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Best CBD Gummies
for Pain, Anxiety & Sleep: Buying Guide

CBD is one of the many active compounds in cannabis plants. 


Unlike THC, which is the psychoactive compound that gives you a high, CBD has been known to be relaxing and promote well-being.


Though several types of CBD products are available, like oils, topical sprays, etc, I especially enjoy CBD infused gummy bears because they’re so convenient! 

Top picks for Best CBD Gummies
in 2020:-

fabcbd gummies 500px

Best CBD Gummies Overall - Fab CBD Gummies
The clear winner, FabCBD has the best CBD Gummies in the market. There Gummies are delicious, priced appropriately and our very effective.
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cbdistillery gummies 500px

Best Value CBD Gummies - CBDDistillery Gummies
It is impossible to beat CBDistillery, when we consider the value you get for your buck. Their CBD Gummies are also very high quality.
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hemp bomb gummies 500 px

Best Tasting CBD Gummies - Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies
The specialist at making CBD Gummies, their tasty CBD Gummies beats the competition to a pulp when you talk flavor.
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cbdfx gummies 500 px

Best Quality CBD Gummies - CBDFx Gummies
CBDfx is reputed for making the highest quality CBD Gummies. If you don’t mind paying a premium for the quality, go for their CBD Gummies.
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plus cbd oil gummies 500 px

Best Vegan CBD Gummies - PlusCBD OIl Gummies
Plus CBD Oil has mastered the art of making the best Vegan CBD Gummies in the market. Their CBD Gummies win on all fronts while being Vegan friendly.
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Just like regular gummies, these CBD Gummies are chewy, tasty, organic, available in a lot of flavors, and also provide a great way to take a controlled dosage of CBD.

Simply, choose your flavor of CBD Gummies, put one in your mouth and start chewing. In my case, the effects of CBD kicked in approximately 30 minutes later. While I can’t say for certain how effective they'll be for you, I can certainly suggest the best ones as per my experience.

Here is my list of the best CBD gummies available today for chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

This list has been curated taking in mind, the reliability, quality, and effectiveness of these products.

Best CBD Gummies for Pain, Anxiety & Sleep

#1 Fab CBD Chews
Best Overall



• Derived from non-GMO hemp
• Vegan
• 25mg per gummy
• $0.08 per mg

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

The First brand on our list is the Colorado brand Fab. Over the last 25 years, Fab has made a name for itself in the health and fitness industry. They initially started out making medicinal supplements and have recently taken to manufacturing CBD products.

Their mission is to get people off addictive over-the-counter medicine (primarily opioids) and provide a solution for the health issues which plague today's America without resorting to dangerous drugs.

The Quality Of Their CBD

When I take into account their years of experience in the health and wellness industry, it's pretty safe to say that they know what they are doing.

When it comes to being quality conscious, you'd be hard pressed to find a brand which has more stringent regulations on quality. All their products are entirely organically grown without the help of any pesticides or GMO whatsoever.

They employ a C02 extraction process, which ensures that all benefits of hemp are retained, without putting in any additives or solvents at all.

They test all their products through third-party labs, and the test results are available online for public viewing. They are also regularly updated, so you can put your mind at ease about any quality concerns.

As per lab reports, the amount of THC is negligible and in all likelihood have very little chances of showing up in drug tests.

The Types OF CBD Gummies

Their tub of CBD chews contains 30 cannabidiol gummies which have a total of 750mg CBD. This comes down to about 25mg of CBD per gummy, which is my opinion, an adequate dosage.

I personally don't like brands which offer very few choices on types of flavors, which is why I really loved this one because of their variety of flavor choices. These flavors include organic cane sugar, natural flavors, organic black currant, and pectin. Needless to say, they’re all fruity and sweet to taste.

If you suffer from anxiety, one or two of these spread over 24 hours should help a little. Just, take one of these, wait a while, and very soon your worries and problems will melt away into the background allowing you to experience a calm, without the constant cloud of anxiety over your head.

But then again, it’s CBD, so nothing is guaranteed.

