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Pro Rugby Team Toronto Wolfpack Announced the Launch of CBD Infused Products in Coming Months

CBD Infused Creams

Image Source: Instagram

The much famous Toronto Wolfpack, no strangers to blazing a trail are getting into the cannabinoid space with a bunch of products.

The transatlantic rugby league team and its wholly owned subsidiary HowlBrands are teaming up with Vancouver based companies including Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. and International Cannabis Corp. to launch a line of athlete focused cannabidiol products.

Wolfpack majority owner, David Argyle said in an interview that CBD is quite beneficial for athletes, it is a natural element that can be used to deal with many issues that athletes often face. Argyle further added that it would be a logical decision to enter into the CBD space with their own branded products to ensure highest quality and safe usage.

The Wolfpack says that they are the first pro sports team to enter into the CBD infused products market space. Their first product is a CBD infused topical cream called Rugby Strength which is specifically aimed at combating acute aches and pains. The members of Wolfpack said that the product would soon hit the front shelves of the market in the coming months.

The cream uses CBD extracts grom organically cultivated hemp and contains 0% THC, meaning it will not have any psychoactive effects on the user. According to the federal law, CBD derived from hemp containing a maximum of 0.3% THC is legal to be sold and used by people. However, some companies are refraining from adding THC at all to play a safe game.

THC or tetrahydro cannabinoid is basically a psychoactive component which is known to cause the ‘high’ that users get while smoking weed. It alters the state of mind and is known to cause permanent mental disorders if used for a longer period of time with high potency.

Contrarily, CBD or cannabinoid is an anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive component which helps reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, depression, anxiety, improve sleep patterns and also treat severe ailments such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Though these claims of potential health benefits by CBD are not backed up by any medical or scientific research, many users have reported positive effects in their health after using the compound for only a few days.

Eva Allouche, head of global brands for Howl Brands said that their ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between professional sports and CBD to offer athletes, active people and anyone who suffers from physical discomfort on a regular basis. She said that the unique range of products will deliver indisputable therapeutic benefits of the hemp derived CBD and help people cope with their physical and mental stress without being high.

A whole new range of CBD products

HowlBrands envisions to make several CBD infused product lines available for the consumers including topical creams, sports pain tinctures, soaks, roll-ons and therapeutic relief balms. All the products will be available online and in retail stores and pharmacies, depending on the regulations of the particular state.

According to Argyle, Canada has been a leading country who has supported the use of CBD’s to improve health and promote wellness. The regulatory framework for using CBD is quite straight forward and documented properly. The Wolfpack is further assisting in the validation of the industry going forward in the CBD space.

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It was also revealed that a portion of the proceeds made from Rugby Strength would be reinvested into the development of Ruby all around the world. The community will expand and include more players and encourage students to learn about the sports more.

The Wolfpack began play in the third-tier of English rugby league in 2017, winning promotion its first season. However, the Toronto team, planning to make the jump to the elite Super League currently sits at the top of the second-tier Betfred Championship with a 12-1-0 record.

With more CBD products flourishing in the market, it is expected that people will start using the products more and use it as an alternative to their medically prescribed drugs. Though research is been going on in the area, consumers are driven by real life examples of patients who got almost cancer free and cured by using CBD oil.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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