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Dough, Tampa Dessert Shop Offers CBD oil Infused Doughnuts

CBD Infused doughnuts

From dainty little cafes to luxurious restaurants, almost every one wants to join the CBD space to capture the consumer market and gain traction. With the federal government legalizing hemp derived cannabinoid or CBD in December 2018 with the Farm bill, several companies and retailers have shown interest in the drug.

CBD was once considered as an illegal drug and listed in the Controlled Substance Act, however, after the farm bill was passed, the federals removed it from the list making it a legal substance for consumer use.

A popular dessert shop in Tampa is offering CBD infused doughnuts. Dough, the “sister” bake shop to Tampa’s iconic Datz restaurant, recently launched their new dish ; doughnuts with CBD oil. The CBD infused sweets comes in two flavours: Matcha Honeycomb and Goji Berry Coconut.

The Matcha Honeycomb CBD oil infused doughnut is covered with vanilla fondant icing and topped with a dash of honeycomb to make it a real delicacy. The Goji Berry Coconut flavour features a doughnut with CBD oil covered in goji berry vanilla fondant icing, freeze-dried goji berries along with some coconut to taste.

Though pure CBD is known to have a bitter/bland taste, the creators of the CBD oil infused doughnuts have taken it in account and thus added extra sweetness and distinct flavour to them making them sumptuously tasty.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from hemp plant which belongs to the cannabis genus. It contains low levels of THC or tetrahydro cannabinoid which is a psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants that causes the “high” when users smoke weed.

THC is popularly known to have adverse effects on the user as it alters the state of mind and cause hallucinations if taken in a large quantity. If used for a longer period of time with high potency, THC can lead to mental disorders like epilepsy, trigger seizures, cause stress, anxiety, depression and even affect bodily functions such as nervous system and respiratory system.

Contrarily, CBD is eminently famous for its healing capabilities. It helps reduce stress, pain, swelling, inflammation, anxiety and also treats severe ailments like Alzheimer’s and cancer. Though there are no internationally recognized study or research to back up these claims of CBD health benefits, many users have reported the same effect which points in a bright direction for the drug.

The Food and Drug Administration allows CBD to be used only as a drug to treat two rare forms of epilepsy in children. The agency is yet to set a regulatory framework for the production, distribution and consumption of CBD. Till then the distributors and consumers remain in the shape of ambiguity regarding its legality and whether it is safe to consume or not.

The FDA and FTC jointly issued warning letters to 3 different companies for marketing their CBD products as a cure for Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Until the agency confirms the health claims of the drug, it will not permit any public marketing or sponsorship of the product.

Despite of the stringent rules enforced by the FDA, companies and retailers are still selling CBD infused edibles to the front shelves for the consumers. Many say that it is due to high demand of the product by consumers, while others say it is the changing market trend that they want to keep up with.

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As for the Tampa dessert shop, it will sell the CBD oil infused doughnuts at its store located on South MacDill Avenue. Each doughnut would cost $6 which is nominal as it contains the expensive, CBD oil.

A spokesman for Datz and Dough says that the team is already working on more flavours for doughnuts, beverages and other items that include CBD. CBD cocktails are in the progress work at Datz, but there is no timeline or additional information available on the products yet.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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