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First-of-its-kind Food Truck selling CBD infused edibles launches in Colorado, U.S.

CBD Food Truck

Image Source: Thedenverchannel

With CBD’s craze engulfing the entire marketplace, new products are launching every other day. From beauty and wellness products including CBD infused topicals, creams, tinctures, oils to CBD based beer and burgers, companies and restaurants are experimenting their way to the compound quite creatively!

Meghan at thedenverchannel has covered the story recently. Another CBD infused food launched this weekend when a new food truck hosted its grand opening with a first-of-its-kind menu in Colorado. La Xochitl Burgers and Tacos is the first food truck in the state to enter the CBD space.

The food truck is the brain child of Chef Chito Arreola, an Iowa native who moved to Colorado about a year and a half ago to set up his own business.

“We’ve got the only food truck in the state of Colorado that serves a full menu with CBD, a full spectrum of CBD,” Arreola said. According to him, it would be a really cool idea to just have a secret sauce which contains CBD in it to make any dish a complete relish for the customers along with delivering its health benefits.

CBD or cannabinoid is derived from the hemp plant, which is a cannabis genus plant. It is famous for its healing capabilities and known for having potential health benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive component which is known to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain, acute aches and also treat several diseases such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

It is a calming compound which does not alter the state of the mind, unlike THC, a chemical component found in cannabis genus plants that causes the ‘high’ when people smoke weed. The CBD oil used by La Xichotl is odourless and tasteless which means it will not affect the taste of the final dish but will definitely add its value. Also, the owners made it quite clear that CBD will be added only on request and not by a casual dish prep. Aerrola said he knows and understands the risk but he wanted to try it out in Colorado since this state has been quite upfront about various legalization efforts.

He said that with the wild shot he has taken with his food truck, he believes that Denver is a little more open to CBD and THC for that matter. Arreola says that it is the perfect time to enter into the market with the hottest ingredient ever. He has been cooking ever since he was a child and his father opened up a restaurant in 1999 in Iowa and Aerrola has been cooking since then.

“I grew up as a kid going to school smelling like onions,” he said. “I guess I’ve always considered myself a little different than most of chefs.”

He served as the head chef for the president of Gabon in West Africa where he experimented his culinary experience for three years. Arreola has also cooked for some famous celebs like Serena and Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Tom Brady.

However, he never missed out on any opportunity which landed him a chance to try something new. All of the food that he uses is organically grown, and locally sourced, down to the spices. Vegan options are also available making it easier for people to choose their favourite dishes while sticking to their routine. His initial idea is to launch a food truck and observe how people accept the menu, after which he plans to further expand his brand.

He said that this way he can test his new concept of CBD infused edibles in the real market. “You don’t know if it’s going to work so you’d rather pay $50,000 for an old truck like this than take out a half-a-million-dollar loan and put it in a building and six months later it doesn’t really work out,” he said.

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He would definitely want to expand to more options such as brick and mortar restaurants where he can gain more traction and generate profits. As of now, he wants to focus on bold flavours, quality food and great customer service!

The food truck will be located at 2740 W. Alameda from 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. on weekdays. The truck will go on to venture to different food truck meet ups on Saturdays and will be closed on Sundays.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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