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Best CBD Oils for Dogs in the Market [2020]

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been proven to be quite effective for regulating animal health and helping them fight off different kinds of diseases and conditions, some very severe like epilepsy, just like in humans. 

There has been quite a bit of research in this area, although most have been on mice and rats, with very few being conducted on dogs. However, knowing what we do about CBD oil’s effects on humans, we can confidently infer that they would have the same effects. 

Not only that. A large number of pet owners have seen the difference in their fur babies after giving them CBD oil. 

Still, many more pet owners and animal lovers ask…

  • Is CBD oil safe for dogs?
  • How much CBD oil should I give my dog?
  • Which brands make dog-safe CBD products?
  • Do any brands produce pet-specific CBD oils?  
  • Which brands make the safest and the most effective CBD oils for dogs? 

If you’re one of these pet owners, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we will inform you about…

  • Some of the best CBD oils for dogs 
  • Benefits that CBD has on your fur babies 
  • CBD dosage for your furry companion 
  • How best to administer your pet dog with CBD

While some of the existing CBD brands are increasingly expanding their product lines to include more and more pet-friendly products, several others have been established with the sole intent to cater to pet owners, with dogs and cats of different sizes and weights. 

Besides CBD treats and soft chews, these brands make CBD oils optimized for consumption by dogs and cats. 

Our list of “Best CBD Oils for Dogs” talks about brands that make products that are…

  • Dog-friendly, i.e. flavored favorably for dogs 
  • Contain ingredients that are safe for consumption by dogs
  • Safe and effective means of administering CBD to animals, especially dogs
  • Contains CBD that effectively combats different kinds of conditions that usually ail dogs 

Best CBD Oils for Dogs – Making Our List & Review

“The Cannabis Radar” regularly releases “The Best of” lists of different kinds of CBD products. 

To create these lists, we email our direct subscribers and readers and seek their opinion on how each brand fares in each category of CBD products – tinctures, edibles, etc. 

We also study user reviews posted on brand websites and other blogs. 

We never claim that our lists contain all and only the very best CBD products in the market. Nonetheless, we stand by our list of the “Best CBD Oils for Dogs” based on the 4,000-odd people who vouched for them. 

To ensure our readers can make the right choice, we subject each product to our litmus test under different parameters. 

Parameters to analyze CBD Dog Oils


  • Potency: CBD products of higher potencies are more effective. However, we must bear in mind that dogs, like more other vertebrate animals, do not need as much CBD as humans to have the same effect. Their endocannabinoid systems are far more sensitive and effective and only a little CBD can go a long way for them. 
  • Ingredients: Knowing and understanding the effects of the ingredients used in CBD brands are essential in assessing if a certain product is safe and will be effective when consumed by our fur babies. 
  • Hemp source: The source of hemp is another important factor. Hemp grown on regulated farmlands in the US and part of the European Union are safer to extract from, as they are devoid of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, other contaminants, and high levels of THC – a psychoactive natural component of cannabis plants. Hemp extracts sources from regulated farmlands also ensure a healthy dose of natural plant minerals and omega fatty acids. 
  • Lab tests: You must never trust brands that sell CBD products that aren’t lab-tested. Also, make sure to check for the lab reports before you buy their products. We only include CBD brands that make their CoA (Certificates of Analysis) public. 
  • Guarantees: As a show of confidence that brands have in their products, they often market their products with a guarantee. For instance, a 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the effects of the products. Such guarantees inculcate a sense of trust and reliability among consumers about the genuineness and effectiveness of their products. 
  • Brand Image: Established brands that have created their niche in this highly competitive and ever-evolving industry won’t do anything to jeopardize their image. Besides, in the number of years of expertise, experience, and experimentation that has gone into the designing and creation of their products, we can expect them to have found the right formulation of CBD oils for dogs. These factors play an important role in creating brand trust among consumers that are reflected in their reviews as well. 
  • Price: Let’s face it: CBD oil is expensive! However, not all brands selling costly CBD products are actually doing justice by you. That is why we have created this list to make sure that you get the most value for money. 


