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Feeling Hungry While Furniture Shopping At IKEA? Let CBD infused Meatballs Come To Your Rescue!

Vegan Meatballs

Globally acclaimed furniture retailer IKEA has added a vegan menu option to its existing in-store bistros. This latest addition has been in line with the current trends which are increasingly swearing by the popularity of CBD oil. Maybe that is why IKEA has come up with the idea of CBD-infused vegan Swedish meatballs which will cater to the tastebuds of people from April 20th of this year.

About The Meatballs

This vegetable and chickpea-based balls shall be baked with food-grade CBD oil before being laden with CBD-infused vegan gravy. The developers of this recipe have claimed that consuming food infused with CBD oil slows down the rate of consumption so that you can fully appreciate each single morsel.

Benefits Of CBD

The anxiety-inducing attributes of CBD oil have made IKEA believe wholeheartedly in its ability of keeping the purchasers relaxed over the course of furniture shopping and assembly. The company has also assured that CBD does not contain marijuana. Purchasers can be completely warranted against the presence of any psychoactive ingredients in the meatballs.  CBD oil has been prescribed as safe for usage by people of all age groups which has led to its legalization in all the 50 states.

Future Propositions

The stores of this furniture giant at Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, Sweden and Colorado shall serve this new item presently. However, IKEA plans on adding this to its existing menu-list of all cafes within the end of 2020. You can treat yourself to six meatballs tossed in gravy by shelling out 38.98 Swedish krona or 4.20 dollars. Take-home trays as well as catering options which can feed a family of four shall be inaugurated after one week of the initial launch.

The IKEA kitchen is also expected to add frozen products to its existing offerings in the form of CBD-infused gravy, vegan meatballs and a packet of CBD oil for drizzling and sautéing. Although this is the very first venture of IKEA in the field of CBD products, they are keeping high hopes regarding its final result. In case of positive response, IKEA might consider expanding their food products range.

Synergic Partnerships

Hinga Dinga Durgen, a representative of IKEA revealed to VegNews that a frozen take-home CBD lingonberry pie as well as a CBD lingonberry juice has almost reached the end of its consumer testing stage. The furniture giant is expected to collaborate with Tidy Wipe, a startup Lithuanian hand sanitizer brand for installing complementary CBD hand wipe dispensers at all its stores.

The IKEA executives are expectant about this latest CBD initiative benefitting employees as well as the company while creating a much more enjoyable shopping experience for users.

Scientific Studies

Scientific trials have revealed that the calming abilities of CBD oil decreases the chances of customers getting puzzled while browsing through rows of options.  Customers have felt “more present” after ingesting just 5 mg of CBD. They could also recall their steps for finding their way out of the aisles without seeking out help of salespeople.

Shoppers were also seen splurging on high-value items at the furniture store and correspondingly dealing with their hunger pangs at the accompanying café due to the rejuvenating benefits of CBD oil. This hiked up the sales level in both food and furniture departments at IKEA. However, CBD oil also caused customers to fall asleep pretty often which resulted in random people taking prolonged naps in the bedroom displays.

Some other plant-based options which you can try out at the IKEA cafes are oat smoothies, vegan hot dogs and non-dairy soft serve. The non-dairy option is expected to make its debut this summer at the United States line up of IKEA.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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