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Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm’ Star Claims CBD Oil Caused Positive Drug Test, Denies Smoking Marijuana

Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm' Star Claims CBD Oil Caused Positive Drug Test

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Kathryn Dennis, the “Southern Charm” star denies that she’s dropped off the wagon or smoked marijuana, believing that CBD oil has caused a recent drug test to return to positive.


Dennis is countering to her ex Thomas Ravenel in their strenuous custody battle over their children Saint and Kensie, according to the court documents obtained by The Blast.


She is battling to get the children back after Ravenel has invoked a provision from their 2017 custody contract that enables him to remove custody if a positive drug test returns and authorizes only supervised visitation.


Dennis says she was trying to pick up her children last week but the clause was invoked by Ravenel’s lawyer. She says Ravenel has the children and she hasn’t seen them since then.

Recently, Ravenel accused Dennis for failing a drug test which came out to be positive for marijuana. He has asked the court for sole custody and for Dennis to only have supervised visits.


Dennis stands firm on her statement and says that since the 2017 agreement, she hasn’t used any illegal drugs. She claims that she voluntarily used to get drug tests done from her doctors frequently to abide by the agreement.


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She added that a recent drug test reported her urine sample to be positive with traces of the drug about 16 parts per million for marijuana metabolite. Contrary to this, her hair follicles were also drug tested and they came out negative. Dennis claims she has not used marijuana under any circumstances after the court agreement.


She also submitted a declaration form from a doctor saying that the trace amounts found in her urine sample is consistent with CBD oil products – which are not marijuana products, instead fall under the category of cannabinoids. She tells the court that after testing positive for marijuana, she has even quit using CBD based products.


The reality star has taken two tests after she was tested positive for marijuana on June 20 and June 24, where both the results came out to be negative. She is quite adamant on her statement and says that she hasn’t used, handled, seen, smoked or even eatern products that contain even the slightest trace of marijuana since the 2017 order.


Dennis says she is willing to be tested at any point of time as she is confident that she hasn’t used any illegal drug.


She says that it would have been absolutely stupid of her to have smoked marijuana right before a temporary hearing, and that this simply doesn’t add up quite well.


Ravenel lodged a lawsuit in November 2018 against producers of Bravo and “Southern Charm” requesting a judge to prevent them from broadcasting unaired clips on the show.


Ravenel filed the documents as a part of his custody battle against Dennis. She had filed for primary custody back in October for her children. Dennis’ right for custody was taken away in 2016 after she failed a drug test, but this year she was given a joint custody after completing a year of rehab and staying clean.


Ravenel said in his suit against Bravo and “Southern Charm” producers that they “urged” his ex wife to file a custody for the children against him to stir up drama on the show. He demanded from the court to not award the primary custody to Dennis despite her request.


Ravenel is apparently accused of a sexual assault and is about to be on trial for the same in South Carolina. He stated that he discovered that Bravo and producers have unaired clips of his ex wife and children talking about the legal battle for custody and that it will be broadcasted in the coming season.


Ravenel would later continue to intensify this battle with accusations on Dennis saying she bought drugs from her friends, the show producers and that she even caused a hit-and-run case.


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Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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