Best CBD Oils for Dogs: The Final Lineup of Brands 


  • HolistaPet 
  • CbdMD
  • NuLeaf Naturals
  • CBDistillery
  • Hemp Bombs/Honest Paws


HolistaPet As a Brand

HolistaPet is one of those few brands that cater only to pet owners and their pets. Since this CBD brand has focused its attention entirely on making and marketing CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses, one need not get confused about their dosage. 

Holistapet’s CBD oils for dogs are organic, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free. While their lab reports are posted on their website too, the CBD dosage calculation is only available for tinctures. 

They offer free shipping, no matter how big or small your order is. They also make sure to deliver your products within 3 – 5 days. 

Although they mention “Full-spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats” on the product page, the CBD oil extracts are nothing more than broad-spectrum as they do not contain THC. 

As part of its customer rewards program, the brand also offers $2 discount coupons for each review done on products purchased by customers. 


  • Potency: 


150mg – 3000mg (5 potency variants, depending on body weight) 

    • 150mg (5mg CBD per serving): 15ml bottle containing 30 servings – for small dogs below 20lbs
    • 300mg (10mg CBD per serving): 15ml bottle containing 30 servings – for dogs 20 – 60lbs
    • 600mg (10mg CBD per serving): 30ml bottle containing 60 servings – for large pets between 60 – 100 lbs
    • 1200mg (40mg CBD per serving): 30ml bottle containing 30 servings – XL pets 100 – 160lbs
    • 3000mg (50mg CBD per serving): 60ml bottle containing 60 servings – for XXL pets over 160lbs


  • Ingredients: 


    • Hempseed Oil (Boosts immune system, promotes healthy skin and coat)
    • CBD Oil (Promotes overall wellness)

You can trust that these products have…

    • Zero-THC; 
    • No Gluten, No Dairy
    • No Additives or Preservatives

They are non-GMO, organic superfoods made from 100% natural ingredients & organically grown CBD 


  • Hemp source: 


Colorado, US


  • Extract type: 


Full-Spectrum CBD Blend (but in effect, they sell broad-spectrum CBD oils, as they contain absolutely no THC) 


  • Lab tests: 


pH Solutions, LLC


  • Guarantees: 


30-day full-refund if dissatisfied with effects, as long as products are returned in at least 70% full condition. 


  • Pros & Cons: 


Full-spectrum (NO THC), extracted from 100% organically grown, industrial hemp, cultivated in Colorado. Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free ingredientsNo CBD isolates
Free shipping across the US, no questions askedShips only within the US
Rewards program gives the brand an edge over other CBD brands for petsOnly recommended for dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits
Highly effectiveTest reports need to be updated more often


  • Price: 


$25.95 – $124.95 ($0.04/mg – 0.17/mg)

      • 150mg: $25.95 ($0.17/mg) 
      • 300mg: $39.95 ($0.13/mg)
      • 600mg: $58.95 ($0.10/mg)
      • 1200mg: $66.95 ($0.06/mg)
      • 3000mg: $124.95 ($0.04/mg)

The prices are much less in case of monthly subscriptions. Check brand website for more details.

CbdMD As a Brand

CbdMD’s line of pet CBD products, known as paw CBD, offers safe, high-quality, effective, and affordable broad-spectrum CBD products. 

The brand carries out a very transparent operation: 

  • Sticks to the cannabis farming practices set by the US federal government
  • Abides by the US regulations of CBD production
  • Makes its third-party lab tests public 

Their products are: 

  • Organic 
  • Vegan 
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free

CbdMD’s CBD oils for dogs are really CBD isolates mixed separately in other hemp-based cannabinoids and dog-friendly food-grade ingredients.


