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CBD Oil Lowers Blood Pressure: What do the studies say?

Some people are mad about the legalization of Cannabis in some countries. Some are delighted. But are you aware of what Cannabis plants are capable of? The answer? Plenty. It can even help save lives, which already puts it on a pedestal. Yes, how people tend to misuse for fun can piss you off. But you’ll see the bright side once you know how it helps with various health issues.

Hypertension is one of them. You might not see it as a grave disease, but it can be dangerous. While the disease itself isn’t deadly, the damage it causes is. However, there are natural ways to tackle this illness pretty easily. Of the many ways – using CBD oil is one. Let’s learn more about the illness first.

What Exactly Is Hypertension?

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is among the many measurable aspects of the human body. Basically, it is the pressure of the flowing blood applies to the veins’ walls. You may have seen machines measuring this.

The pressure itself doesn’t do any damage. However, there is a normal blood pressure range for specific age and body type. When the pressure exceeds the range – it is called hypertension. Controlling it is crucial to preserve health and decreasing the risk of such dangerous cases.

Unfortunately, Hypertension can cause horrible effects on the body. It won’t only harm you physically, but drain you mentally more. So researches are going on to treat this condition immediately.

What Causes Hypertension?

There can be several reasons, and here are some common ones:

Stress and Anxiety

When nervous or worried, your heart rate increases. Since your heart pumps blood throughout your body, your blood pressure will rise with your heart rate. And that is how hypertension occurs when stressed or anxious.

Ill Food Habits

Yes, there are foods, if taken in excess, can cause hypertension. These include canned and processed foods, frozen foods, and so forth. Caffeine can cause hypertension too, therefore, people often relate coffee with anxiety. Too much alcohol can also increase blood pressure, and the chances of stroke, heart failure, and irregular heartbeats.


Your body responds to the emotional state in physical ways. When you aren’t at peace – headaches and other physical symptoms of sickness can occur. This causes inflammation inside your body, which can raise your body’s temperature and cause higher blood pressure.


Hypertension is one of the main harmful effects of smoking. So even though smoking helps reduce stress in the short term, it increases in the long run. Also, smoking reduces oxygen in the blood, so your heart pumps quicker to make up, which causes an increase in blood pressure.


Do you know the feeling of sheer bad luck? This case is exactly that. You could have a perfectly healthy lifestyle and still get hypertension, all because of your genetics, which you have no control over. 

The Symptoms of Hypertension

There are a ton of myths around hypertension. For example – hypertension patients experience sweating, nervousness, facial flushing, or difficulty sleeping, and so forth. Such myths make it hard to spot Hypertension. However, when you get checked and find hypertension positive, fear can strike in. Here are some common symptoms of Hypertension:

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  • Unusual and severe headache
  • Irregular and fast heartbeat
  • Anxiety and inability to breathe properly (feeling short of air)
  • Chest pain, pounding
  • Unexpected fatigue and confusion
  • Problems with vision
  • Blood in the urine (extreme case)

If you see any of the above, consult a doctor and check your blood pressure immediately.

Hypertension can damage the cardiovascular system horribly. It can rob you of your daily dose of fun. While nervousness is normal, with hypertension, you get physically sick which aggravates everything. So try to treat it however you can.

That said, treatment costs you money, and even worse, side effects. If you want something natural causing no side effects, CBD or Cannabidiol oil is your go-to.

What Is Cannabidiol Oil Or CBD Oil?

Let’s learn about CBD first – the thing you find in hemp and cannabis. Remember we discussed the good sides of Cannabis we don’t usually see? The medicinal side? CBD is one of them.

While the Cannabis plant has psychotic components affecting you mentally, non-psychotic components like Cannabidiol also exist. The oil produced by Cannabidiol is called CBD oil. This oil has therapeutic properties. If cannabis can calm you so well – expect the same from Cannabidiol oil.

Cannabidiol oil has several properties – anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, anti-oxidant, anxiolytic, anti-nausea, and antipsychotic are a few.

If it resists and cures so many problems, can’t it also deal with smaller cases of hypertension? Well, that’s what we will go over today. Can Cannabidiol lower the blood pressure of someone suffering from Hypertension? Studies have shown it can. However, the oil hasn’t been found effective in the long run, and experiments are ongoing.

That said, if you’re suffering from hypertension, give this oil a try as it has zero side effects.

Cannabidiol Actually Helps Lower Blood Pressure?

Let’s check out two studies with the same question that received similar answers. The answer is yes – Cannabidiol has a significant influence over blood pressure and helps reduce it too. Let’s get to the details.

There were 2 experiments advocating this. The first experiment found people treated with CBD oil had a significantly lower increase in blood pressure.

In experiment 2, the people had to give a presentation. One of the groups were treated with CBD oil. And, the other unlucky groups didn’t get a dose of the blessing. The results were different for both groups.

How Does CBD Oil Reduce Blood Pressure?

Sure, CBD oil reduces blood pressure and is non-psychotic. That said, how exactly does it reduce blood pressure? The answer? It does so in two unique yet believable ways. Here they are:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cannabidiol oil mainly attacks the root causes of hypertension. As we all know, one of them was inflammation. And CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it relieves the swells that occur inside the body and soothes it. With the root cause eliminated, your blood pressure doesn’t rise to harmful levels. All thanks to the CBD oil.

Stress Relieving Properties

Even though non-psychotic, CBD oil can relieve stress – one of the main reasons behind hypertension. As CBD calms you under stress, your hypertension subsides as well due to Cannabis plants’ calming effects.

While consuming it directly has a solid effect, the CBD oil reduces it to a reasonable level.

The Proper Doses

When it comes to CBD oil – the more is not always better. In fact, with CBD oil, you have to pinpoint the right amount when you need it. Less than that won’t bring out the full effect, or worse, might not help at all. On the other hand, more than the right amount won’t have any effect and even might cause more harm than good if consumed more than the required amounts. Take a peek here to understand the right dosage.

How To Deal With Hypertension In The Most Effective Way?

CBD oil sure can reduce your blood pressure at the moment. But, do you plan to keep using CBD oil forever? That’s something worth pondering. Because it would create a dependency that no one likes. So you can follow other independent ways to better your hypertension and give up CBD oil in the long run. Here’s how:

Proper Diet

Aim to develop a healthy routine over time. A proper diet is a key to stress and disease-free life. Minimize or the items that cause hypertension, or eliminate them completely.

Salt was found responsible for high blood pressure and heart issues like stroke, according to studies. Add fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. They’re rich in potassium, and helps reduces blood pressure. Add some dark chocolate or cocoa. Reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Manage Stress

Stress-induced high blood pressure. It can be overwhelming and at times, you might feel there’s no escaping it. What’s more, stress makes you form bad habits – unhealthy eating or drinking alcohol, for instance. Working too much in stressful situations also give birth to high blood pressure.

Try meditation and yoga to control your mind and body. Tune into soothing music to stay calm. Do more of physical activities and exercises. Practice positive thoughts and you will reach a state where you need nothing.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Giving up bad habits like smoking is always positive. Minimize sodium intake and drop alcohol altogether, if possible. Alcohol can even give you more pounds, which again, leads to high pressure. These habits give birth to many other diseases apart from hypertension. So give them up, and even better, replace them with good habits.


Nobody likes to live with something causing them constant discomfort and suffering. People often call Hypertension a silent killer and luckily, CBD oil is a great reliever. Further, without the side effects, it is more reliable. That said, you should never depend on such products to get better, better habits can solve it. So seek help now but try to relieve yourself more naturally from now on.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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