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CBD Shop Owners In Lubbock Stay High Spirited Amidst A Legislative Yellow Signal

CBD oil

Source of Image : Usatoday

Lubbock has been witnessing an ongoing debate in regards to the treatment of CBD products by the legislation of Texas. Recently various advocates have lent their voice to this burning issue as a means of clearing out the confusion.

Statement Of Seminole Police Department

A statement has been released recently by the Seminole Police Department for warning businesses and citizens that all cannabis and CBD-oil infused products shall be heavily penalized irrespective of their THC content. It is imperative to note here that THC refers to the addictive compound present in marijuana which cause its consumer to sense a feeling of being high. However, THC could not be traced in the CBD products.

The Seminole Police Department took to Facebook for pointing out that, “Due to the wording in the current state law, CBD oil with even a trace of THC can be filed on as a felony Penalty two group substance and, without THC, can be filed as a misdemeanour.” They also added that, “The 2018 Farm Bill does allow the cultivation of hemp, but only certain CBD compounds have been approved to be used for ‘prescribed medical use.’” The police department is waiting for the next action of the state lawmakers in respect of CBD.

Standpoint Of District Attorney

The law enforcement department of Lubbock is primarily concerned about the usage of THC in various CBD infused products whether they are sold solely in stores or carried on the shelves with other products. A statement released by the Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office clarified that they have not yet received any CBD cases meant for prosecution. They will however keep on assessing the law as well as the trailing facts while deciding on prosecution.

Statement Of Lubbock Police Department

The Lubbock Police Department urged citizens to do adequate background research before consuming any such products especially due to the probability of presence of the illegal THC compound in the same. A statement of the Lubbock Police Department given to A-J Media made it clear that, ″[LPD] encourages community members to do their research and know the law before making purchases. If it contains THC, it is illegal. Despite what a label might say, if it tests positive for THC, you could be held liable for possession of an illegal substance.”

What Do The Shop Owners Have To Say

Although these warnings have instilled widespread fear amongst consumers, shopkeepers have an entirely different story to tell. They are confident about the absence of any illegal substance in the products sold by them. John Jeppson, the co-owner of Hemp Maiden in Lubbock feels that,“The problem with CBD in Texas is a misunderstanding of what the law actually says and vague wording of the law as it currently is. Nowhere in the Texas Controlled Substance Act, Constitution, or statutes does it even mention CBD, let along make it illegal. [The Act] does reference cannabinol, but that is not CBD. Cannabinol is a different compound found in cannabis known as CBN. THC, CBD, and CBD are three very different compounds and I think this causes some confusion.”

Jeppson along with his wife Jennifer is planning to open a Hemp Maiden shop on April 7 for selling CBD as well as hemp products. They feel that their products will find takers in people trying to solve medical problems with the same. They also feel that their products do not have any form of THC component thus making it completely safe for consumption.

Jennifer Jeppson was quoted as saying that, “Many of our customers are people who were traveling to Colorado to get medical marijuana itself, so a lot of our customer base has already made that decision that they’re going to use it no matter what.” She concluded by saying that, “We are really optimistic for the future. Unfortunately, some of our legislators are way behind in awareness of the benefits, but they’re slowly catching up.”


Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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