  • Potency:


Two types of CBD oil tinctures for dogs: 

    • Regular CBD oil tinctures for dogs: 5 variants in two flavors – natural and peanut butter
      • 150mg (5mg CBD/ml; 30ml bottles): For dogs up to 15lbs (1ml daily)
      • 300mg (10mg/ml): 15 – 25lbs 
      • 750mg (25mg/ml): 25 – 50lbs
      • 1500mg (50mg/ml): 50 – 100lbs
      • 3000mg (100mg/ml): Above 100lbs
    • Calming CBD oil for dogs: two variants, both in blueberry flavor
      • 250mg (8.3mg CBD/ml; 30ml bottles) 
      • 500mg (16.7mg/ml)


  • Ingredients:


    • Regular CBD oil tinctures for dogs:
      • Cannabidiol (CBD)
      • MCT Oil
      • Peanut Butter Extract (in case of peanut butter-flavored oil)
      • Calming CBD oil tinctures for dogs:
        • Cannabidiol (CBD)
        • Blend of herbal extracts (valerian root, passionflower, lemon balm, chamomile, melatonin) 
        • MCT Oil
        • Blueberry Flavor


  • Hemp source:


Kentucky, US


  • Extract type:


Broad-Spectrum CBD blend


  • Lab tests:


Paw CBD products are all tested by ISO-certified, third-party laboratory SCLabs. The link to the test results can be accessed from the About page on the brand website’s header. About Our Process CBD Oil Testing View Our Third-Party Lab Results


  • Guarantees: 


Free shipping, 30-day money-back


  • Pros & Cons: 


Wide variety of potencies in CBD oils for different sized dogs and different conditions Very little information on the brand, customer service hours, and the founders. 
Thorough lab test reports, citing the cannabinoid and safety profiles Third-party lab tests need to be updated more often
THC-free, vegan, organic, and gluten-free ingredientsNo CBD isolates 
Affordable Only sold online 
Free shipping across the US; delivers in parts of Europe; 30-day money-back guaranteeOccasional shipping delays


  • Price:


$19.99 – $149.99 ($0.05/mg – $0.13/mg)

    • Regular CBD oils for Dogs

150mg: $19.99 ($0.13/mg)

300mg: $29.99 ($0.10/mg)

750mg: $69.99 ($0.09/mg)

1500mg: $99.99 ($0.07/mg)

3000mg: $149.99 ($0.05/mg)

    • Calming CBD oils for Dogs

250mg: $29.99 ($0.12/mg)

500mg: $44.99 ($0.09/mg)

NuLeaf Naturals As a Brand

One of America’s most-trusted hemp brands, NuLeaf Naturals, produces safe, effective, organic, and lab-tested products. All of NuLeaf’s products are available only in full-spectrum CBD blend, including those for your pets. And, like its CBD products for humans, its products for animals are also available only one potency variant. However, they provide bottles of three sizes, so you can adequately dose your pet according to his or her body weight. 

Extracted with the help of CO2 and some very advanced engineering procedures, the brand produces 100% natural CBD oils. Their ingredients are: 

  • 100% Organic
  • Contain no preservatives or additives
  • Contain no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers

The product page offers appropriate dosage instructions. All their products are tested by an independent laboratory for quality and safety. 

The brand also provides free shipping for all orders within the US. 

NuLeaf does not produce CBD oils that are specific to dogs. Their pet CBD oils can be used on dogs, cats, and rabbits, besides any other pet animal. 

The brand produces no-frills, only natural and absolutely safe CBD products. But that also means that you would not be giving your pets any added flavor to entice them to have these oils. 

Nonetheless, their products are quite effective, which is why we have included this brand of pet CBD oils. 


  • Potency: 


50mg/ml. Available in bottles of three different sizes – 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml.


  • Ingredients: 


      • Whole-plant CBD-rich hemp extract 
      • Organic hempseed oil


  • Hemp source:


Colorado, US


  • Extract type:


Full-Spectrum CBD Blend


  • Lab tests: 


Third-party lab ProVerde Laboratories tests all of NuLeaf’s products, including their pet CBD oil. The test results can be viewed on the product page as well as on the FAQ page of the brand’s website.


