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Fab CBD Coupon Code for 15% Off


Fab CBD Coupon Code for 15%

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How to use Fab CBD promo codes:

  1. Go to the official site
  2. Add the products you want to buy to the cart.
  3. Open the cart page and use the coupon codes.
  4. Type the coupon code in the blank provided and apply for the coupon.
  5. Once the coupon is applied for you can proceed to checkout and pay.

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More About The Brand

Fab CBD is very new in the industry and has been in the CBD market since October 2017. The brand is very new yet, it does not fall short in delivering high-quality CBD products. The company has a combined experience of 25 years in the health, fitness, pharmaceutical, and supplement industries which adds to the goodwill.


Fab CBD is very transparent about their products. They post the lab results of their products on their website.

Fab CBD has 3 main product categories and all of them are available within a reasonable price range. Given their strengths and quality, you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

They are:

  1. Fab CBD Oil
  2. Fab CBD Chews
  3. Fab CBD Topicals

All of Fab CBD’s products are obtained from organically grown hemp from Colorado. Their hemp plants undergo CO2 extraction to get the oils for the CBD products which are known for producing the best CBD oils.

The company sells a limited range of products compared to other brands. However, this does not mean that they can’t keep up with the competition in the industry.

It's the other way around. With a smaller product line, they can focus more on quality over quantity.


How many times can you use the discount coupons?

The coupons can be used as many times till offered by the company and have validity.

Are the products third party lab tested?

Brands that allow their products to be tested by third-party labs are very confident about their quality, Fab CBD being one of them. Fab CBD’s products undergo regular testing quarterly to ensure that they are making high-quality CBD products. Their latest tests and results suggest that their products are 100% pure and are free of pesticides and heavy metals. The results are posted on the website.

What are the shipping and return policies of Fab CBD?

The brand offers free shipping for orders which amount more than $89. And if the customer is not satisfied with the products, there’s a 30-day refund policy they can turn to. If the customers find the Fab CBD products to be effective, they can earn points from buying them. For each dollar they spend, they will get 5x points which can be used for discounts and future purchases.