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Mother-of-three, 51, fighting for life baffles doctors with stunning results after taking Cannabis and Manuka Honey




Susan Dhillon, 51, from Slough, Berkshire: Image Source : SWNS

Susan Dhillon, 51, from Slough, Berkshire: Image Source : SWNS

Susan Dhillon, a mother of three children and a grandmother to one has amazed doctors after taking cannabis to cure her cancer. She had been given just a few weeks to live by the doctors after she shunned chemotherapy, but the results baffled the doctors as her tumours had almost shrunk and some, vanished after she took cannabis.

She hails from Slough, Berkshire and was diagnosed with inoperable fourth stage of cancer of the mouth, nose and skull in June 2018. The doctors said that unless Mrs. Dhillon opted for a chemotherapy and a risky facial surgery, she was bound to fight the battle of life until her last breath.

However, despite the tumours growing at a rate of 5% every month, she chose not to have the chemo treatment. She rather relied on taking a near-pure cannabis, an illegal substance on a regular pace.

She consumed one tablet every day for five months. Each of them had the strength of 80% cannabinoid which is way above the legal mark by 78.8% – it also contains THC, tetrahydro cannabinoid, a strong psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.

A letter from her consultant confirms the regression and said: ‘I can only conclude that Mrs Dhillon appears to have gained significant benefit from the Manuka honey and Cannabis oil treatment’.

Nine months after she was diagnosed with the severe disease, a scan carried out last month showed ‘encouraging’ results with her disease found to be ‘completely stable’ with no sign of progression.

Mrs. Dhillon says, “’It’s an absolute miracle. I was told I could die in weeks or months. They told me it was inoperable.Any hope I had just vanished when they said I didn’t have long.”

She further added that she wanted to do achieve life and live as long as she possibly could. After her results came out, she felt as if she had almost been gifted with a lifeline, like a second chance at life. It was an over the moon feeling, she described how she feared that she wouldn’t live to see her next birthday but here she was, celebrating and recovering.

Last year in May, Mrs. Dhillon had went to consult the doctors when food had started to come out of her nose while she was eating and there were holes all over in her mouth. Her case was fast-tracked to specialists at the Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, for an urgent cancer referral. She had to undergo a quick MRI scan and a biopsy for further clarification of the issue.

Two weeks later, in June, Mrs. Dhillon was informed that she was suffering from fourth stage advanced sinonasal carcinoma cancer which incorporated the skull as well – a rare form of nasal cavity cancer.

The experts labelled her case as ‘very difficult’ and her tumours as ‘extensive’, however she did not lose hope. She was told that she had limited options of treatments which were either chemotherapy followed by very risky surgery, or palliative radiotherapy.

Then later in July, the letter said that if she chose radioactive therapy, her cancer would never cure and continue to grow incessantly.

But She chose to opt out for the suggested treatment and went on with her own will. She came to know about a type of cannabis oil known as the Rick Simpson oil, and then met an old friend who was making her own tablets from the substance.

Rick Simpson oil contains high levels of THC, tetrahydro cannabinoid, an illegal substance which is responsible for the ‘high’ when people consume marijuana. It is basically a psychoactive component which can cause serious mental disorders and trauma in the long run.

Mrs. Dhillon explains her experience and says that she used to feel extremely drowsy and hungry all the time, however, she did not feel any pain or headaches which had made her suffer a lot in the past.

Her prolonged survival and extensive recovery has shocked many, though the doctors are not able to validate the tablets and are unable to explain the healing properties of the treatment, she is recommended to continue using her tablets.

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