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Scott Davis believes CBD and dog worming tablets have extended his life




Scott Davis believes CBD and dog worming tablets have extended his life

Scott Davis all of 40 belonging to Torquay, became a patient of terminal cancer and was considered a serious case nearing his death. He was offered analgesic care but he denied it. It was at that time when he decided to make some decisions and got engaged in some deep research. 

He then came across Fenbendazole, which is a dog worming table and surprisingly it worked for him. Along with these worming tablets, he also started taking many vitamins. After these experiments, he was becoming stronger and fitter. 

Scott has his concern that is involved in building and maintenance work. His condition was extremely bad and the doctors had lost hope. But recently he reached 40 years which took the doctors by surprise. His research had ensured that his cancer was stabilized for some time. 

Scott was determined to stabilize his condition and did a lot of research. He read somewhere that CBD oil in combination with dog worming tablets works well together to ease the conditions of cancer. He was curious to know why so many people were in for praise for CBD. He decided it was worth giving a try. 

Like many people, Scott also benefited from CBD which is an extract of the Indian hemp plant. Marijuana and hemp belong to the Cannabis Sativa family. CBD can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana and is usually found on the upper portions of the plant. This anti-inflammatory substance has less than 0.3% THC , which is found in abundance in marijuana. This is primarily the reason why it causes addiction to regular weed and pot smokers. CBD does not produce any such effect and is considered safe to use if it follows the THC level limitation.

Scott who is the father of 3 sourced Fenbendazole at 7.50 pounds and eats it in a powder format on his toast. He remembers the day when his doctors told him that his cancer was terminal and life-taking. They had given up hopes of getting it treated as the tumour could not be treated. After he was diagnosed the medical team offered him palliative care which he refused. 

Scott was crestfallen when the doctors told him that he had only a year to live. Before cancer detection, he felt he was healthy and fit. He never expected that he would catch on cancer this way altogether.

A few months before cancer detection he had these terrible stomach pains which the doctor thought was IBS. But he was still experiencing terrifying pains and it was at that point that the malignant tumour was found. The doctors saw that the tumour could not be removed so they offered sedative based chemotherapy that will provide him regular chemotherapy sessions to reduce the size of the tumour. 

But after 6 months of treatment, he wanted to look for other options for treatment. After his diagnosis, a hospital nurse assured him that all will be ok and handed him a leaflet containing information on CBD oil and its benefits

The pamphlet made him conduct research and saw that it reacted well with the dog worming tablets so that it can help him to cope with the terrible symptoms of the disease. He was a little scared of trying out chemo and looked at trying something else before he could go for chemo. 

He knew that his cancer could not be cured with it but he knew that his life could be prolonged with it. The tumour in his stomach has not grown ever since he started medications. CBD indeed has made its mark in the medical world. It has helped several patients suffering from epilepsy, seizures, depression and joint pains. Due to this, several researchers have undertaken more and more research to bring out the best out of CBD. 

He believes that CBD can help a lot of people the way it has helped him. He is now rejuvenated and feels that if he can lead a good healthy lifestyle along with the medication; his life can be prolonged till 75 also. He feels better and better every day. The hospital also advised him to continue doing what he has been doing as they can also see that there are visible results. 

Now Scott intends to raise awareness and spread the benefits to as many people as possible. Some experts have also mentioned that there is no scientific proof yet about the benefits of CBD. The Macmillan Cancer support centre has informed that currently, no other alternative therapies are of any use in curing cancer. It had advised cancer afflicted people to consider seeking medical advice if it decides to take alternative therapies. 

Doctors usually advise against therapies but if there is a difference do not discourage altogether. They only want to check if it is safe to use the therapy. Alternative therapies are usually very expensive and can cause side-effects also. They can be harmful to health and well-being

But, Scott seems to be contented with the results it is showing on him and he intends to use it.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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