Customer Service

Fab CBD's mission is to help people get off prescription opioids and other addictive medication like valium, etc. They try to promote CBD as a much more wholesome and less harmful alternative. Because of this customer-centric approach, they are very keen on helping you out with all queries and problems.

They have an option of emailing them where they respond back to you within 24 to 48 hours. They also initiate full refunds and send replacement packages if you have genuine concerns.

All this information is available on the website, and there's plenty more information there should you need help of any sort.

Long story short, these gummies are as useful as they are tasty. If you are one of the many million Americans suffering from anxiety, I would definitely recommend giving the winner on our list of the 'Best CBD gummies', a shot.

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

#2 CBDistillery Gummies
Best Value

cbdistillery gummies 500px


• Derived from non-GMO hemp
• Vegan & THC Free
• Options: Original and Night Time Gummies
• 30 mg per gummy
• $0.07 per mg

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

Next up on my list is another famous Colorado-based CBDistillery. If this is your first time buying CBD products, then you would naturally want to buy from a trusted company which also happens to be affordable. 

The founders are staunch believers of the idea that CBD can enrich a person's life in a variety of aspects and they try their utmost to educate the public of this idea.

The Quality Of Their CBD

CBDistillery's CBD Gummies are made from all natural and organic hemp. They avoid pesticides and GMU in the production.

Their CBD Gummies are made from full spectrum CBD, which means that the CBD is not isolated. Thus their CBD Gummies retain all of the beneficial compounds initially present in the plant. This means the CBD Gummies are pure and are likely to be more effective. 

On top of all this, it is gluten and dairy-free and is entirely vegan. It looks, tastes and feels exactly like a regular gummies, except that it has CBD in it.

Being a member of the National Hemp Association, CBDistillery is bound to ensure perfect quality. Third-party companies rigorously test all their products, and the lab results are readily available on their website.

The only downside I found is that although we know the conditions in which their hemp is grown, we do not know the location nor their method of CBD extraction.

The Types Of CBD Gummies They Have

They have two types of sweet, fruity flavored CBD infused gummies - one for daytime and one for nighttime usage (preferably). 

Both these varieties have 30 gummy bears in them. They have a strong dosage of 30mg per gummy bear, which makes it one of the best CBD gummies for chronic pain. 

I found the recommended dosage of one gummy bear per day is quite adequate for managing recurrent pain. But depending on the severity of your condition, I would suggest you take one initially and gradually ramp it up depending on the effects.

Whenever you are in the slightest of pain, simply chew one and then wait it out. I guarantee you, all traces of your pain will be gone in an hour.

Customer Service

CBDistillery is a public company and is one of the leading advocates of CBD in Colorado. They are also very active on Facebook, which gives you an effortless way to get in touch with them incase you have questions or complaints. 

Their "About Us" page lets you know exactly who's running the show and who to contact if you run into any issues.

In short, CBDistillery is reliable and trustworthy. The quality of their products is top-notch, and their CBD gummies pack a punch that will ensure your days of chronic pain become a thing of the past.

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

#3 Hemp Bombs Gummies
Best Taste


• Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
• Three variants: Original, High-potency and Sleep
• 15 mg to 25 mg per gummy
• $0.09 to $0.11 per mg

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

Hemp bomb is based out of Tampa, Florida. They started out fairly recently in 2016 but are climbing up the ranks very fast because of their high-quality products.

The Quality Of Their CBD Products

This is where Hemp Bomb really takes the cake. The hemp they use is imported from Europe, where it is farmed under extremely strict supervision, following numerous safety guidelines. Even before reaching America, they have already passed through a number of quality tests.

Once they are in America, all the products are manufactured entirely in-house with Hemp Bomb taking full responsibility for every stage of production. They are even FDA approved, which is a rare thing to be for CBD brands.

A team of highly qualified nutritionists uses a very scientific approach in making their CBD products, and they have come up with a very unique formula. This formula includes ingredients include tea leaf extract and passion flower, which add to the relaxing and calming effects of CBD.