  • Guarantees: 


30-day full-refund only on sealed products


  • Pros & Cons: 


The brand sources its CBD oils for pets from 100% organic, whole-plant extracts. They contain hemp-derived vitamins, minerals & omega fats No money-back guarantee on used or tested CBD oils
Sells both online & offline Only one option in potency
No additives, preservatives, or chemical contaminants found in productsNo option in flavor 
Ships to all locations across the US as well as to over 40 nations worldwideThe brand sells only CBD oils, no other products, even for pets (like treats) 
Employs a CO2 extraction method in producing the CBD blendSlightly more expensive than most other CBD products 


  • Price:


$38.50 – $179.00 ($0.12/mg – $0.16/mg)

240mg: $38.50 ($0.16/mg)

725mg: $99.00 ($0.14/mg)

1450mg: $179.00 ($0.12/mg)

CBDistillery As a Brand

CBDistillery is another trusted CBD brand that was started to provide people with an alternative treatment/supplement for people suffering from different kinds of health problems in the form of safe, affordable, and high-quality CBD products. 

However, when it comes to CBD products for pets (only dogs and cats), they have restricted their line of products to only CBD oils of two potency variants. Nonetheless, their pet CBD oils are quite effective. 

The brand has specially formulated its CBD pet tinctures with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, aimed at working in conformity with your dog’s normal bodily systems.

Although all of CBDistillery’s products are lab-tested, the test results posted on their product pages contain only the cannabinoid profile and not the detailed report. For a pet owner to gain access to that, one has to purchase a product and scan the QR code provided on the label. 


  • Potency:


150mg (5mg CBD/ml) & 600mg (20mg CBD/ml) (both available in 30ml bottles)


  • Ingredients:


    • Hempseed oil
    • CO2-extracted, hemp-derived CBD-rich blend (aerial parts only)


  • Hemp source: 


Colorado, US


  • Extract type: 


Full-spectrum CBD blend


  • Lab tests: 


Lab tests carried out by third-party laboratory ProVerde Laboratories is available on their product page. However, this contains only the cannabinoid profile. One must buy the product to get a more detailed report. 


  • Guarantees: 


The brand provides a 7-day full refund on sealed products. However, there is no money-back guarantee on opened or used products or if a customer requests a return after the prescribed 7 days have passed. The option of return only applies to delivery issues or damage during shipping. 


  • Pros & Cons: 


Safe, effective and potent, made from non-GMO plant extractLack of adequate potencies (only 5mg/ml & 20mg/ml), no flavors available in CBD pet tinctures
Available both online and in retail storesPackaging has been reported to be an issue in some cases
Transparent business practices – farming, ingredients, extraction, third-party lab testing, etc. Regular shipping delays, especially during the holidays; customer service is quite adept at handling consumer questions
Budget-friendly; free shipping for orders above $75 across the US.No ‘money-back’ guarantee if not satisfied with products; refunds available only on sealed products if returned within 7 days, instead of the customary 30-day period given by most brands
CBD extracted from the CBD-rich areas (aerial parts) of hemp plants; cold-pressed extracts used to ensure the natural elements of the plant remain intactProducts are not entirely organic. Not much information is available on the website on the brand’s extraction & filtration processes 


  • Price: 


150mg: $20 ($0.13/mg)

600mg: $38 ($0.06/mg)

Honest Paws As a Brand

Honest Paws is among the few CBD brands that produce CBD oils specifically designed for dogs, among other pets. 

Aimed at curing your pet animals’ seasonal allergies, anxiety issues, skin issues, and aging joints and inflammation, Honest Paws makes and sells all-natural, non-GMO, soy-free, lab-tested CBD products, including dog treats.  

The brand provides suitable dosage instructions for your dog as per his or her body weight. 

The brand offers free shipping for orders above $40. The brand also promises a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products if the effects aren’t satisfactory. 

Honest Paws’ CBD oils for dogs, branded Purity, is available in three levels, each containing a different CBD concentration designed as per your pet’s body weight. 


