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CBD and Coronavirus

CBD and Corona Virus

With the worldwide death toll nearing the 15,000 mark, the deadly Covid-19 or more commonly called coronavirus is a global concern affecting more than 192 countries in the world. The rate at which this pandemic is spreading is alarming. It has forced industries and businesses into a state of emergency, including the CBD industry.

To respond responsibly to the situation, we need to be well informed about Covid-19 infection. Here are all the latest updates about the pandemic and the extent to which the CBD market in the US will be impacted.


Being aware of the Covid-19 symptoms and spread: 

Covid-19 is caused by a never before encountered virus belonging to the coronavirus family. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), here are the most common symptoms.

  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath

Some other patients may have a running nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, and body ache. Nearly 80% of the mild Covid-19 cases would recover quickly without any special treatment.

It is the older adults, little children and anyone with health issues who are at a higher risk of falling severely ill. Additionally, if you have recently traveled to any of the countries which are already affected by Covid-19, you need to self-quarantine and watch out for the symptoms. Contact your doctor as soon as you notice any of the above symptoms and get yourself tested.


How will self-quarantining help? 

By now, most of us know the severity of this pandemic. The unprecedented loss of human life across the world is unheard of. In times like these, we need to do our bit to relieve the situation. ‘Self-quarantining’ and ‘social distancing’ are the two buzz worlds we all need to follow to the letter.

While these things may not completely eradicate the virus, they will undoubtedly slow down the spread. It will prevent our hospitals from getting overcrowded, allowing medical professionals to manage the medical supplies more efficiently.

Social distancing also helps flatten the Covid-19 curve and eventually free our society of this infection. The CDC has laid out the precautionary guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


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How can CBD users be safe? 

  • Wash your hands frequently

We cannot stress enough the need to wash your hands often and thoroughly. Every time you reach out to your CBD cookies or gummies or vape, clean those hands. A simple habit of using a good alcohol-based hand wash to wash your hands for 20 seconds can keep a wide range of infections away, including Covid-19.


  • Say ‘NO’ to sharing

We know that the pleasure of using CBD vapes is doubled when you share it with your buddies. But at the moment, you need to refrain from sharing a joint or blunts with your companions. Instead, use your own supply and keep the virus away.


  • Don’t fall for unproven home remedies

Many self-proclaimed CBD experts on social media are suggesting bizarre CBD remedies for coronavirus. While you might be tempted to try some of these remedies, be informed that none of them is backed by research or any scientific study.


  • Say ‘YES’ to social distancing:

Social distancing is something we need to practice right away. Every measure should be taken to minimize your contact with others in the neighborhood. Here’s what you can do –

  • Opt for work-from-home if you can.
  • Minimize or completely stop going to areas of public gathering like bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Maintain a safe distance (minimum 6 feet) between one another.
  • Events like weddings, parties, fests should all be postponed.
  • Have enough supply of essential items at home but avoid stocking them up unnecessarily.


  • Be watchful with the use of CBD when you are ill

CBD products certainly help relieve pain and stress when you are not feeling your 100%. But if you are sick, the experts say that including CBD into your treatment plan may not be the best solution. Especially when you have a viral infection like flu or Covid-19, be very cautious about the use of CBD.


  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact with others

Now is not a good time to shake hands with others or to give a warm hug. Stick to verbal greetings and a bright smile. When you are interacting with people, avoiding physical contact will keep you and them safe from coronavirus.


  • Face masks are not for healthy people

If you are healthy and do not exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms, you don’t need to wear a facemask. People infected with coronavirus and healthcare professionals treating them need those masks. Sanitizing your hands and maintaining social distance is all that you need to stay safe.


4/20 events for this year are canceled 

The 4/20 celebrations are a yearly extravaganza for cannabis users in America. Sadly, the coronavirus threat has gripped these events this year. Organizers have taken stringent precautionary measures and have either postponed the events or canceled them altogether.

Seeing the alarming rate at which the pandemic is growing, it is extremely hard to predict when the situation can return to normalcy.


Impact of Covid-19 on CBD product supplies

The majority of the approved CBD products in the USA are produced in respective states. Thus, even when the borders are locked down, the production can go on using local supplies. Having said that, statewide lockdown will cripple the distribution of CBD products.

We are seeing a shortage in the CBD vape pens and cartridges as the majority of them are exported from China. Due to quarantines, Chinese businesses are neither manufacturing nor exporting these products presently. A massive quantity of CBD product packaging materials used in the country is also supplied by China which is in shortage as well.

In the coming months, we may not only see a sharp spike in the CBD product prices but also expect some products to get completely sold out.


What would be the effect of Expo West cancellation? 

Expo West is the largest natural products trade show in the world. Owing to several legal relaxations by the Federal as well as the state governments, the CBD industry in the US was anticipating to make a significant impact this year. From farming to production, we were expecting innovation at every step.

More than 85,000 attendees from all over the globe were expected to attend the expo and do business with local CBD brands. But seeing the alarming growth in Covid-19 cases, the organizers, New Hope Network, are forced to cancel Expo West this year.

Several CBD businesses and investors across the country had already invested a huge sum of money to make an impact at this world stage. They will feel a severe pinch due to this cancellation.

The entire world is groaning under the deadly grip of Covid-19. It is hard to estimate the loss the CBD industry may incur at the end of this crisis. At the moment, the authorities are doing everything under their control to battle the infection. We, as citizens, need to be cautious, safe and act socially responsibly.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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