This formula, along with the complete absence of THC makes for a product which is ideal for your mental and physical health.

The Types Of CBD Gummies They Have

These gummy bears look and taste exactly like a store bought gummy bear. I swear you wouldn't even know they have CBD in them unless you were explicitly informed about it.

What I found to be the best feature about Hemp Bomb is that they have four different sizes available (5, 15, 30, or 60-count). This not only accommodates a wide range of budgets but also makes these CBD gummies perfect for a newcomer.

If you're feeling indecisive about how many you should buy, try out the smaller variants sizes first. However, the bigger sizes are a lot more cost-effective proportionally, and you'll be saving a lot by buying a bigger size.

Another impressive feature is that they have different strengths available as well. They have the usual 15mg CBD gummies and an extra potent formula, which is 25mg per CBD candy. Start out with the smaller dosage and if that isn't enough, just switch up to the more potent one.

I find these to be one of the best CBD gummies for sleep and insomnia disorders. Just take one, and you'll be sleeping better. It's perfect for ending your days on a happy and calm note.

Customer Service

Hemp Bomb's gummies aren't just available online. They are available in a multitude of retail stores across the country and enjoy a broad customer base of users pan-America. So if you have a problem, walk into the closest store near you. 

Apart from their stores, their website also lists out a toll-free number, and they have live agents available seven days a week. On top of that, they also have a very active social media presence from Facebook to LinkedIn. All this ensures there's always someone available for you to talk to about your problems.

In conclusion, Hemp Bomb is probably the best for a beginner because of the choices they have in quantity and CBD strength. The top-notch customer service ensures that this brand is in it for the long run.

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

#4 CBDFx Gummies
Best Quality


• Full-spectrum gummies derived from Organic Hemp
• Multiple flavor options
• 5 mg or 40 mg per gumm
• $0.20 per mg

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

CBDFx has its origins in vaping and vaping products, but have now expanded to CBD products as well. Their flagship product is their cannabidiol gummy bears, and they have put in a lot of thought and care in coming up with a great product.


Their packaging is beautiful to start with. The gummy bears inside also live up to the hype in every way. The gummy bears are gluten-free and completely vegan. They don't even have corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, making them 100% natural.

No pesticides or GMO are used in farming of the hemp, and it makes for a very safe and eco-friendly cbd gummy.

The gummy bears are prepared with full-spectrum CBD, which has all the relaxing components of cannabis except THC. Entirely made in the USA, they are subject to rigorous 3rd party laboratory tests to ensure top-notch quality.

The CBD-infused Gummy Bears

The Gummy bears are available only in a berry flavor. Although it would have been nice to have some variety, I found the texture of gummy bears to be very pleasant. They are soft and very easy to chew.

They have 60 gummy bears with 5mg of CBD in each of them. This is a little on the lower side, but it aids in taking specific, controlled doses - ideal for a beginner. You would need to take one or two to start feeling the effects, and then if you think you're okay with more, just add on it.


CBDFx is entirely reliable, as attested by hundreds of reviews online. If you do come across any problems, they have excellent customer service. You can reach out to them across email, toll-free phone, and live chats. 

On top of all this, they offer free shipping everywhere in the United States.

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

#5 Plus CBD Oil Gummies
Best Vegan Gummies


• Gluten, Dairy, and Soy-free
• Two flavor options
• 5 mg per gummy
• $0.19 to $0.24 per mg
• No Artificial Flavoring

Exclusive discount for TCR readers

One of the leading brands of CBD products in America, Plus CBD Oil is based out of San Diego, California and have become almost a household name by now. They have a huge variety of CBD products, but today we're focusing only on their gummy bears.


PlusCBD Oil gummies are entirely gluten-free, non-GMO, and are made from naturally derived extracts of agricultural hemp, which promotes a healthy balance of both mind and body. 

There are no harmful added chemicals, and it steers clear of artificial colors, flavors and gluten and dairy. Made from full-spectrum CBD, it has fatty acids, phytocannabinoids apart from CBD, terpenes, and vitamin E.

