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CBD Helps Reduce Stutter for a YouTube star- Research to Begin About Use of CBD and Stuttering

CBD Helps Reduce Stutter for a YouTube star- Research to Begin About Use of CBD and Stuttering

Matice Ahnjamine Morris, a YouTube star from Killen, Texas, had started her vlogging journey two years ago to try and raise awareness about stammer. Morris had developed it early in her life when she was just five years old. She explained how her stammering becomes more eminent when she is stressed and said that CBD has helped her reduce her anxiety levels, thereby reducing her stammer as well. 

She admitted how her stammering has transformed with her CBD intake. She said that CBD helps her relax and the more relaxed she is, the less she stutters. It made her calm and laid back, and when she is like that, her stuttering goes down and fluency increases. 

Matice said that if you’re someone who has anxiety, CBD will definitely help you! 

According to The British Stammering Association, there are nearly 700,000 people in the United Kingdom that suffer from a speech disorder. 

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from a cannabis plant known as Hemp which has minute traces of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive chemical responsible for causing high in marijuana. Since hemp contains high levels of CBD with barely any THC, it is the perfect source of crop to derive CBD from, even considering the legal point of view in the UK.  

Matice,30, who has about 30,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and works as an accountant in retirement planning credits CBD for helping her to stop stuttering. Her advice videos have been watched over and over with thousands of views on them. 

Matice said that since the beginning of her blog, people have told her that she has been making a fool out of herself and how she should write comments instead of speaking them out loud. On the brighter side, a lot of other people who stutter have told her that they couldn’t do what she has done- open herself up like this.

With time, Matice has learned to not pay attention to trollers and come to the point where she doesn’t really care about the bad comments. 

What’s more interesting is that Matice isn’t the only one using CBD to reduce the symptoms of their stuttering. Jack Gandolfo, a business manager, and a lifelong stammer patient, from Utah, is penning down about CBD in a book. 

Gandolfo said he had learned everything he could about CBD and its benefits. Within a short span, CBD proved to be the most efficient and effective solution to his stuttering problem. His speech improved as he continued using CBD. 

He further added that his words were much fluent now and he didn’t feel like being stuck in stressful situations. He also said that while it is not necessary that CBD will work for anyone and everyone, it surely has enough potential to treat stuttering to a great extent. 

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David Barclay, CEO of CBD Armour, a leading cannabis brand in the UK is calling out for research into links between the use of CBD products and stammering. Barclay said they have been learning about the clinical effects of CBD and the entire research seems to be like a long process. While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, there is still a lack of scientific research into CBD.

All they know is that many people are using CBD to treat their anxiety, insomnia and aid general well being. And if CBD is a potential drug to treat stammer, then that’s clearly a sign of development they would like to welcome! 

According to The British Stammering Association, also known as STAMMA, about 8% of children tend to stammer at some point, while most of them will talk fluently. However, up to 3% of children might have stammering for a lifelong. Most of the stammering conditions develop during childhood and they are more of a neurological rather than a psychological condition. 

Stammering is also largely hereditary- about 60% of people who stammer have a family relative or another member who stammers, and it is a condition that mainly affects men. Stammering is known to be caused by an abnormality in a certain part of the brain that is responsible for controlling language, known as ‘Bronca’s area’.

A spokesperson from the British Stammering Association said that the organization welcomes research into CBD helping people who stammer. While stammering is not neurological or caused by anxiety, having a stammer can make people nervous as they tend to worry more about how others will react to their speech. 


What is CBD?

Cannabis plant is made up of about 480 natural compounds, including 66 chemicals that are not found in any other flora. These unique chemicals are known as cannabinoids, which can be categorized into six subgroups, including the two most popular groups, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

CBD and THC make the perfect yin and yang of marijuana. Both have completely different properties and react differently to the body. Each has its own chemical shape that allows it to bind with the receptors present in our central nervous system differently. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical with anti-inflammatory properties whereas THC is the psychoactive compound responsible for the euphoria like feeling after people smoke marijuana or weed. 

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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