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Cannabis weddings: Calgary hosts Canada’s first cannabis wedding expo

Cannabis weddings

Legalization of marijuana in Canada has had a major impact on the consumer market. From cannabis infused products to using them for medicinal purposes, cannabis seem to enter and drive the business market with a rapid pace making it a billion-dollar industry already.

Since the legalization of cannabis, wedding vendors in Canada say that they have been inundated with couples wanting to highlight the plant through their special day. Calgary hosted Canada’s first Cannabis Wedding Expo where couples were invited to learn how to safely and creatively add a little extra greenery to their nuptials.

Laureen Cauryn Cameron, organizer of the Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo, said that many couples are intimidated by the idea of a cannabis wedding and have a sharp curiosity for it.

“There are more ways of incorporating cannabis than just smoking it.” Said Cauryn Cameron. “You can do it aesthetically in the flowers, you can have it as a wedding favour.”

Natalia Chiles helps couples extend their wedding plans and align them with cannabis-based themes by planning stagettes and honeymoons.

“It can be anything from a few drops of CBD Oil, which is non-psychoactive, into your tea to smoking up a cannabis cigar,” said Chiles. “There are different alternatives to what people can think of as a cannabis wedding.”

One can also find professional budtenders (experienced with the subject of cannabis) rendering their expertise to people at an open bar – cannabis style – to the guests. These budtenders usually offer all different strains of gourmet marijuana, you can easily tell them what kind of “high” you’re looking for and they will create the best drink for you.

The décor at a cannabis wedding would specifically entail cannabis buds at the centre pieces and in the bouquets for people. Marriage and marijuana are going hand-in-hand. Couples are planning to include marijuana in almost everything they possibly can.

Samantha MacCallum’s wedding date is almost a year away, and she said that cannabis accents are most likely to appear in her wedding.

“I wanted unique thank you gifts at the tables,” said MacCallum. “Seeing bath bombs and chocolates and edibles.. It was stunning.”

While commercial edibles entailing cannabis is still illegal, cake vendors still have a hope that it would down the line be legalized and therefore boost their business by a significant margin.

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Marcia Calencia, a cake designer said, “I’m waiting for it to be legalized so I can make infused products. In the meantime, I’m adding little décor marijuana leaves.”

A gamut of couples in Canada are now taking over the cannabis-themed wedding plan and going for it. Legalization of cannabis has opened up alleys for people who always used it behind the closed doors fearing society’s pressure and daunting judgements.

And Cannabis weddings would not just incorporate food items or décor, rather empower people who use medicinal marijuana. It would help them de-attach the stigma that was earlier associated with cannabis. They would now have the freedom to use cannabis in multiple ways even when they are socially present at a wedding gathering without thinking twice.

MacCallum said one of her bridesmaids uses medical cannabis, especially in stressful situations. She said inviting cannabis use will make her wedding inclusive.

“Knowing that she’ll be able to use it and there won’t be a stigma attached, that it’s open and welcome at my own wedding.. makes sure she gets to enjoy the day as much as I do,” MacCallum said.

Cannabis weddings are the perfect way to elevate your wedding ceremony and give major couple goals to people. From making it comfortable for your friends who use marijuana, to uplifting the décor and adding a pinch of extra greenery, cannabis can help you achieve all of it.

Wedding planners remind people who want to opt for cannabis weddings to double check with their venues to ensure they are cannabis friendly.

While many people have been welcoming cannabis with arms wide open, there are still particular segments of the society that is addled about its effects and usage. However, the government inclining towards the subject makes its possession, production and distribution a hassle-free job now.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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