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Maker of Oreos are planning to launch CBD infused cookies soon!


Image Source: Digital Journal

CBD lovers might get another surprise with their favourite cookies using CBD in their cream soon! Yes, you read that right, Oreo- one of the largest cookie producing companies is planning to create CBD infused cookies for its audience.

Oreo has been a popular brand across the globe with its prominent flavour being chocolate and vanilla cookies. It later came up with different flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and what not, and people have loved them as it is.

Chips Ahoy, the company behind Oreos and other family friendly snacks are eyeing on CBD to infuse it in their products. Dirk Van De Put, the CEO said that while they are super excited and ready to use the ingredient in their products, they also want to within the legal limits and play it the right way.

The multinational company is still in its early stages of exploring how CBD works and how it can be possibly entailed in their range of products. Dirk Van De Put says that dipping CBD infused cookies in a glass full of milk might sound really cool for the adults but when it boils down to its family brands, including the non-psychoactive ingredient in their products might not be a good idea.

The company plans to come with new lines of products altogether to ensure a safe and healthy consumption of the compound without putting its consumers at risk. Oreo is a brand which has been running since years in families, from toddlers having Oreo with milk in their breakfast to adults snacking on the cookie at evening hours, it is a trusted and reliable product.

Meddling with the reputation of an established brand, such as Oreo itself, is a huge risk. Nonetheless, missing out on the hottest ingredient in the market could lead to some damage to the company if any competitor brings up the game with a new line of CBD products that are safe to consume by users.

A Mondelez spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News: “Our current range of brands are family oriented and we don’t currently intend to bring any cannabis or CBD products under these brands.” The spokesperson further added to the statement that they have been watching out the regulatory environment and studying the cannabis space for developing breakthrough products which will soon launch in the market. But, for now, they are holding their decision to infused their products with CBD.

A number of small companies and startups have already started selling CBD infused food and drinks, but big heads like Modelez and Coca-cola are still waiting to hear from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which prohibits the use of CBD in edible products. The agency has announced a public hearing on May 31 to discuss the regulatory framework for CBD. It will also appoint an internal team of members which will manage and regulate the use and marketing of CBD infused food and drinks in the market.

Van De Put said that CBD has been in the clear air for non-edible products, however he hopes that the FDA will soon bring some clarity in the coming months for CBD infused edibles.

Fast food chain Carl’s Jr. tested a CBD infused cheeseburger on April 20th- a special occasion in the cannabis industry which is celebrated worldwide – and is thinking of launching the menu item nationwide by the end of this year. Constellation Brands, the maker of Corona beer and Molson- O Coors have already invested in the CBD infused beverages space.

Constellation was the first major alcoholic beverage producer to jump on the cannabinoid bandwagon with other companies to incorporate CBD in its products. The U.S. distributor for Corona beer disrupted the cannabis industry by taking a 9.9% stake in Canopy Growth Corp. in October 2017 for about $245 million.

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In August 2018, Molson Coors Brewing announced its Canadian arm would make CBD infused drinks with Hydropothecary Corp. In addition to this, Miami, Florida based Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits LLC announced a partnership with Aphira in May 2118. Also, the company’s Canadian subsidiary, Great North Distributors will be Aphira’sexeclusive cannabis representatives in Canada.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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