  • Potency:


    • Purity Level 1: 125mg CBD – For pets weighing up to 25 lbs
    • Purity Level 2: 250mg CBD – For pets weighing around 25-50 lbs
    • Purity Level 3: 500mg CBD – For pets weighing over 50 lbs


  • Ingredients:


Organic full-spectrum hemp extract

Human-grade MCT Oil 


  • Hemp source:


Oregon, US


  • Extract type:


Full-spectrum CBD blend


  • Lab tests:


DB Labs tests the brand’s dog CBD dog tinctures, the reports of which are available both on the product pages and as Certificates of Analysis on the website footer.


  • Guarantees:


30-day money-back guarantee if dissatisfied with products


  • Pros & Cons: 


Sr NoProsCons
Products are safe, effective, soy-free, gluten-free, and free of contaminants and pesticidesVery little information on the brand is available. Customer service hours and farming and production practices are also unavailable on the website
Products sourced from non-GMO, organically grown, industrial hemp, cultivated in Oregon, USThe potency variants may seem too few for some, no flavors available for CBD dog tinctures 
Lab-tested products, with full test reports posted on site. For a specific batch, you need to scan the QR code on the product label and fetch the detailed report.Third-party lab tests need to be updated more frequently 
Full-spectrum CBD for a complete entourage effect for your fur babiesEven the slightest amount of THC cab have severe reactions on your pets; No broad-spectrum CBD products available
Value for moneyA tad bit expensive for some
Free shipping across the US for orders above $40; 30-day money-back guarantee if dissatisfied with productsOnly sold online


  • Price:


$39.95 – $79.95 ($0.16/mg – $0.32/mg)

125mg: $39.95 ($0.32/mg)

250mg: $49.95 ($0.20/mg)

500mg: $79.95 ($0.16/mg)

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Like in humans, CBD is known to have an array of benefits for dogs. While studies in this area are few, pet owners have found CBD oils to be as effective on their pets as for themselves. 

The reason for that is that dogs, like we humans, have a vertebrate through which runs their central nervous system, which is also connected with the peripheral nervous system. CBD, like all cannabinoids, reacts with the receptors in our nervous system to influence the way the different bodily systems work or react. 

CBD has no psychoactive effects like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Instead, it has been seen to have quite a few health benefits. In dogs, CBD helps in many ways. 

  • Relieves stress 
  • Promotes mobility
  • Fights anxiety issues
  • Combats inflammations as well as joint and muscle pain
  • Improves coat and skin health
  • Support heart health
  • Improves digestion
  • Wards off seasonal allergies

CBD Dosage for Dogs 

Most CBD brands catering to pets, especially dogs, make sure to include some basic instructions on their website on how to dose your fur baby. 

Nonetheless, it’s best to remember the thumb rule for “CBD and Dogs”, i.e. give 0.1 – 0.2mg CBD for every pound of dog’s weight. 

For instance, you have a small pet who weighs only 25 pounds. The average CBD dose for him/her will be 4.5mg – 5mg/day. To make sure you give the right amount, calculate the number of drops of CBD oil you would require to give your pet according to the CBD present in the bottle. 

All CBD brands provide the overall CBD content of a bottle in milligrams or milligrams/milliliter. The dropper size (ml) is also constant and often come with markers to help you gauge the volume. This would help you calculate the right amount of CBD to give. 

For example, if you are using a 30ml bottle of CBD oil, containing a total of 150mg, you would need to give your 25-pound dog 5ml of the CBD oil. Fill the dropper up to the 5ml mark and pour it. 

Nonetheless, always make sure to start a bit low and gradually increase the dose to find the right dose for your canine friend. Even more importantly, consult your pet’s vet. They may have a better idea of how much to give and when. 

Best Ways to Administer it

CBD oil tinctures come with a dropper that can be used to administer CBD directly into your dog’s mouth or add it to his or her food. But remember, for CBD oil mixed in edibles to work takes more time than it does when it is administered directly into one’s mouth – just like in humans. 

After all, your dog’s digestive system works more or less the same way our’s do, and so does their sublingual glands (under the tongue). Besides, your dog’s endocannabinoid system works more efficiently than that of humans! So make sure you do not overdose.