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Phil Taylor, a cannabis user suffering from Paranoia commits suicide

More than a decade of drug ingestion has caused a major loss and tragedy in the family of Taylor’s. Phil Taylor had been taking drugs ever since he was 16. The intake of these drugs had indeed taken a toll on his life when the long term effects started showing in. He started suffering from manic depression, paranoia, stress, and anxiety. These symptoms might have led him to become extremely negative about life which ultimately took his life. Phil Taylor who is 32 now was found dead in his home on 17th April. The family of Phil Taylor had forced their way in when he was not responding for over a week. 

Phil was after death awarded his first-class degree based on his research and dissertation. He had already completed his degree but she had collected it after his death. The main culprit causing this big loss and tragedy was cannabis to which he was addicted. The family believes that it was due to his addiction that caused him to become dark, gloomy and paranoid. 

Considering his condition and addiction, he was asked to leave the family house when they discovered that his cannabis addiction was skyrocketing. But it seemed that his life was getting better when he met his ex-partner after his eviction from the house. Three years later also things seemed even better with the birth of his baby boy in 2011. Phil then started with his degree program in 2015. His mother was very emotional when she said that Phil’s sense of humor is something that his son also had inherited from his father. 

The family abhors cannabis because it has taken their son’s life. Cannabis comes from the cannabis Sativa plant from which hemp and marijuana are generated. The upper stems of hemp plant also have CBD in it which has anti-inflammatory properties. 

In the court hearing his mother also said that his relationship was in doldrums, but despite that, he managed to study for his degree and was also given the award for top student in 2017. He was a lovable person and had a strong will power to do something. 

But in September 2018 his contacts became lesser because he became paranoid that someone was following him and were after him. The paranoia became so severe that he stopped leaving his house. The family thought that it was cannabis that was responsible for the effect and the suffering that caused his death.

There isn’t any foolproof evidence about the benefits of cannabis but people fear that CBD can produce some side-effects. CBD is extracted from the Indian hemp plant and is anti-inflammatory. It is the genetic brother of marijuana but it is estimated that CBD does not produce any intoxicating effect like marijuana. The feeling of high associated with marijuana is not the same with CBD. 

CBD also is believed to have a host of medical benefits. The substance has been there for a long time now but only in the last few years has the popularity of CBD has touched an all-time high. It has done well for patients suffering from epilepsy, arthritis, depression and even cancer. It also is considered good for muscle pain and joint pains and helps the user in getting sound sleep.

But, in the case of Taylor, Mrs. Taylor had to double-check the house after her son did not contact for a week. When he did not open the door they had to force themselves in to find the body of their son with a suicide note near it. Mental health specialist Tony Ladley on examining Phil said that from his teenage days, Phil smoked Cannabis. 

He also smoked Spice cannabis once in a while. It is now hard to decide what exactly the reason for his depression was. Substance misuse is a major reason for his condition which induced psychosis. He also believed that cannabis might have been the reason as it cannot be associated with good things. 

The people involved with Phil’s recovery were also in a state of shock when they heard the news. Upon further examination, Phil’s body had traces of cannabis in it. The team further concluded that Phil had indeed committed suicide.

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Medical cannabis has a promising future but it is highly dangerous to take any decision without any confirmed premise. It is advisable to everyone that only when the medical world and experts have come with a thorough evaluation and given its nod, should we be taking the substance.

Ivan writes about Cannabis at The Cannabis Radar. He has a degree in Nutrition Sciences from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. He likes to spend his spare time reading to his daughter or spending time with his wife.

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