The Gummies

These CBD chews are available in two flavors - Citrus Punch and Cherry Mango. I, personally am very partial to the Cherry Mango flavor. It tastes great without feeling too sweet or artificial and has a soft, consistent texture throughout.

Available in two variants of 30 and 60 count, with 5 mg per gummy bear, the dosage is pretty low, but it is noticeable. It's highly affordable, and if you buy the bigger variant, it becomes even cheaper.


Plus CBD Oil passes all the usual quality tests - from 3rd party laboratory testing to publically available product information and lab results. 

But where it really takes the cake is its Seed-to-shelf guarantee. All the products are individually tracked from the farming of hemp, importing of it, manufacturing of CBD products and deployment of the finished products. This ensures no harmful additives get added in the process.

Also, a QR code on their products takes you to a product page with all the relevant information about each product.

Exclusive discount for TCR readers


Why Should You Trust Our CBD Gummies List?


We created this guide with a user-centric approach. All the brands mentioned above are reliable, send good quality products, and deliveries are very rarely delayed or canceled. 

When it came to grading and ranking these gummies, We followed a strict metric system consisting of different parameters with varying degrees of importance. 

We am listing out the parameters below. These factors are what you should look for when going through product descriptions of the CBD edibles you’re interested in.


How were the products picked - A Buyer’s Guide
For CBD Gummies


1. Concentration (Amount of CBD per Gummy)

The most important thing to observe before you buy CBD Gummies is the amount of CBD there is in one serving i.e. Gummy Bear. The more CBD content, the lesser gummy bears you have to eat to feel the calming effects of CBD. 

It's a lot more cost effective to buy Gummies with high CBD content because then you'll only have to eat one throughout the day. However, you might not want to take too much and may prefer a lower dosage, in which case you should get Gummies with smaller CBD content.


2. The Quality - Source, isolate, full spectrum, extraction process

The quality of CBD Gummies depends on several factors - where the hemp for the Gummies is sourced from, are the Gummies full spectrum or isolate, the extraction process, etc.

Hemp, which is mostly grown in Europe follows strict guidelines and is one of the purest in the world. The way the hemp is grown is also essential, as it should not involve the use of any pesticides. 

Full-spectrum CBD Gummies contain most of the active cannabinoid compounds incuding THC. Full spectrum cannabidiol gummies are usually more effective than CBD isolate gummies. 

The extraction process of the CBD is equally important. Carbon Extraction processes are the cleanest and ensure no additives get added into the mix. 

All the products mentioned above are also vegan, gluten-free, and most of them don't contain any added colors or flavors. 

All these factors need to be kept in mind when judging the quality of CBD Gummies.


3. Test Results And Transparency

There's still a certain amount of fear attached to CBD products like CBD Gummies, that you have no way of knowing how genuine they are.

That's why you should only trust brands which have extensive 3rd party lab testing. All the lab results should also be published online and continually updated, so you know exactly what to expect when you order a product.

The company should also have set policies in place to replace your gummies if you are not satisfied with them or if they arrive damaged or are of poor quality. You should be able to call them up or talk to them if you face any problems whatsoever. 


4. Taste

Finally, there's the taste. They should taste like gummies. There might be a slightly earthy taste to it, because of the hemp being used, but this should not be covered up by simply adding more sugar. That's not healthy at all.

Then there's the texture. It should be soft and chewy and not rubbery. The ones mentioned above score top marks in the taste department.

It's all the more better, if there are separate flavors available, so you can choose the one you like best.


CBD Gummies Side Effects?

A well-made CBD gummy should have close to 0% THC, which ensures that there are negligible side effects. You should not feel high or get more anxious when you ingest a CBD product.

The only side effects you might experience are a little laziness and lethargy, and you'll feel drowsy if you take large doses. 

Final Words

Well, that's it from me today. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence available today that proves that CBD is very useful in treating anxiety and stress-related disorders. 

They are a lot less harmful than over the counter medications and are also so much more fun. After all, who doesn't like gummy bears?