are chicken-flavored

Calming Nerves & Relaxation

$19.99, i.e. $0.27/mg (30-ct)

$34.99, i.e. $0.23/mg (60-ct)

Hip & Joint

Joint & Muscle Support

$19.99, i.e. $0.27/mg (30-ct)

$34.99, i.e. $0.23/mg (60-ct)

Cognition (Senior Dogs)


Boost Cognition

$19.99, i.e. $0.27/mg (30-ct)

$34.99, i.e. $0.23/mg (60-ct)




42.5g (1.5oz.)

Soothing Scent

Skin & Coat Health

$24.99, i.e. $0.06/mg

* Each Chew, weighing 4g, contains a total of 5mg of hemp extract.

** A can of Canine Hemp-Infused Balm weighs 42.5g (1.5oz.)


    • Drops: One serving twice daily or as per requirement and size of dog (2 pumps deliver 1ml)
    • Chews: Between ½ a chew to 4 chews a day as per the size of the dog
    • Balm: As per needed

The brand offers dosage suggestions on its website and product label. However, the ultimate amount needed will depend on several variables, just like in humans.

CW Hemp CBD Topicals

  • available in two variants
  • gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan

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A great way to administer CBD locally for issues with the skin (like irritation, insect bites, inflammation, rashes, and overall skin wellness) or localized joint pain and muscle cramps (from heavy workouts), CW’s topicals are available in two variants:

  • Hemp-Infused Cream With CBD (2.5oz tube)
  • Hemp-Infused Balm With CBD (0.5oz and 1.5oz tins)

Like its CBD balm for pets, these topicals come in a soothing scent. The cream is also available in an unscented variant.

Made with non-toxic, all-natural ingredients, these topicals contain organic hemp extract, organic botanical extracts (like vitamin B5, aloe, turmeric root, coconut oil, arnica, and shea butter), essential oils, and oleosomes to ensure easy absorption. They are gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. So, no issues if any of it enters your mouth. But make sure it does not come in contact with your eyes.

The basic formulation of both these topicals is more or less the same, both containing 300mg per ounce of cream/balm. While the cream costs $49.99, its balm, which comes in two sizes, costs $14.99 – $39. 99.

Let’s break it down for you…


Type of Topical






300mg/oz; i.e. 750mg

$49.99, $0.07/mg



300mg/oz, i.e. 150mg

$14.99, $0.10/mg


300mg/oz, i.e. 450mg

$39. 99, $0.09/mg

Since we did not try out this product, we won’t be able to give you an exact estimate of how effective it is. Nevertheless, as per users’ review, this is what we understood:

  • Users found the effects of CBD mediocre, i.e. average performance as far as CBD is concerned
  • Users are satisfied with the effects of botanical extracts
  • Users encountered shipping delays
  • The smell was good, the texture is thick, smooth, yet non-greasy
  • Expensive for overall effects
  • Retail prices lower than online prices of the same product
  • Can be used face and all over body
  • The balm performed better than the cream, but it’s also expensive

FAQs: Charlotte’s Web

Are Charlotte’s Web products available in all 50 states of America?

Yes, this CBD brand has retailer shops in all 50 states and also ships to all these states if you buy online.

Are there any restrictions over the use of promotional offers/discounts?

Yes, there are some standard exclusions for promotions. They are as follows:

  • Can’t be combined with reward points
  • Can’t be used on orders containing Original Formula
  • Can’t be used on bulk products (They are already being sold at discounted rates)
  • Can’t be used on Starter Bundles (They are already being sold at discounted rates)
  • Valid on orders with 5 or fewer items in the shopping basket
  • Can’t be combined with Subscription Program discount

Can cats consume or use CW’s current pet products?

At present, the products in CW’s offerings are only meant for canines.

I am unable to find Charlotte’s Web™ PAWS. Does the brand still sell it?

Yes. But its unflavored hemp extract oil, which was previously known as PAWS, is now called Charlotte’s Web™ Hemp Extract Drops 17mg for Dogs.

What’s the difference between Charlotte’s Web 60mg/ml CBD Oil and Original Formula?

The 60mg/1ml CBD Oil is CO2-extracted hemp extract, while the Original Formula (50mg/ml) continues to be IPA-extracted, i.e. extracted with the help of isopropyl alcohol, which means there is still a possibility of residual solvents remaining in the final product.

Does Charlotte’s Web offer military/veteran discounts?

Yes, it does. Check out their Veterans Program on the brand website. you’re required to update proof of your eligibility on the website and wait for 3 business days to get your veterans subscription approved.

To know more about the brand, visit its FAQs, Blog, and CBD 101 pages.

Parting Thoughts

Charlotte’s Web is one of the best quality and highly reputed CBD brands in the market. Although a bit pricey, this brand offers the best of what’s available in technology and nature. Since this brand offers a wide range of options in products for both humans and dogs, you have a better chance of finding the right option for you and your pet.

Its product lines include all sorts of products of varying potencies, flavors, sizes, and extract types, besides delivery options. So you can take your best pick!

But before you make your first purchase, there are certain you must bear in mind. Fortunately, these basic aspects one needs to look for in a product are all provided by the company on its website, as well as on each of its product labels.

They are:

  • The ingredients
  • The concentration of each ingredient, including CBD
  • Type of hemp extract in each product
  • Possible allergens
  • The purpose of each product
  • Dosage suggestions
  • Storage guide
  • Expiration date
  • Meant for human or animal consumption or use
  • Look up the brand, its repute, and its product reviews online (both on their sites and other blogs and social media platforms)

Make sure to read their usage guide before starting your CBD wellness regimen. But it’s best to start low – even with this brand of CBD products – and titrate your dosage gradually until you find your CBD sweet spot.

No two brands have the same formulation. So don’t take your dosage lightly!