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CBD Water – The Hype!

CBD water or CBD-infused water has drawn the attention of athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Apart from feeling refreshed and replenished, they feel CBD water reduces the strain on their muscles and joints and relaxes them, making them perform better.

It is one of the latest, technology-driven CBD products that has become very popular, thanks to the use of nanotechnology that breaks down each normal CBD particle into nano particulates. Using quantum physics, this technology helps reduce the size of CBD molecules to one-millionth of its normal size!

CBD water is believed to be more easily absorbed as well as in its totality, thus increasing its bioavailability manifold. In other words, it is supposed to be much more effective than other CBD products.

Understandably, when the bioavailability of a potent substance, like CBD, can be increased to such a level, it would naturally be popular.

Although you consume it, like any other CBD edible or CBD oil, it is quite different from these products.

For one, it does not have any taste, color, or a thick texture like CBD oils or gummies. It’s transparent, colorless, and completely tasteless. It may taste a little like mineral water. Some brands do add natural flavors to the final product to give it that extra zing!

Secondly, it is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream since it is broken down into nano-particles and mixed seamlessly in water (often called water-soluble, but is really water-miscible). This increases its effectiveness manifold.

Thirdly, unlike most other CBD products, CBD-infused water usually does not contain any other cannabis-derived (hemp-derived) phytonutrients or plant materials. All the cannabis content it has is the CBD blended into the water.

Lastly, what may seem as a dampener on the recent popularity of CBD water is its price. Although it is just water and CBD and usually contains nothing much else, it’s still costlier than all other CBD products, in fact, almost double in certain cases!

One of the more “fairly priced” brands of CBD water costs almost $15 for only 250 ml of CBD water that contains not more than 10mg of CBD. The brand’s standpoint is that it offers a “full-spectrum CBD blend” and not just CBD isolate, thus justifying its price. Another brand charges around $5 for a 500ml bottle of CBD isolate mixed in purified, slightly alkaline water. This brand also contains the same amount of CBD.

Top 2 CBD Water Brands: Making the List

In this “Review-cum-Top Best” list, TCR’s reviewers have meticulously pored over data about scores of brands of CBD water to find out the best quality, the safest, most effective products that are truly the best value for money.

1)CBD Living’s Water

CBD Living Water is particularly popular among fitness enthusiasts and yoga practitioners for its pain- and inflammation-relieving properties.

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2) CBD American Shaman’s CBD Water

CbdMD’s CBD oil caps are available in 30- or 60-count bottles, with each capsule containing a minimum dose of 15mg CBD.

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2 Best CBD water of 2020 : TCR’s List of Selected Brands


1) CBD Living’s Water

  • Kosher-certified
  • Full Spectrum

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Being an industry leader in CBD water making, CBD Living has developed as an innovative CBD product manufacturer, with its nanotechnology-driven CBD products.

Its CBD Living Water is particularly popular among fitness enthusiasts and yoga practitioners for its pain- and inflammation-relieving properties. While CBD Living Water is the brand’s flagship product, the brand also makes other CBD products, including CBD edibles, CBD topicals, CBD oil tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD pet products, CBD e-liquids, and CBD isolates and concentrates.

Intended to maintain homeostasis within the endocannabinoid system, CBD Living’s CBD-infused water can be taken on a daily basis for adequate hydration, better health, and overall wellness.

Manufactured with the help of nanotechnology, CBD Living Water is Kosher-certified, derived from 100% organic CBD extracts, and infused in 9+ (approx.) pH water. Users can rest assured that they are drinking a lab-tested CBD product that is completely free from THC, contaminants, and residual solvents.

Established in Corona, California, in 2013, CBD Living has already created a worldwide niche for its products with the help of its vast distribution channels (offline stores) and online presence.


10mg CBD (9+pH water)/ 500 ml bottle

Extract Type

CBD isolate



Hemp Source


Lab Testing

Analytical 360

Brand Guarantees

Free shipping within the US on all orders above $75; 3 days to return orders delivered in damaged condition for a full refund. However, no money-back guarantees on customer-satisfaction of the product.

