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New Store offers CBD infused edibles, beauty line and a full body care line in Sugar Land, Texas

CBD Infused Products

Sacred Leaf Zero store opens up in Sugar Land, Texas, after the Farm Bill was signed into law in December.

CBD comes in many forms,according to the website, the store sells a range of products including gummies, pet products, shampoo, conditioner, a beauty line and a full body care line.

CBD has medicinal benefits that can help relieve many ailments such as stress, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and others. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe the mind and relax our body.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the major components found in the hemp and marijuana plant in abundance. CBD oil can be extracted to use in forms of edible and beauty products because of its health benefits.

Cannabinoids are characterized by their ability to act on the cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout our body. It shows pain relieving properties which can help cure many diseases.

CBD promotes a healthy body and mind by regulating central nervous system, increase immunity against diseases and endocannabinoid systems.

Gummies are an easy way to get started, they taste really well and are super effective. Also, the CBD oil infused creams, lotions, roll-ons, and other beauty products can be found in the Sugar Land store.

From CBD oils to pet products, you can find almost everything in the new store that offers a gamut of CBD infused products. It provides 100 percent organic, gluten-free and non-GMO hemp that is extracted with no insecticides.

The cannabidiol store opened up on March 29 at 2575 Eldridge Road.

Though the lawmakers and Food and Drug Administration is yet to comment on CBD infused edibles being sold into the market in stores, producers and retailers continue to expand without much interference from the state government.

However, last week, the FDA and FTC jointly issued warning letters to 3 companies because they were marketing their CBD products with high claims of treating cancer and Alzheimer’s. The Food and Drug Administration recognizes cannabinoid only in some medicinal pills for treating two rare cases of epilepsy.

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The agency announced that it will hold a public hearing in May for the cannabis legalization and its scope in the market. State and local authorities continue to strive through the regulations made by the government taking over stores and production houses for illegal cannabinoid products manufacturing and distribution.

But the law regarding cannabis legalization and the hold back from the FDA has people and retailers confused up to what extent selling or consuming CBD legal.

A fine guideline is yet to be created for the use of legal cannabis to prevent unnecessary chaos between supplies and consumers.

Many celebrities and lawmakers have taken sides with the cannabis legalization and imply that this could be a revolutionary wave for the nation bringing positive impact in the medicinal and health care industry.

Kim Kardashian West, the beauty goddess, recently announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child with husband Kanye West. She says that she will have a CBD themed baby shower because of the benefits of CBD and admits that as much as the news about their fourth child has brought excitement, she is also a bit frantic about it.

Elder sister of Kim K, Kourtney Kardashian launched her own line of lifestyle products which entails CBD based products. Kourtney says, CBD gummies are a great addition for a relaxing night. She further added, “CBD is anti-inflammatory in nature and is known to reduce anxiety and stress.”

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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