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RE Botanicals Coupon

RE Botanicals Coupon Code for 10% Off


RE Botanicals Coupon Code for 10%

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How to use RE Botanicals promo codes:

  1. Go to the brand website (
  2. Add the selected products you want to buy to the cart.
  3. Open the cart page and use the coupon code
  4. Type the code in the blank field and apply the coupon
  5. Proceed to checkout and pay.


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About RE Botanicals

All important articles were founded by John Roulac about 20 years ago. He is responsible to establish the organic superfood company Nutriva and is known to to be a powerhouse in sustainable agriculture movement. He believes in the philosophy of renew, regrow and regenerate. R e botanicals are the first hemp brand that has received USDA organic seal because of their commitment yo 100% organic product.

The brand believes that healthy soil creates healthy plants healthy people and healthy climate with the traditional farming practices are you botanicals extracts pure and organic hemp which is regenerated into products that can be used for healthy living. The brand ensures the highest quality of full-spectrum plant-based hemp extract which is grown in the United States.

The hemp is crafted and blended with organic MCT oil to give the RE Botanicals products a better formulation the products do not contain any kind of pesticides solvents or GMOs. The hemp oil is extracted from the non-psychoactive hemp flowers it is organic and does not contain any THC.

RE Botanicals of products are available in form of capsules pinches lip balms roll-ons topicals and pet products. The products curated and formulated for general physical wellness and fitness.


Some outstanding features of RE  Botanical products

The brand assures quality as it practises regenerative farming technique to grow hemp which is 100% organic. The extract is blended with organic ingredients to suit different healing purposes. The RE Botanicals products go through a strict procedure of lab tests for contaminants like pesticides and solvent to maintain and retain their USDA organic certified status. The brand works with a vision, so it is committed to regenerative agriculture practices for healthy soil, plants, people and climate. Along with working for a healthy planet RE Botanicals donates one per cent of its profits to regenerative agriculture initiatives and to help the farmers growing hemp.

FAQS for RE Botanical products

What is the shipping policy?

If you are making an online purchase over $50, the shipping stands free orders less than the given amount is charged a shipping fee of $7.

Volume and competitive discount shipping rates are offered to wholesale partners.

Are the RE Botanical products third party lab tested?

The ingredients of the products of this brand are grown in the USA and is USDA certified organic. This ensures the products with high-quality hemp CBD. Third-party lab analysis is available for every product it can be viewed by simply checking the batch number on the product labels.

How many times can you use the promo code coupons?

The promo code coupons offered by the company can be used for as many purchases you want to do until the company offering it.