Price Range

$4.99 for a single bottle, i.e. $0.5/mg; $96.00 for a case of 24, i.e. $0.4/mg

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2) CBD American Shaman’s CBD Water

  • organic, high-quality US-grown hemp
  • gluten-free

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CBD American Shaman is one of America’s best CBD water brand. Sourced from organic, high-quality US-grown hemp strains, this brand produces only gluten-free (except its edibles) products that are rich in natural terpenes and cannabinoids.

Unlike other brands of CBD water, CBD American Shaman’s CBD Sparkling Water is made from a full-spectrum blend (THC below 0.3%), extracted with the help of Molecular Distillation and CO2.

The brand’s products are all lab-tested (using Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography) and meet safety, purity, and potency standards. Established in 2015, the brand is certified by the US Hemp Authority.

Apart from its CBD water, the brand also produces and markets other CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD gummies, CBD candies, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, and CBD teas. The brand also has some THC-free CBD products in its offerings. While all of its products are available at several offline stores, the brand also has a prominent online presence, particularly for its CBD teas and CBD waters.


10mg per 250 ml can [also available in cartons of 4 cans each of the same flavor]

Extract Type

Full-spectrum blend


  • Watermelon-Strawberry Lime
  • Coconut/Grapefruit

Hemp Source

Missouri (possibly), USA

Lab Testing

Green™ Scientific Labs

Brand Guarantees:

  • 45-day return & refund policy for orders placed on the brand’s website
  • 30-day return & refund policy if items are bought from a franchise
  • The company gives no guarantee for purchases made from wholesalers

Price Range

$14.99, i.e. $1.5/mg

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CBD water FAQs

What is CBD Water?

So, what is CBD water? Well, CBD water is nothing but CBD broken down into nano-particles – small enough that you can mix it in water. Like many other CBD edibles, this is consumed directly, without adding it to anything. (You can always mix some fruit juices in it to add flavor!)

Thanks to nanotechnology, CBD water is among the most popular products among athletes, as well as health and fitness freaks, besides CBD topicals, like CBD creams, salves, balms, lotions, etc. When you work out, you need water to rehydrate and replenish your system. Given that CBD had already made its mark on sportspersons through CBD topicals, as they help in relaxing the muscles, reducing stress on joints, as well as alleviating pain and inflammation, this innovation couldn’t have possibly been missed by them!

What’s the Deal with CBD & Nanotechnology?

With the invention of nanotechnology, there has been a massive revolution in the world of medicine and healthcare products. CBD brands, too, have made sure that they don’t remain left behind in this new, innovative world of science.

With the help of nanotechnology, several CBD brands have been able to create products that are not only water-soluble but are also much more easily absorbed by the body, which is 60% water.

Using this technology, substances (like different natural and artificial chemicals) can be broken down into extremely tiny particles (measured in nanometers, i.e. billionths of a meter). Due to its incredibly small size, nano-particles, when infused in water, can move more through the body, the bloodstream, and into the targeted cells more freely, easily, and efficiently. This form of CBD intake has been found to be more bioavailable and can be more effective than even CBD tinctures.

One of the other hurdles with CBD products that are required to go through the digestive system before it can act on the body is it requires a healthy digestive system to metabolize CBD (so that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream to reach the targeted cells). With CBD nano-particles-infused water, however, that barrier has also been bypassed. With this technology, CBD can be readily absorbed and almost immediately into the bloodstream through the thin membrane of the digestive system, as it passes through it. That means almost 100% CBD bioavailability and 5 to 10 times better relief from both physical and mental issues, like pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, etc.

Why Should I Drink CBD Water?

