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Comedian Attempts at Saving her Mother’s life With CBD Oil, Labelled as Criminal in the UK

Luisa Omielan with her mother

Luisa Omielan with her mother

The legislation surrounding cannabis use has been in the limelight since decades, it has now acclaimed the status of an important discussion as it claims health benefits that could possibly treat severe ailments like Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis is a class B drug in the UK, any person if caught in possession of the drug can be imprisoned with a sentence up to 5 years in jail. Despite of the government considering it as a harmful substance, users have reported better health conditions and enhanced treatments after using CBD oil.

It is typically known to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, swelling, inflammation and alleviate the symptoms of cancer. CBD has also proven to be effective in improving sleeping patterns and quality of life altogether.

Comedian Luisa Omielan has witnessed the benefits of CBD first hand, while treating her late mother with the substance nearly two years ago as her health rapidly deteriorated after being diagnosed with cancer.Omielan was an extrovert with modern age ideas and supported self-love above all, she spoke about thigh gaps and encouraged women all around to love themselves unapologetically.

Her mother, Helena Lulewicz Omielan was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2017. Luisa was upset about the diagnosis and seemed furious on speaking with UNILAD about it. She expressed her anger for the system which had loopholes and failed miserably as her mother went undetected for months despite of the multiple doctor visits and the way Luisa was held a criminal for helping her mother in any way she possibly could.

She said that when she realized cannabinoid could help save her mother, she reached out to the doctors for help. Instead, they reported her to the police and Luisa was made to hide in a hospital cupboard to avoid arrest and drug possession charges.

She took her mother to the doctor 12 times in the last 12 months before she passed away, each time being told that she had a heartburn or IBS before she finally took a call and visited the A&E with Helena.

Helena was confirmed with Cancer in the emergency room, but they were told to wait until the oncologist arrived and gave her a treatment plan. The next appointment would take place after four weeks from the diagnosis, not only was Luisa petrified but also angry on the delayed process.

Helena was on Calpol – the only recommended drug by the hospital – the paracetamol based children’s medicine. By the time they visited the doctor, they were given the devastating news that only 10% of people survive 6 to 9 months after such a diagnosis, the rest 90% wouldn’t live even that long.

The comedian took matters into her hands and began her search for cannabinoid oil to cure her mother’s cancer. She sought the help of her followers through social media and finally got her hands on two syringes of the oil worth £800, but her struggle didn’t stop there. She had no medical expertise whatsoever on the subject and had to ramble through hundreds of pages on the internet before she could actually use it for her mother.

On the next visit to the oncologist, Luisa explained how she had been tracking all the changes and activities of her mother while using CBD oil, the doctor shut her down and instead put her mother on heavy doses of morphine. Within 24 hours, Helena was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with Pneumonia.

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Luisa told the doctors again how she used CBD oil to treat her mother and relieve her pain but it never showed such detrimental effects. One of the medical examiner reported to the police and Luisa had to hide away in a cupboard within the staff room to prevent from being arrested.

Unfortunately, Helena died only after 7 weeks from the diagnosis of her Cancer. Luisa tells how the system failed her and is one of the major reasons of her mother’s unforeseen decease. With innumerable people getting caught at UK airports for smuggling cannabinoid oil for treating their loved ones from severe ailments, there is an evident urge seen in the public which demands for better and effective treatments such as CBD oil.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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