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Kerri Parker stands by CBD oil for giving her a second life

Kerri Parker stands by CBD oil for giving her a second life

image Source: thesun

Kerri Parker the popular model was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. Her regular chemo sessions left her exhausted, swollen and deprived her of normal life which she wishes to live. But Kerri has found her only solace in CBD oil. She swears by the effect of CBD oil and wants to stick to it even if it is illegal in the UK. She believes that her only chance to live can be fulfilled by the magical CBD oil and now there is no stopping her. 

Before taking CBD oil, the doctors recommended that she took 12 rounds of chemo which scared her as the sessions made her sicker. When she decided to take up the CBD oil treatment for her cancer she was warned by the experts that she wouldn’t live past four rounds if she took it. It was during her modeling for Playboy magazine that a friend suggested that she go for CBD oil. 

Kerri who has played the body double for Megan Fox had done everything she could to overcome her brain tumor. Her brain tumor was increasing in size inching her close to her death. But a combination of cannabis oil and pet worming tablet has stopped the growth of the malignant tumor in the last three months.  She has been suffering from cancer since she was 29 and it became terminal only last year. The doctor after giving her a clear chit later said that she would be dead by February. 

The treatments suggested by doctors had immense side-effects. She also could turn blind or become wheelchair-bound thanks to the deadly treatment procedures. She couldn’t take a risk because she had an important Play Boy contract to be completed which the doctor dissuaded her to do. Doctors had by then passed a judgment that she could not survive further without therapy but she had and for more than a year.

CBD oil or cannabidiol is considered one of the most potentially beneficial substances that can be used in many medicines and treatment procedures mainly due to its healing properties. Extracted from the hemp plant and with anti-inflammation properties, CBD is quite different compared to marijuana. The main difference between them lies in the THC level which is less than 0.3% in CBD. The more the psychoactive compound, the more euphoric the person feels which is not so in the case of CBD. 

Like cancer, many other diseases have seen the light of the day thanks to CBD oil. Severe and rare cases of epilepsy, seizures, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, depression, sore muscles, and even insomnia are said to be eased by CBD oil. 

With the model whose cancer was diagnosed in 2013, she had to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. But last year the tumor formed again and this time with double the vengeance. It was inoperable. She even got herself tested in Mexico when her friend suggested she try for CBD oil. She then started taking the oil having more than 0.05% THC which was legally sourced from NHS. The swelling reduced considerably and she got her equilibrium back. She was able to get back to herself again. She even took part in the Miss World contest last August and people complimented her for her looks. 

Last month based on the research her mother did, she started combining pet worming tablets with CBD oil for her condition. She now claims that the combination of drugs has not let her tumor grow after a recent scan. But she has made huge changes in her diet and become diet and has shunned an unhealthy diet for her sake. 

She mentions that people have been taken aback by her progress. She continues the alternative treatment despite many experts warning her that there is no scientific proof behind the treatment. MacMillan cancer support also responded that no alternative therapy for cancer has been able to cure cancer. They are pleading to people to consider consulting experts before embarking on any such treatments. 

According to them, doctors want the disease to end and will only support the patient. They will only advise against the therapy if it has no scientific backing, or is expensive or has dreadful side-effects. 

It is due to the lack of any research back up that doctors are currently advising against the use of CBD oil as an alternative therapy. If the person is suffering from terminal cancer, then these therapies can’t cure cancer. But the suffering reduces as proclaimed by many. It is not just the model, but several others also claim that their life has extended due to their CBD oil intake

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But, considering the claims of the medical world, it is better to play safe and resort to any intake after thorough investigation.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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