If you’re a CBD user or have considered using it – ever – you would have come across the Benefits of CBD from different places (blogs, articles, social media, etc.), and even found scientific evidence to back that up. But, let me refresh your memory with a small list. CBD…

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Provides relief from pain
  • Reduces muscle spasms and inflammation
  • Support joints & promotes bone growth
  • Combats sleep issues, like insomnia, and promotes better sleep
  • Fights nausea & vomiting
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Reduces bad body fat
  • Prevents artery blockage
  • Prevents nervous system degeneration
  • Combats anxiety and depression
  • Lessens the severity of psychosis
  • Treats psoriasis
  • Combats skin issues
  • Suppresses and prevents seizures (epilepsy)
  • Protects against bacteria and other microbes

Drinking CBD water may be more beneficial than any other CBD product since it is far more easily absorbed by the body than any other CBD product, thus increasing its overall bioavailability (manifold, in fact). Since our body is 60% water, any substance that is water-soluble and can be broken down into nano-particles are naturally more easily absorbed by our blood and cells that any other substance (especially true to medicines).

Fair warning: However, you must remember what I mentioned at the beginning of this article about the drawbacks of CBD water.

  • CBD water may prove to be too costly and not feasible to be used on a daily basis.
  • Besides, the CBD waters available in the market do not contain high enough levels of CBD to be adequately useful for the body.
  • Moreover, you won’t get the wholesome goodness of using a full- or broad-spectrum cannabinoid blend, as these CBD waters often contain only water-soluble CBD – and no other cannabinoid, terpene, essential oils, carrier oil, omega fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, or proteins. That is to say – no entourage effect – no enhancement over the individual effects of CBD. Add to that the fact that CBD waters don’t contain high enough concentration of CBD to be sufficiently effective on the body to combat severe issues, like pain and inflammation. At most, CBD waters can usually provide only refreshment and relief from physical stress and strain. This, in turn, may promote sleep and relaxation.
  • While CBD water has fewer side effects than even CBD oils, one may suffer from dryness of mouth, as is the case with most cannabinoids

How Much Should You Take?

CBD water can be consumed at any time of the day and in any way you like. You can drink it directly or add fruit extracts with it to give it a nice flavor.

As for the dosage, since these CBD products have very low concentrations of CBD, you may need to consume more than usual (when measured in milliliters).

At least, 10 – 25mg is generally needed by the body to be beneficial to a human body for non-medical purposes. In case of specific medical purposes, the CBD levels need to be even higher (depending on the type and severity of the condition).

Besides these, there are other considerations that must be taken into account before starting off with CBD dosing, such as the user’s body weight, gender, age, chemical balance within the endocannabinoid system (that influences how far and whether or not cannabinoids will have any effect on the body), etc.

Find out the CBD content in your CBD water as well as the amount of CBD required by you. Accordingly dose yourself regularly until you get the intended effect.

Does CBD Water Contain THC?

CBD water generally does not contain any other cannabis plant material – no other nutrients, no other cannabinoids, no terpenes, nothing else. It contains only CBD nano-particulates and plain, purified water. In some cases, however, CBD water may contain all the usual plant materials (including nutrients and cannabinoids). In such cases, all reputed brands make sure to keep the THC level well below 0.3% of the total weight.

So, don’t worry about experiencing a “high” or testing positive on a drug test after consuming CBD water. CBD waters do not contain high enough THC to have any psychotropic effects on the human body.

Bottom line: CBD & Nano-Medicines

Nanotechnology is the in-thing in the world of pharmaceutical drugs and wellness products. This technology ensures better and more efficient absorption of the chemicals into your body.

While CBD nano-particulates have the same effect, the reason why their effects may not be at par with CBD oils, vape liquids, or topicals is the low concentration of CBD in them. [Note the two products we have mentioned, although are the best in the market, contain only 0.02 – 0.04 mg CBD per milliliter of CBD water – obviously a very low CBD content to be effective on critical physical and mental issues.]

Besides, the cost, too, is way above regular CBD products, making them less feasible for daily use, even for the fitness freaks!

Nonetheless, if taken in high enough doses, CBD water can be very effective – thanks to its easy absorption and high bioavailability. If you need CBD on a daily basis, it may not be very practical for you – given the low content and high prices. However, for infrequent uses, a high dose of CBD water can be a fantastic and potent replacement for a health or an energy drink!